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Custom Photo Editing

Devilbliss Studios enjoys a reputation as one of the most expedient studios for providing session photos and edits. We dare say we have not encountered the studio that is faster at turning around your edits. It’s been noticed by our clients too. Over the years several have approached us to edit work by other studios. Why? Well for one, quality. The edits we do are not left to a computer program alone. A computer still can’t decide that the labels on the bottoms of your shoes are distracting and should be retouched away. Or that the single strand of hair that crept over your forehead should be removed. A computer isn’t very good at looking at your pose and realizing your arm got wider than it should look because you leaned against a wall and correct that. This all requires a retouching artist. Another reason we’ve been tasked to edit other studios’ work is because we are fast. Really fast. On average we return edits within 48 hours. Be it 24, 48 or even 72 hours the one thing that is very true is that our estimates are quite good on when you’ll have your images. We won’t vaguely say in a few days. You also won’t see us vent publicly about how busy we are and that people should understand x, y, and z as to why they aren’t getting the service they paid for.

SO! You have images you need edited to your specifications? With the best turnaround time in the industry? You’re in the right place. Devilbliss Studios will happily edit anything you throw at us. The one criteria is that you have permission to do so. You must co-own or own the copyright. Be careful; most studios retain sole rights to your images. Say what? Yes…… you hire them to shoot images for you but THEY own the images. For the record since that’s come up, EVERY photo session we do assigns co-ownership to our clients.

Click the samples below for larger versions you can study better to see the work we do.

Ready to get some more of your photos expertly retouched fast? Email now!

Here’s two images that were transformed into Fantasy Edits. These take a great deal of time, aren’t what we consider “cheap” but we can do them and often for less than some studios that have session prices that most would need to beg borrow or steal to afford.



Yes it’s time to think about holiday sessions!  And Devilbliss Studios has several to choose from! Several new sets too!

November 4th, Winter Wonderland! New Set!

Sample photos will follow once this backdrop arrives. This set will permit several wintery possibilities. From cute images in your favorite vintage coat (or one of ours) To reclining on a sleigh, this session will provide you outdoorsy images without the risk of bad weather or cold conditions.  Session prices detailed on the graphic above. Ready to book your session? $75 holds your spot, hit our convenient deposit form here.

November 11th, Classic Christmas

Without a doubt one of the most popular and classic pinup Christmas Sessions. It’s our pinup for a day session with a holiday twist. Imagine yourself with our vintage aluminum tree, cookies, candy canes and presents. Easy to customize it for yourself and it can be as Naughty, Nice or Extra Naughty as you choose… just check out some of those samples below.  Session prices detailed on the graphic above. Ready to book your session? $75 holds your spot, hit our convenient deposit form here.

November 12th, Gift Wrapped

Let’s face it, for your significant other what could possibly be a better gift than you? You can show them this by doing a shoot with out giant gift box. For as simple and clean as this is it is also quite flexible, check out the sample photos and see. It can be as Naughty, Nice or Extra Naughty as you choose… just check out some of those samples below.  Session prices detailed on the graphic above. Ready to book your session? $75 holds your spot, hit our convenient deposit form here.

November 19th, Ice Skating / Hockey – New Set!

Sample photos will follow once this backdrop arrives. This is our second new winter set for 2017. The look of this backdrop is perfect for skating / hockey themes. While we do have wardrobe and some hockey gear we will not have ice-skates in everyone’s sizes. Please note if you wish to do that you will need your own skates. Session prices detailed on the graphic above. Ready to book your session? $75 holds your spot, hit our convenient deposit form here.

November 25th & 26th, Boudoir Gift Book Special.

Details coming soon!

Imagine their eyes when they open your gift of a book filled with amazing boudoir images of you!

Naughty X-Mas Photoshoots in Stoneboro with Victor Devilbliss & Kelvis

He’s making a list alright. Where will your name go? Naughty? Nice? Or maybe VERY NAUGHTY! You decide!

Victor Devilbliss aka Michael Bann is returning to Stoneboro PA and teaming up with Kelvis for one heck of a spirit raising photoshoot themed for the holidays. These classic sessions will produce fabulous images in time for the gift giving season.

The details:

December 3rd Devilbliss returns to Stoneboro PA where he teams up with stylist and pose coach Kelvis Pinup and makeup and hair artist Brittney Grossman  for a Classic Christmas Pinup Photoshoot.

Sessions start at $300 and include full makeup and hair styling by Brittney. Photoshoot that includes EVERY SINGLE IMAGE to take home immediately on an SD data card NO WAITING. You’ll also have access to some wardrobe and props as well as styling assistance and pose coaching by Kelvis Pinup.  After your session choose your two favorite images to be custom edited to your requests. These images will be available to you in an online gallery, typically within 48 hours, where you can purchase photo gifts through MPIX at their base prices, not marked up as most photo studios do.

Additionally there will be snacks during your session PLUS all those participating will get a 15% discount code for Cats Like Us.

Spaces are very limited, first come first served. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required with $75 due upon booking and an additional $75 due by November 4th.  The base session with 2 edits is $300 plus tax or with 6 edits total for just $50 more.  Edits are available a la carte at any time at $20 per face per image. (If 2 people are in a photo and each person is retouched that counts as 2 edits).

Ready to book your session? Click here for the deposit form.


Victor Devilbliss AKA Michael Bann is hitting the road. I am looking for makeup and hair stylists all over the United States and Canada.  There is barely a model or photographer today who isn’t “internationally published” thanks to MagCloud and other print on demand printers but I am one of the few photographers who can claim NEWSSTAND publication credits. What’s the difference?  Print on demand are generally magazines produced one at a time as soon as someone buys a copy. Distribution is virtually non-existent and even the biggest names using such services barely sell more than a few hundred copies.  NEWSSTAND publications are those you’ll find on a rack at Walmart or Borders or the 7-11 etc. Publications that print tens of thousands of copies (often in excess of 100,000 copies).  Of this type, my work has been published in Playboy, Alternative Press, Spin, Outburn, Cycle Source as well as two covers with Street Chopper and The Horse. Magazines with bar codes on them. Additionally I have been included in several hard cover books that are also through major publishers (print on demand exists here too).

International, Newsstand Covers (Not print on demand) shot by Devilbliss.

I also created and published Retro Lovely Magazine which had been regarded as the highest quality pinup magazine ever mass produced. It was so influential it is the reason I began shooting as Victor Devilbliss, you see the number of people coming at me as a photographer with the ulterior motive of wanting me to publish other work of theirs became unbearable. I had to work on my art under an alias. Now I want to travel and see more of the country as well as work with models and stylists in other areas. I’m hoping to combine the two. Below is a questionnaire/submission you can fill out of you are interested. What do I do differently? Why should you consider working with me?  Well for some time now I have implemented some policies that are in stark contrast to industry standards. First off, with every session I do, the moment I finish shooting I provide my clients an SD Data Card with all their photos, EVERY SINGLE ONE, that they can take home and see immediately. NO WAITING. Over the years I’ve heard time and time again how long it can take for models to get the photos they paid for. If you’ve ever worked with a photographer who has done that… taken forever, you know it can reflect poorly on you if you teamed up with them and promoted the shoots. The next thing is I turn around edits FAST. Just as I’ve heard horror stories about how long it takes clients to get their photos, it’s been even crazier how long it takes for some to get their edits back to their clients.  I generally get edits back within 48 hours on average (often within 24, barring travel time). It’s so important to me I even offer sessions with the edits a la cart which can keep prices much lower than most photographers who include edits or over priced prints so people can take part in the session and then when they are ready, order edits… and pay for them as they get them, not pay in advance and wait, and wait, and have to ask about them and wait some more.  If you work with me and models you may know or have worked with previously they will be refreshingly pleased with these points. Models also get full copyrights to the images. There are no “reveals” or “products” that must be purchased additionally, often at highly marked up prices. Models can get prints or products or seek publication as they choose from who they choose.

Several print on demand covers by Devilbliss

While this is my art, I don’t put it ahead of the clients. I work for them. I am high energy and pretty universally regarded as fun to work with. As a man I also take extra care to be respectful and courteous. I have done over 1000 sessions in the last 2.5 years and have an army of female references who can attest to my professionalism. I never touch a client to pose them and have been known to call them “dude” while shooting. I’ve been asked about this and I reply “dude” is way less creepy than saying “sweetie” or other such terms.   Here is a link to sample images of mine created on location. I am showing location samples as they are out of the confines and advantages of in-studio. These are samples that show what I can do in environments un-familiar to me with time constraints.

Click graphic for samples gallery – Many more images than shown here.

If you would like to chat about working with me, please fill out this form for consideration. I’d love to chat with you.


I am very pleased to announce a new and exclusive shoot.

Gilded Cupid Luxe Destination Sessions.

What is it?  It’s a shoot at the Remarkable Gilded Cupid Bed and Breakfast in the fabulous destination town of Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania.  This amazing property is nestled in this Victorian Village just a stone’s through from the March Chunk Opera House, home of the famed Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival. The Gilded Cupid is owned and operated by two dear friends of mine Sheila and Bob who I first met nearly 10 years ago when I became a sponsor of the very first Burlesque Festival. Their home has been lovingly restored and is a showcase of exceptional antiques. So much so that it has been many many years in the making that I have finally persuaded them to permit photography sessions there.

Private sessions can occur weekdays on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for $450 plus tax. This includes full Makeup and Hair styling, location fee, shoot which is an extended 1.5 hours in duration, all your photos to take home plus 8 custom edited images of your choice or 32 batch processed images as most boudoir studios provide. You would be required to bring your own wardrobe.

Can’t make a weekday? We can also arrange for a session to occur on a weekend you and that special someone decide to book a stay at the Gilded Cupid where you remain overnight as a guest… Sheila’s breakfasts are worth it alone, not to mention all there is to do in Jim Thorpe. Make your reservation with Sheila directly and schedule your photoshoot for just $375. Of course we’d need to discuss possible dates.

Below are photos from a recent session with Miss V Pinup model.  You should click on them to see them larger.  Some of the samples  have been censored but if you want to see them completely you can become a supporter of Miss V’s Patreon page here.

Here are some other images I made in another suite quite some years ago.

Halloween – Our Favorite Time of Year

BIG NEWS! BE A COVER MODEL for the HALLOWEEN SPECIAL of Retrolicious Magazine!

Shadow Sessions.
One of our most popular sessions period.

For three years now our Halloween Shadow Sessions have been a staple in our offerings. Classic imagery at its finest. Several shadow backgrounds available. Sessions starting at $300.

Cheesecake Halloween

Adorable, versatile, colorful. These cheesecake Halloween Sessions are perfect for first timers. They can range from cute to sassy. From $250.

Flying Witch

We first offered these last year and they were a big hit. Who doesn’t have a little witch in them?  From $300.

Creepy Marionette

Something a little different and entirely striking. Our studio boasts some spaces that permit som Marionette images like few others can. We’ve all seen the photos of a model with ropes from above but it’s virtually never you see them with the puppeteer’s paddle above them as well. From $250.

Sugar Skull

Bold as it gets. These sessions require additional time for the artistry that goes into this styling. From $275.

Camp Crystal Lake

These are samples from our Sample Devilbliss Sessions (which are still available. But we will soon transform this set into a fall offering with autumn leaves strewn about as well as painted into the background. Imagine Michael Meyers standing in the background as a menacing figure for your slasher photos! From $275.

Vampire Gods

Powerful, Seductive. You decide your wardrobe theme set agains our vampire throne and that dramatic Devilbliss lighting. From $250.

Cemetery Excursions

Want a truly extraordinary session for Halloween? Then schedule you outdoor Cemetery Excursion session. We’ll take you to one of several nearby cemeteries that are perfect for this sort of theme. These shoots are best served during the golden hour each day which is just before sundown. This means these sessions are limited to one per day, mainly weekdays. Please note, we will not take part in any imagery that involves ultra provocative attire or involves standing or sitting on any gravestones. We respect these places. From $300.

The Hellfire Club

Something unusual for 2017. Nearly anything goes. The Hellfire Club in Britain had the motto Fais ce que tu voudras (Do what thou wilt). Contact us for a session tailored to you that blends elements of the super natural, macabre, bohemian, irreverant, and grotesque. For a history of the club visit this link. Private sessions from $275.

1000 photoshoots, One Million Photos, $150 WHOA

So yesterday Nicole of Making Faces Professional and I were talking. I was doing some bookwork and we began to take note of some things. First we realized it was just over five years ago we did our first work together at my old studio Shangri-La. Back then I was still living in the Metro DC area and was only in Pennsylvania on weekends. I only did shoots here and there.  Within the last two and half years though things have changed dramatically and it has become a full time occupation. In those two and a half years we determined we’ve officially done over 1000 photoshoots.  My shutter count application confirms my camera bodies have shot over 1,000,000 photographs in that same time. That’s ONE MILLION.

We have worked with clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Florida, Tennessee and Louisiana.  We have had clients travel to us from Texas, Illinois, Tennessee, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio and probably some other states I’m missing.

We’ve seen many new faces and have become very familiar with others. That’s an interesting word right there, familiar. The latin roots of it also become the word family. That is also a very fitting link to what has occurred with many of those faces we’ve come to know so well. In fact if you consider the various events that have sprung from the business of a photography studio it’s actually quite remarkable. People getting together outside a commercial pursuit where they met. But honestly, it’s a big part of why we do this specialized work. Helping our clients have an amazing and uplifting experience is something that’s more important than the financial aspect of it, and if you were to spend any time looking at the accounting you very well may question our judgement in our line of work.  If your a woman and are not yet a member of our Facebook group you REALLY NEED TO JOIN IT NOW. It’s an amazing group of women… soon to reach 1000 members who have either shot with us, want to shoot with us, or are there simply for the amazing support they give one another. Seriously join it if you do nothing else.

SO…..  with all these milestones on the books, we wanted to do something we have not done in easily 2 years. We know there’s a ton of you who have wanted to do a session but have not convinced yourself to do one yet. For some it may simply be a matter of resources, we know it isn’t as affordable as deciding to go to dinner or buy a new outfit. And here it is. for just 2 days, we are offering a special the likes of which we have not done and may not repeat for another few years.  As a thank you we are offering a Classic Pinup Session for just $150 (plus tax).

This special session includes:

  • Full Makeup and Hair Styling
  • Access to our significant wardrobe and shoe collection
  • 30 minute shoot with one wardrobe selection and one colored paper backdrop and hand props
  • Pose coaching – our process is easy, fun, and ought to be patented
  • Every single photo to take home with you as soon as you finish your session
  • Full ownership of those photos, you’ll get a release and can immediately go to a lab and make affordable prints with no hassles over copyrights

The details:

  • We are offering these sessions on August 26th and 27th and may be able to squeeze in some others on Friday the 25th because we KNOW the weekend will sell out).
  • Session fee is due in full in order to get this special pricing, you may hold a spot for just $75 but the remaining balance will be due within 10 days.
  • Deposits are non-refundable or transferable
  • Existing session deposits are not able to be transferred to this special
  • Price is per person for individual sessions.

For this special pricing we will will need to bill you from our processing partner Square via an email address for you. The form below begins the process but your session will not be secured until you remit to the invoice we will generate for you. This session is not listed on our normal deposit form, it’s that special we need to process it differently.

Ready to book? Don’t wait, we have limited openings and this will SELL OUT.



It’s back! One of our most popular sessions from 2016!  The D’Lish robe returns to Devilbliss Studios. For a very limited time our good friend the amazing burlesque artist Miss Frankie Eleanor is lend us her D’Lish robe that we had for sessions last year.

This is your chance for some images with a truly extraordinary pice of wardrobe. Last year Frankie herself quipped “this robe is everything”  after her session.

We have select weekday dates available in August as well as September 10th set aside for sessions with this amazing piece.

Price for the session is $275 and includes full Makeup and Hair, session plus all the images to take home as soon as your shoot finishes. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Sessions will take place in our Mid Century room in the studio. Book a weekday session and for just $100 more we can shoot in several locations AND you will get 6 edits of your choice as well.

There’s a ton of samples here. Many of these are not edited at all.