X-MAS 2018!!! 3 Sessions!!!

Believe it or not, we are now in the final planning stages for 2018.

With Halloween Sessions largely sold out or completed it is time to talk about that other big holiday…. X-Mas.

This year I am offering 3 different sessions.

The BIG THING about the first two is that they will be offered on the same day. Meaning the date will likely SELL OUT very quickly.

SO… December 2nd. 2 sessions to chose from. A Christmas Story and Classic Christmas Cheesecake.

This is the pricing for A Christmas Story:

Pricing for A Christmas Story is per person. I can shoot couples and families but it would add $50 to the package for couples. For families it would require a different sort of look. It would have to be well lit as if there were a lot of lights on in the room and the effect of the leg lamp would not translate as it does in the samples I have here.  The first time I did these sessions there was a promotion where the Leg Lamp and Red Ryder BB gun and Bunny Suit were raffled off to some participants. I will be repurchasing a Leg Lamp and BB Gun but will not be getting another Bunny Suit as I did the first time. I actually have 2 Pair of A Christmas Story Pajamas we can use but they do not have the bunny slippers as the more elaborate (and expensive) one I had the first time. Visually it’s within 90% of that more expensive one.

It’s a classic look, clean simple paper backdrop with that iconic aluminum Christmas Tree. Add some presents, cookies and milk and it’s super flexible for anyone to excel with.
This is the pricing for Classic Christmas Cheesecake:

Ready to book?

Hit the button! Keep in mind there are only 5 or 6 available spots for this date. Between these 2 sessions this will very likely sell out fast.

I did mention 3 sessions I would be offering. The third is not for everyone. As you can see in the samples below there has been those ladies in the past who have opted for a more adult X-Mas session. As I have been asked about such images from some studios for Retro Lovely I have decided to put together a holiday issue of Retro Lovely Taboo Edition. The XXX-Mas Edition. So anyone who is thinking of this anyway, we can arrange that for your shoot. For those who may be interested in this SPECIFICALLY I will be offering Self-Style sessions at only $150 with 6 edits included, provided they can be published in Retro Lovely. As it turns out, fans are supporting the Taboo series better than the regular editions. For this session and this price I am only offering it to models who have done multiple sessions like this already. This is not for someone doing it for the first time. Taboo Edition features nudes. Not implied. No pasties. I will want to see previous samples to see your comfort level with this. For any sessions I offer and especially these, friends and escorts are most welcome to be present during the sessions.