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Merri Mayhem Testimonial

BANN3230eHave to admit that being 60+ I was very apprehensive about doing this photoshoot.  Victor Devilbliss made me feel really good about myself and the sky is the limit so to say.  MUAH was great also, Nicole is wonderful to work with and so talented and very encouraging.  Love them both.  My pictures came out beyond beautiful and even the unedited ones were awesome.  I liked this photoshoot so much that I have booked a second one (the calendar shoot) and am looking forward to having so much fun.  They are both very organized and everything is done professionally and timely.  I can not say enough good things about this team and highly recommend them.

Merri recently provided us feedback through our new client survey, here’s what she felt:

  • From a friend
  • This was my first
  • Amazing
  • Amazing
  • Amazing
  • Amazing
  • Very Much So
  • Very Much So
  • Exceeded my expectations
  • I was surprised it’s in a home
  • There was plenty but there can never be enough choices

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Very
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • I found some I was proud to share right away, unedited
    I loved how many there were to choose from
  • I have a lot of options
    It put me at ease not being posed to death
    I still felt the direction was good at helping me get great poses and shots
  • I love them!
  • Very fast
  • Yes
  • I really didn’t have an opinion on it
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • I would be happy for you to share my feedback along with samples from my shoot

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Ludella Hahn Testimonial

BANN6123e (2)Ludella Hahn

“I shot with Michael Bann for the very first edition of Retro Lovely when the magazine hadn’t even come to fruition yet. It took off and is now held as the highest standard of pinup magazines. Even with all this success, Michael Bann is still as modest, respectable, and personable as he was before the magazine’s existence. To build an empire and not be corrupted by it says a lot about a person’s character. Not only is he a great photographer with an edgy noir style, he’s also good-hearted, open to creative input, and reliable in standards and quality: all things you want when making art with somebody, which is why I highly recommend working with Michael Bann.”

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Voltage Babe Testimonial

I LOVE shooting with Michael Bann!! He’s awesome and professional in all aspects of photography. He’s good about planning and staying in touch before the shoot. He’s also willing to go the extra mile for little things and he’s very well mannered and considerate.

His attention to detail is incredible and I’ve never met another photographer who catches little things like he does. He puts a lot of thought and effort into every shoot and that’s why his work is phenomenal. It’s easy to put a pretty girl in front of a blank backdrop and snap some pinup shots, but Michael goes the extra mile to make sure his images are accurate to the time period they’re reflecting with specific details in lighting and locations.
I’m really lucky that I’ve gotten to work with him so much. He’s helped my career more than anyone else and he’s always fun to shoot with. I owe a lot to him and wish him the best of luck.

SM1_48 vivian2bright

Kelvis Testimonial


Shooting with Michael was the smoothest shoot I’ve ever had in my life as I recall. I loved how he was open to use my ideas and didnt “boss” me around as some photographers tend to do. He trusted I “knew my shit” if you will:) HaHa….We took our time and fed off of each others ideas. He was very precise and dead on with lighting. With that said, I have some of my best work to date in my portfolio because of him! Totally different and elegant compared to what I usually do. I left there feeling amazing…. I know that sounds very scripted, but it’s the honest truth. Having Josephine Love there to do my makeup and hair had something to do with it too! He gets the best MUAH stylists on board too! You’ll walk away feeling confident, beautiful and having kick ass photos for the rest of your life! The work I’ve done with Michael stands out from all of my other shoots and I’ve been dying to shoot with him again:)