How soon do you get your photos?

If you got them to you any faster it would be because we figured out time travel and could get them to you before your session.

When you shoot with us you get your photos immediately. Michael/Victor uses a professional camera with 2 card slots. Pro camera bodies do this for redundancy. At some point photographers who rely on their equipment for their livelihood began demanding multiple data card slots in camera bodies. Michael shoots to a compact flash data card for his archive files as well as a second SD card for backup. This SD card is handed to you quite literally seconds after the last photograph is taken. (and you get them in these darling manilla envelopes we rubber-stamp the logo onto – people just love them and it’s nice to leave with something in your hands after you spent a nice bit of money on an indulgence)stamp2You go home with EVERY SINGLE IMAGE shot. All of them. None are kept from you. Michael doesn’t decide which images he thinks you’d want to see. That’s pretty fast isn’t it? Why do this? We know you want to see them as soon as possible. You also have full copyrights to the images. We share it, but this is rather uncommon as a lot of studios retain full rights and often have to be contacted if you wanted to make prints or submit for publication. Often they will want you to make prints through their service at marked-up pricing. We don’t do that. You hired us to create images for you, we think they are yours.  We’re pretty sure this is a popular aspect of our services too. How do we know? Well how about a session we just had in the studio where 10 ladies joined us for a day of laughter, shenanigans and photos and as we were still shooting during the day… models who visited earlier were already posting photos! Several even changing their profile images to photos we shot only hours earlier. We think that’s a pretty good indicator. Another part to consider is this… posting those shots from the data cards means they were sharing UNEDITED photos… they were proud enough to share the images as shot, not retouched. THEM.  That’s pretty powerful. It’s also a reason we offer group sessions in addition to private one on one sittings. We want to empower as many women as possible. Give more people the opportunity to get images they can share immediately with no re-touching. There’s only so many weekends in our lives and we know that’s when most of the rest of you (hey we’re in the studio) have time to get a session in.  Take a look at some of those very posts:

25080 25081 25082 25083

What are you waiting for? Certainly not your photos when you book a session with us. Check out our upcoming sessions here. And for the most up to date list and to book you session go here.



Kelly and Russ

This set of photos is really important to me. I love them at face value but they are of a couple I’ve known for what seems like all my life, and I’m no spring chicken any more. I really can’t even tell you when I first met Russ. He was one of those local kids you knew through other friends in the music scene where I grew up. I’m not sure how much older I am than he is but I know I already had a job at a local music store and he’d come in and we’d always spend time trying things out. Later he’d around and in all the various bands I was friends with or involved with and we fell into a circle of friends that got to be pretty close. I remember when he began bringing Kelly around to parties. They were a great couple. They ARE a great couple still, and are soon going to renew their vows (casually) and have the wedding reception/party they never had originally. They recently asked me to do some photographs for their “save the date” announcements. So last friday they came to the studio and had along  cousin Dave who I met through Russ and the guitar player from Dave’s band Steve who it turns out I ran into a day earlier in his music shop. Steve’s father used to be a customer of mine when I was in the business. Small communities can be awesome like that. So Kelly ventured back to wardrobe and with the help of cousin Dave picked some dresses and began to get ready. When she was finished we took advantage of the late afternoon sunlight and walked to the bus station nearby. It’s quaint, there’s some grand victorian homes nearby and a bit of a city scape with which to use as our outdoor backdrop.  BANN0025e BANN0120e BANN0158eLater we’d head back to the studio for some fun images.BANN0252e BANN0404eAfterwards we went for some drinks at a local restaurant. While there we’d run into half a dozen other people we knew, some we hadn’t seen in years. Kelly would go on to tell me about how she and Russ met. The look in her eye and tone of her voice made it sound like it was just yesterday. That was so awesome to experience. Afterwards we chatted online about the shoot and such, Kelly telling me I’m one of the few people who can tell Russ to shut up and he will. (Russ can go on and on and on… and sometimes you just have to say STOP). As I type all this, I remember a time, just after I got back into the area when Russ and I got together for sushi. We really hadn’t seen each other or been in contact for far too many years. During lunch and conversation, he stopped and said, “I’m really glad you’re back home”.  It still strikes me as to how much such a simple statement can mean. After quite a few times of doing things together I have to say Kelly and Russ are the sort of people that make me glad I am back home too.  At the bar after the shoot, I mentioned to Kelly how I think of the movie Stand By Me. The narrator was speaking about his childhood friends. He said “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?”  Russ and I were older than that when our paths crossed, but young enough for that sentiment to hold true. Love you both.

INFORMATION DUMP – We’re Growing Again

Wow. It’s been a crazy few days in the studio. We had multiple sessions all week and ramped up to our Bunny Basket special. We may have actually shot our youngest client ever too. There were kids, adults, moms and daughters. One of our repeat clients Georgia Storm asked if she could also fit in the Milk Bath set for her visit and we were able to accommodate her. BANN1662ezThis post is going to jump around a bit since there’s quite a few different things going on. Let’s talk a bit about some changes we’ve made to our shoot schedule. It had been we would announce shoots about 6 weeks prior to their date. Recently we began sharing some earlier due to the fact they were something that we wanted people to have more time to prepare for. As we did this we made the decision to put forth many more shoots much further in advance of their dates. There’s a few reasons for this. For one it gives people more time to prepare. Another is that we don’t want a situation where we announce something and have someone take part and then another session comes along a few months later that the client would have loved even more, something super special for them. We know few of us have unlimited funds to do every single thing we’d like to and tend to do those most important to us, so this ensures this won’t happen. It also lets people take part in our shoot installment plans where if you like, we can set you up to make a deposit on something, then have monthly installments that don’t bite into your budget all at once and arrive at the shoot date either paid in full or nearly so. SO, if you’ve been to our deposit page recently you’ll notice it’s flush with a ton of upcoming shoots. See one you like and need that payment-deposit plan set up? Message us on Facebook and we’ll work with you to make that happen. Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 5.27.21 PMNext are a few shoots that are super noteworthy that you might want to know about. One is at a location that will not exist forever. It’s in an old building that at one time must have been amazing because even in its current state the detailing from decades ago still catches your attention. The space is going to be rehabilitated so it isn’t going to appear as it does indefinitely. I’m calling this session The Melancholy Suite and I have a post here about itBANN1004c as well as several sample images with model Jenny Jayne (seen here) who was able to do the session early.BANN2263e2


The next shoot is nothing short of astonishing. It’s astonishing because the centerpiece, the thing that has made women squeal (online anyway) is an article of wardrobe. Yep, a robe. But no ordinary robe. What we discussed just this morning, then put into motion minutes later is a session with a Boudoir by D’Lish robe/dressing gown. dlishI won’t get in depth here because I did over here. We are capping these sessions at 20. In less than 2 hours 5 deposits were placed – currently 11 remain. Nearly 50% of the planned sessions sold out simply from a post on the I’m a Devilbliss Girl group page on Facebook. We did not set up an event page, did not send out a newsletter. This one is going to sell out. Do check out the details.

Let’s see, what else?

OH, how about we’re doubling the size of the studio already?BANN0063e

Say what??? Didn’t we just move into a rather spacious and cool new (to us) space in downtown Pottsville PA? Indeed we did and feedback from visitors has been totally amazing. Sometimes things just fall into place and opportunities present themselves. So when we took over the entire second floor ( an already impressive 2000 square feet) at 104 North Centre Street in Pottsville we were aware that the access to the third floor of the building shared a common area with ours. It means that if the building owner had a tenant for that third floor, they’d pass through an area adjacent to several of our studios/rooms. So this was something we were concerned about until we realized the top floor is not in a finished state. I have chatted with the owner several times on many things, he’s a great guy, I actually just did some photography and graphics/marketing for him on another property he recently added to his collection, anyway…. The one day I was asking him about his plans for the third floor and it was confirmed that it’s way down on his priority list. So…. then I asked him about my adding it to our space. If nothing more than for a storage area right at the top of the stairs. This was something of a pressing need because as we are adding adding adding to props and sets it’s already painfully obvious our current prop room will be bursting at the seams in short order. My lamp collection alone occupies a good space. Another thing is that on the 3rd floor there is actually several architectural details in place that would permit us to do some sessions there as well. There’s a room (the future Studio F) which will serve as the Devilbliss Motel as well as being a ready-made office setting, Devilbliss Detective Agency anyone? BANN0003There’s a door with a letter slot on it for crying out loud! There’s also some real big spaces too. There’s a few unobstructed by hallways or stairs and at first I didn’t pay attention to why they felt so  much bigger but then it hit me, where the 2nd floor has these awesome 10 foot ceilings (covered in original tin tiles that so many people fall in love with) the third floor towers higher still. I measured them at 12’. That’s permits some truly flexible things to happen. For instance, a session I have been wanting to do is based on marionettes. Now I have seen plenty of photos of people with strings running from their arms and legs up above them like they are puppets, but what I really want to do is a creepy marionette session where the model not only has those strings appearing like they are suspended but also actually build and show a life-sized marionette paddle above them. This space and those 12′ ceilings will permit this to happen like my mind’s eye is seeing it. In a way you just couldn’t do easily otherwise.635407400497326313_puppet4I will need a bigger ladder though and a much larger photo of Steve Buscemi (one resides on the ceiling of our main room, it’s for people to look up at and laugh, which is a great pose). IMG_9613

Here’s what will be our new floor plans in time:FLOORPLAN2and3

I’d gotten an email from our landlord yesterday confirming we would be adding the 3rd floor just as our friend Miss V was here for a Bunny Basket session, I asked her if she had time for a quick and impromptu shoot in between what will be Studio H and the new storage area. vv2Aren’t those doors cool? And how about Miss V while we’re at it? So our 2000 sq ft studio is now 4000 sq ft and the potential is pretty amazing to me, so yeah, some things going on, exciting things at that.




This is a D’Lish-ious promotion we’ve come up with for those who want a more personalized, private shoot.

We’ve taken our Private Shoot Petite and for a limited time will offer a very special and iconic wardrobe item… BANN0013iga
Start your session in our deluxe vanity set where this extravagant Boudoir by D’Lish robe acts as a prop on its custom dress form. Then don this luxurious beauty and take your pick of studio locations for the most glamorous shoot of your life. This alone is certain to make many of our clients and fans excited but this next part will certainly cause some squeals… We are going to limit these sessions to 20 total with the robe we are obtaining … BUT, those 20 participants will be entered into a random drawing where they will win their VERY OWN, CUSTOM  Boudoir by D’Lish Cassandra robe. Winner could also opt to use that value towards any other Boudoir by D’Lish robe of their choice. It’s over $400 in value! Note: the robe shown is the type we are getting for this, color has not yet been determined, it will be neutral so it will work with any other color combination. Don’t want a robe of your own? If not and you win the promotion you can choose from a $325 Shoot Credit or get you session fee refunded!BANN0115e

The price for this session is $325 + tax when booked on a weekday. Repeat clients still get their $25 discount. Session includes full makeup and hair by Making Faces Professional, a 1 hour minimum shoot with Michael Bann aka Victor Devilbliss. EVERY SINGLE PHOTO on an SD card the moment we finish, you leave with your photos in your hand! stamp2The shoot also includes 4 edited images of your choice YOU decide. If you wish you can also remain in the studio post session and review the images with Michael, make your selections and watch him edit them right before your very eyes! Discuss what you like, what you want and get them tailored to your heart’s content. Go home with ALL YOUR PHOTOS AND EDITS ON THE SD CARD! We know of only one other studio that offers this. (Our friends at Atomic Cheescake Studios in Baltimore to be precise). IMG_9448Afterwards if there’s time and you wish, we can pay a visit to one of the several eating establishments within short walking distance of our new 4000 sq ft. studio for a late lunch or dinner.

Is money an issue? Why not take advantage of an installment plan with us. Put $75 down to secure a spot and choose a monthly amount that we can set you up for automatic payments. $25 – $50 monthly is manageable for most and before you know it you’re ready for your private session!

Want an additional look while you’re in the studio? That’s just $50 more. Weekend sessions for this promotion are possible but they would carry an additional fee. We also have the obstacle of having many many great weekend specials coming up where the time this promotion takes would not be feasible to achieve. While it is possible to do this session in as little as 2 hours time, it’s also likely you’d want to allow around 3. If you opt for edits while you wait factor in another hour and a half. Michael does each edit one at a time and each takes 15-20 minutes at a minimum. If you are new to the studio we also encourage you to pay us a visit for a consultation. We’ll show you around, you can inspect the rest of our wardrobe and props and see ringed samples of our warm on our wall… and after your session take your place there as well!

Ready to make your deposit? Use our handy deposit form here:
Devilbliss Deposit Form – This session is called D’Lish-ious Weekdays and it’s near the bottom of the list. In the comment area let us know possible dates that work for you and we will get right back to you to schedule.

Are you new here? Never worked with us before? Read what other’s say about their experiences with us on our testimonial page, or click Ray’s review below:Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 12.42.47 PM

Jenny Jayne’s Private Session

Yesterday we had a private session with a new client Jenny Jayne (Go Follow Her Here). She contacted us a week earlier and we were able to fit her in for a 2 look session. She, Nicole (Making Faces Professional) and I chatted back and forth and discussed ideas. As the session approached I was also working out the details for a location shoot I am excited about that I teased some photos of and had noticed Jenny remarking on it. A few emails with the property owner later and I was able to get the location for Jenny while she was here. Her private 2 look session became a 3 look, half day whirlwind of activity. Jenny arrived and I gave her a studio tour and we began chatting as Nicole came in. They went back to makeup and hair and wardrobe and got underway. I was setting up the lighting in a set we put together for her nearby and as soon as i heard “Disney” come up I kinda knew it was over… Nicole is a huge fan and so too is Jenny. There was no turning back.  When they were finished it was time for photos. The set was a vintage vanity, candles, chocolates on some dishes Nicole put together (hot glued into a multi-tiered serving dish) just for this shoot. Earlier I walked up the street to grab a wine glass from a thrift shop since there was some vino in the studio. Between the wine and candles we noticed the set smelled something like a church. (all photos in this post can and should be clicked for larger views)BANN0115eBANN0524e

After the boudoir set we decide for some variety to go with a classic cheesecake look with a simple set of colored (seamless) paper, a fur rug and Jenny! Where the first session was richly detailed with furniture and props this was decidedly clean. It’s wild to see some images side by side and realize they were just minutes apart on the same visit. Definitely something that would add a wealth to a portfolio.BANN1091e BANN1196ecrop

Once we were done with the classic treatment it was time for the location shoot. Luckily it is just a few steps away from our new 2000 sq ft studio. I had begun to move some gear in place while the girls were working on the next look. I came back to the studio and we all walked over together.  I can’t begin to express here how visually arresting this place is to me so instead you can check out this other entry I posted here a few days ago. This isn’t the sort of look for everyone. It’s darker, it’s nearly a movie set. It’s why I dubbed it “The Melancholy Suite” The first two images are some of the first we shot on the landing of one of the stair cases. These are natural light, no strobes, all I used to brighten her up a bit was a gold reflector that I balanced with my legs as I shot the photos.BANN1529ecrop BANN1560e

Here’s Jenny in the hallway on the second floor. I love the way the doors frame this. Here a strobe was positioned on the back stairs off to her right.BANN1902e

Next we walked over to that back stairwell. The building is steel and concrete and here it’s about the only materials you’ll see. The photo below is unedited and I am only posting it here to show this space. Jenny is on the landing on what would actually be roof level. The door to her left leads to the roof. Now we did shoot a bunch here but I am putting this photo here for reference only. Pay attention to that area to her right, where the door is. I ended up walking up there and stood in that space. What we got there are some of my favorite shots from the session.BANN2096BANN2258eBANN2263e2crop

The top photo us uncropped, do click on them and zoom in to get a sense of how this looked and felt. It’s the sort of shot where the setting is as integral as the model. On one hand the actual area she takes up is small and you only see so much of her, which is a bummer. But on the other hand it’s a sweeping backdrop with which to contrast her. It’s not the sort of location or shot you get every day. It’s a transient moment. Now if you study the top image and you pay attention to the door and landing and the fact it seems like you’re looking at it from a spot somewhere further out on the wall you might wonder “where was the camera?”. Well it was at the end of my right arm extended as far as I can (which is actually a pretty good distance since I got some long arms) with my other hand holding the strap in support combined with me leaning over that rail and there you have it. If I bump the levels and exaggerate the photo you can actually see me in the shot:BANN2263

You can also catch my flash remote on the end of my lanyard, I do rely heavily on the radio system to be able to be 30 feet above my light source and still control output, luckily Nicole was on a lower landing and able to pitch in and re-aim the lights here and there.

Next we moved to the second floor bathroom. Generally a tub/shower is a place you go to clean up. Not this one. In fact I think Jenny got the most dirty posing in this relic.

This first image is with available light and a reflector.BANN2395e

This one, moments later had me running a strobe up high on a stand in front if her:BANN2576e2

It always amazes me how much you can change things with modifying the light. And there’s several ways to do that each with a different look and feel. Here’s a crop from the above image:BANN2576e2crop2

So Jenny’s session is a great example of how  private shoot is different from our themed specials. It’s just you and us. We pull together sets just for you and you get the chance to get a lot of variety. Yes they’re more expensive but in reality, per “look” it’s less than booking several special sessions. They are also flexible with timing, there’s the chance to actually grab something to eat afterwards, you can even stay and immediately review images and leave with edits (all sessions include an SD card with every single image though, you’ll always be able to see EVERYTHING the moment you get home).

Private sessions begin at $400 (and we publish this price, it’s here on this site) if we have a weekday opening you can get a discount off that, more if you’ve shot with us before.

So what are you waiting for?

Not Just Pinup

The studio was busy over the past two days with quite a bit of different activity than we’d experienced in the old studio. Tuesday evening had 4 guests, models all, two also photographers and our first studio rental clients. They were here for four hours. I was editing images from our own recent sessions while they were here and heard plenty of giggling and laughter and more than a few catcalls they were giving each other in encouragement. When they finished they expressed how great a time they had and gave the space high marks for layout, decor, props and wardrobe, going so far as to say the photos on the site don’t do it justice. They repeated a few times “please keep this available, we want to come back”.

Yesterday morning I had a session that featured no human being, no animal for that matter. I picked up a piece of graphics work to produce a brochure for a property developer. Part of which would include some old plans for a space he’s preparing to offer with a desire on his part to attract a brewpub. Thing is he needs this very very soon and time is not on our side. I personally cannot scan anything larger than 8.5 x 11 inches and the plans far exceeded that. Finding and getting to someone who can wasn’t something we had time for.  A time honored means prior to scanners was to use a camera and a copy stand. I haven’t needed a copy stand in ages and sold mine long ago, so, we improvise. To get the least amount of distortion, and as much even lighting as I could I set up a ladder in Studio C and soft boxes all around. Within minutes I had excellent digital captures of the plans and by later that evening, after the last shoot of the day, the beginnings of a tri-fold brochure.IMG_6384brew

Our human client for the day was a gentleman from south of Harrisburg. It was exciting for me because he is a musician. My history with music is deep having run a music store that I helped grow into a small chain for 13-14 years. I was at the epicenter of the scene in Central PA through the store, a demo studio I ran in one and my photographic services to the community. I cut my teeth with portraits shooting musicians. It had been far too long so this was exciting for me. Ray-Michael Kauffman is a friend of a friend and client of ours Lizz Moldanado. He’s admired the work we’ve done with her and with her encouragement and support he chose us to do some portraits for him. Ray even re-scheduled his session so Liz could come along, Lizz and her three children, all are welcome in the studio be that one or a bus load. It was like a meeting of old friends. Ray has had self esteem issues, never felt comfortable being photographed. He came to the right place, I’ve had those issues myself and so many of our clients do as well. We’ve (Nicole Zedonek of Making Faces Professional) gotten very good at making people feel at ease and when the session itself began it became more of a get together with conversation, laughter and photos in between. I hadn’t looked at the session before I left the studio but when I awoke today I noticed a tag of a post where Ray had already chosen an image to make his profile photo online, like everyone we shoot, he left with an SD card with every image. He used this photo unedited other than his converting it to black and white. This always delights me when people use raw photos. Some studios don’t let people have all their images, I feel they should have every opportunity to see them all and decide which they want to use. Seeing Ray’s post, reading his words and what the session meant to him had me come into the studio this  morning and take a look at the session myself. I found the shot he used and included it here:BANN0009eI also found one I really love. BANN0243eOf his photo the thing that struck me right away is that it was one where he was playing. Very early in the session, to put him at ease we  suggested he literally assume a position he would just prior to a conductor summoning him to perform. Assume that stance and literally play for us. All the while I Would take photos. Ray did just that, he began to do what he loved with his instrument. The sounds were magical in the studio, his playing effortless, an extension of who he is.

Ray also brought along a portion of his vintage sheet music collection, we had to get some shots with that. This one is whole I was up on my ladder (the copy stand earlier in the day) shooting from overhead.BANN0367

As I was looking at the session’s photos I noticed some shots where I zoomed in on just the sheet music while Ray was changing clothes, like one whole page on the camera frame… And from that I began to play with something of a graphic where the music from his own sheet music collection became part of the image. It’s basic, it’s nothing that hasn’t been done before but it is personalized since it is something of his. With music so much a part of his life I think the aspect of some of the music being “on top” of him, interwoven in a way isn’t just an embellishment for a photo, it’s the truth. Rather than interrupt the image with my logo I decided to sneak it in instead, to the lower left I replaced a clef on a staff with my watermark. BANN0243eArt

Thanks for coming to see us Ray. I am glad you had a good experience. How someone feels in the studio, in front of the lens makes a world of difference in what is captured.

All images can and should be clicked for a larger view.

The Melancholy Suite

I was an “Urban Explorer” long before I ever heard that term. Growing up in North East Pennsylvania during one of the rustier periods in the rust belt I was exposed to countless examples of architectural decay. Abandoned collieries, shuttered factories, obsoleted civic structures and surplus homes and commercial buildings afforded the young and curious unlimited opportunities to vanish in plain sight. These places held mystery and in their various decaying states a certain sort of beauty. Having an appreciation of things from past eras, the feeling of melancholy was common when exploring them. This fascination with these places reached into the various arts I would immerse myself in.  Musically I found myself right on the doorstep of the beginnings of what would become Industrial music which combined with my love of horror films and things darker found my own band Advent Sleep creating music which would be categorized as Goth-Industrial. At the same time I was creating imagery that was surreal and often included work from my urban explorations, this became noticed as it was in a time before home computers and photoshop, the images I made were using film and traditional non-digital graphics techniques, hand tinting, multiple exposures, burning, scratching and doing things to prints that would seem arcane by today’s standards.  With the encouragement of friends I sent photos to a new label in California, Cleopatra Records. Within short order I was invited to contribute my images to be used as CD art. This became the first time anything I have done has been published on a very large scale. In time I would have art on projects with sales into the millions of copies. So in one way it’s quite likely that physical examples of my work exists on the CD covers tucked away all over the world.


Above is the CD art for Cleopatra Record’s release Dreams of a Mad King by the Australian act Big Electric Cat. All imagery save for the band and cat eyes were mine, the insets show the original photos that became some of this artwork. A few years later I would actually share the stage with Big Electric Cat as well as Christian Death in Pittsburgh PA.

Below are a few more samples taken in places that are less than pretty. Untitled-17 (1) a Untitled99-5Untitled-1418 copy2bnowhere2cUntitle88d-8

So, with this sort of history and love affair with these sorts of places, it thrills me to no end that I have secured a location for some model sessions that is oozing with atmosphere. It’s a transient opportunity too as the owner is renovating the space to become luxury apartments. What you see below will not last for much longer. I am calling these sessions “The Melancholy Suite” based on what I said early about experiencing that feeling in these types of environments.

BANN1027 BANN1030 BANN1025 BANN1022 BANN1021 BANN1019 BANN1018 BANN1016 BANN1012 BANN1011 BANN1002 BANN1004 BANN0997 BANN1008 BANN1010

Want to stay informed about this session’s details?

Message via the FB page and I’ll be sure you stay updated.

Old Hollywood – What a great group of ladies!

What a wonderful stretch we had here in the studio between Thursday and yesterday (Sunday). In all there were 17 shoots in those 4 days.  We were re-visited by Cherry Von Sweets on Thursday who travels around 2 hours to work with us. She did another private session where she actually got in the Old Hollywood special we hosted this weekend as well as another look that we love so much we’re actually going to do a special for it as well. The graphic for that shoot links to the event page for it. All images in this post can (and should be) clicked for a larger version. Not every model is shown here as some were doing the sessions to surprise a significant other.BANN0180e BANN0938e CrimsonBoudoir

Friday saw 4 session in the studio, 3 for the Old Hollywood special and two very special little visitors who did our Bunny Basket Kids. The first model for the day was someone who was doing their very first shoot. She told me she was super nervous but I couldn’t tell. In short order she was moving so fluidly I knew she was having fun. Later that night she already picked which shots she wanted edited (like every other client of ours, she went home with all her images and saw them immediately) and I got to work on them right away getting her a link to gallery within 12 hours of her making her selections.  Here’s one in the classic black and white style with her very own signature added:BANN0478ecropbwAs I was working on another edit of hers, there was something about the wardrobe that bothered me… (the first image is a crop)BANN0098eThe strap between the robe and the pearls. Once I saw it I couldn’t un-see it. I tell clients all the time that I take a lot of photos for several reasons. One, it gives them plenty of options as far as how they look. It also keeps the shoot flow very casual as we aren’t posing for 5 minutes to take 5 shots and hope they have that “something”. Another benefit is that in cases like this, odds are good I can find an image nearby that may have some element about it that I can use to easily “fix” something that bothers me in another shot. Just like it worked here.  I looked around this file and found one where the strap was more in line with what my head wanted to see. So some grafting later and this is what I had:BANN0098ebQuite often I will do work on images that most clients will never see. Things that when summed together, produce what I find to be high quality images. It’s almost like that old saying “I don’t know if it’s art, but I like it”.

Next we had a gal who first shot with us during one of our seamless specials. This made me happy that now I could get some images for her using my more dramatic lighting. Kelsey was a treat and I loved the hat she added to her wardrobe.BANN1032ebw

Our next sessions were with some ladies who came up from Fredericksburg and Richmond Virginia. Mary Padgett who formerly lived nearby in Jim Thorpe PA and Sheri Baby who was crowned Queen of the 2015 Rockabilly Rumble which we attended and did a super quick session with her there.  I shot Mary and her guy Jay at Sled Fest in Duncannon last year. Prior to that Nicole had worked with Mary via Relentless Photography some time back. It is always such fun to meet new people and get to know them through a shoot, or as in this case catch up with friends you’ve known for some time.BANN0725eAnd then came our pinup queen. Come to think of it I believe I have photographed more Rumble Queens than I haven’t. Of the 2015 Queen though, Sheri was divine in her outfit. The colors were killing me.BANN1462e

Saturday was the biggest day of the bunch. 6 ladies joined us and again some from states away.

First up was Dottie Mae Divine. Dottie took part in our first Classics Recreated session and turned in some adorable re-creations. It was nice to have her back for this more glamorous theme. She was like a different lady!BANN0039e

Next we had one of our favorite Latinas from New York City visit us and I am always amazed at her transformation. You can even see this in the two examples here, the first with such an elegant look contrasted against the feline temptress of the second outfit she chose (all from our collection in the studio).BANN0101e BANN0840eNext we had another first-timer. Ruby Red. She opted to pay homage to I Love Lucy and the dress and apron combo certainly pulled that together.  She too was nervous but that quickly passed.BANN0017eBWOur next client was another first timer. She too claimed to be nervous but it sure didn’t show. Joline is a friend of another repeat client of ours Devyn Dixon Pinup. Joline told me Devyn talked us up so much she did feel a level of comfort she might not have had walking into someplace completely foreign. What I like about her session is that her look was not decidedly “pinup”. Yet her styling and wardrobe were no less spectacular in this setting.BANN1318e BANN1754eSunday we still had 5 sessions and kicked off with a gal we shot some time ago, Kara Kupcake. Kara is quite animated and has one of the biggest smiles and contagious laughs you’ll find. Again it was like a party catching up with old friends, oh and photos too…  Even though the Old Hollywood sessions are themed for black and white I still edit and shoot in full color and provide both versions. A bit of a bonus really. But seriously, the color shots are so rich, you just can’t not share them too.BANN0007e BANN0007ebw

Next up we had a gal who recently shot with us, in fact she was one of the first models to take part in sessions in our new 2000 sq. ft. studio. Ki Ki Vengeance also attended our open house last week which permitted her to pick up her “I’m a Devilbliss Girl to shirt”. I have to admit I was really excited to see her walking into the studio wearing it!!!  You rock lady!!! BANN1467e

Our next to last client came from nearby Berwick PA. Kaye Von Davis stopped by the old studio last year while some friends of hers were there. She immediately took to my furniture collection and I learned she has an affinity for the stuff as well. We had a great conversation and then later, the day after Pinup Prom 2015 she and her guy and quite a few others met up at a shop where I get a lot of my items. Some weeks later I became kinda obsessed with Schaeffer Beer… recalling how they had a brewery outside Allentown PA (later owned by Stroh’s and now Sam Adams) well anyway, I learned someone was brewing it again and on the website searched for distributors… the closest listed was in Berwick PA…  so I sent Kaye a message asking her if she knew of the distributor … of course she did. About a week or so after that I met up with her and her family at an auction near my home and had a fresh case of Schaeffer in the back of my car. It nearly felt like being a rum-runner or something. So all this long winded build up for this, as she was with Nicole in makeup I ducked into the dressing room where some remnants of the Open House we just had were and proceeded to offer her a Schaeffer Beer on the antique Schaeffer Beer tray I just got at a shop Ki Ki Vengeance (above) turned me on to. How wild is that? So I am posting a few shots of Kaye here because they’re pretty swell, and not coincidentally so is Kaye.BANN0768e BANN1005e BANN1057e2And last but not least we have The Batlady! I love this shot because I was telling her how in Studio-C we have a photo of Steve  Buscemi on the ceiling that I ask people to look up and laugh at. Something about that head position, the eyes looking up. Batlady and I were discussing furniture because she has some fine pieces herself. I am still not sure if I forgive her for painting a vintage shadowbox all black, then again in my youth I did that to an old cabinet radio. Another interesting point. This was the first time I shot Batlady, but Nicole has worked with her before and as a matter of fact once at my old studio, Shangri La for the visiting photographer Va Va Voom who was in from Florida shooting at my place.BANN0312e

SO, I hope you enjoyed this peek into several busy days in the studio. If it’s something you’ve been thinking about, don’t wait, you have no idea what you are missing out on. There’s a lot of community at work here and if you want to stick your toes into that a bit, send us a message on FB and we’ll point you to a group that’s been started that might help you decide it’s time to do a shoot of your own.