Petticoat Junction – EXCLUSIVE LOCATION

This has been one of our most popular location sessions. In fact in a recent poll on our FB Group “I’m A Devilbliss Girl” it was overwhelmingly the spot most people voted for.

So what is it exactly?

Well a good friend of ours has this really cool property with several train cars on it. More than just that it’s the decking that is around it and the landscape all around. There’s no steam engine or anything, there aren’t passenger cars to really do anything in… but by the samples below, I am sure you’ll agree, it’s quite a setting for some great imagery.

NOW, the big problem with a location like this one…. look at the photos… we are at the mercy of the weather. In fact last year our scheduled visit was marred by rain and unusually high winds. We had to reschedule.  So how do we handle that? With a rain date.

So we are planning the session for Saturday May 13th with a rain date of Saturday May 27th. With this shoot being a location, and a prized one at that your deposit is only refundable if both dates have to be cancelled due to weather. There are added costs with location shoots and with this one, we are limited to the number of appointments we can take given that we do need daylight and can only shoot from sun up to an hour or so before sunset. SPOTS ARE LIMITED. This will SELL OUT so get over to the deposit form now (click here)! Total deposit is $150 with $75 to hold your spot and the remaining deposit balance of $75 due by April 13th.

And now for those samples. These are from our 2 visits to this amazing location that is exclusive to Devilbliss Studios.

It’s a terrific location for couples too!

We’ve even done engagement photos here.

Sneak your kids in for a few shots while you’re at it!

Go avant-garde if you care too:


Have you always wanted to do a photoshoot but nervousness gets the best of you?

Feel you can’t do one?

What if you could visit a studio with a bunch of other great ladies and watch a session from start to finish?

What if by attending you could win a free session of your very own? 

We often hear people considering their first session cite nervousness as a reason they don’t actually take the plunge. So many times over the past few years we’ve seen some people come and bring a friend and then that friend sees how easy and fun a session is and books one of their own. The excitement can be contagious. With this we’ve decided to have an open house specifically geared towards having a group of ladies join us where we actually do a session from start to finish. Where they can see the makeup and hair styling take place, watch the shoot itself and afterwards go through an image review and see what can be done with the custom editing I do.

Now for some details:

Devilbliss Studios
SUNDAY APRIL 23rd 2017
1:00 PM
104 North Centre (not Center) Street
Pottsville (not Pottstown) PA 17901

Who can attend? 
This open house is specifically geared towards those people who have always wanted to do a photoshoot but don’t feel they are ready, or good enough or let nervousness keep them from trying one who have never done a professional photoshoot as an adult before.

How do you claim a spot?

UPDATE: This event is now free to attend. However, in order to be eligible to win the free shoot the $25 donation still applies.
Our studio is pretty darn spacious but we are pretty sure we won’t have enough space to accommodate every single person who wants to attend. We feel we can comfortably share this event with 30 ladies for the demonstrations themselves and a few more friends who may have worked with us who can lounge in some of our other spaces as we conduct the session itself. For this reason we want to ensure those who can really benefit from this get a chance to do so, and so we don’t hold a spot for someone who may casually want one then not show up (meaning someone else didn’t get to) we are asking a $25 fee to attend BUT, there’s a few BUTs actually….  We aren’t asking for this to make money on this open house. SO what we are going to do is this; for those who attend who’ve never shot before that $25 can then be applied to a private session of your very own if completed within 90 days. If you book a weekday shoot during the open house we’ll even double down and you’ll not only get your $25 open house fee back but we’ll give you another $25 credit You’ll have $50 towards a session for the $25 open house fee!  What about the money from those who may not book a session?  Any funds we collect from those who claim a seat but don’t attend or those who don’t book their own sessions will be donated to the Schuylkill County Women In Crisis organization. You can click their graphic to learn more about the vital work they do in our community.

What will take place during the open house?

The open house will permit visitors to see first hand our 4000 square foot professional studio. The space is located in an early 20th century office building in historic downtown Pottsville PA, home of Yuengling Brewery and birthplace of the Van Heusen company. Attendees will be able to see our various studio spaces, tour our styling suite and be permitted to browse our large wardrobe collection which includes a wall of over 120 pairs of shoes. Guests will then take part in an actual photo session from start to finish where a model will undergo makeup and hair styling by Nicole Zedonek of Making Faces Professional. Nicole has had her work published internationally on newsstand publications, worked New York Fashion Week several times, appeared on TLC’s Love Lust Or Run which also had her do styling on the show’s star Stacey London. Once styling is complete our model will then be photographed and those present will see exactly how a session is conducted, how pose coaching is done and how easy and fun it can be. Photography is handled by Michael Bann aka Victor Devilbliss who has worn many creative hats over the years. Photographically his work has appeared on the covers of several news stand publications, been featured in titles such as Spin, Alternative Press, The Washington Post, Playboy among others. His images have been published in several hard cover books that have been widely distributed in brick and mortar stores. In a related vein he was also the creator and driving force of Retro Lovely magazine which gained wide recognition as one of the finest pinup magazines ever produced. When the actual photography session is complete guests may also elect to take part in an additional segment where the images shot are downloaded and edited to show exactly what sort of retouching is possible.

Refreshments and snacks will be on hand as well as some door prizes to be determined.  Total duration of the open house and demonstrations should run from 3-4 hours.

We will likely run out of spaces very quickly so… head on over to our deposit form here and secure your spot. We put this event at the top of the list to make it easy to find.

The Notorious Bettie Page

In the realm of our specialty here at Devilbliss Studios few names conjure up such images as does that of Bettie Page. We don’t have to say much at all about who she is, or what she means to fans of pinup. But what we can say is that in the past we have done our fair share of photo shoots where Bettie was the inspiration. While she was the subject of hundreds and thousands of photos in a cute and playful manner she was at the same time something of a fetish queen as well. Google her name and the word bondage and the internet will provide you an amazing array of images. 

Devilbliss Studios is pleased to announce we are offering 2 unique Bettie sessions. One decidedly provocative another more sedate, though no less sexy. You can take your pick of your favorite Bettie and make it your own.

The first one to become available is our Bondage Bettie Session which  will be available beginning weekdays in April. This session will take place in one of our rooms in the studio’s third floor. It’s distressed and very much resembles the rundown settings many of Bettie’s most famous bondage photos took place in. Below are some images we recently made for Miss  Pinup model (and some of those were quickly picked up for publication by FetishZine). These were actually shot using 2 hot lamps (bright, bare bulb lights in reflectors) just as they would have been for Bettie’s original sessions.  These sessions begin a t $249 including makeup and hair as well as rope assistance by Nicole of Making Faces Professional (hence the weekday offering, Nicole needs to be on hand for a time in your shoot to do the rope work)  Even though we are a full time studio our weekday schedule is increasingly booked with dates that are not available well in advance. This is why we are announcing this much earlier than we normally would for a weekday session. If you are interested DO NOT WAIT. Now, even more urgent… If you are interested in a weekend session email us immediately. We are planning one but will only be able to offer a handful, far laess than normal. A weekend session for this will sell out. If you want to do this and only can then, email, or message us on the Devilbliss Facebook page.

Now for those samples:

Photos will also be provided in full color