Fifty Shades Of You

Fifty Shades of Grey from Wikipedia:

The books Fifty Shades of Grey has topped best-seller lists around the world, selling over 125 million copies worldwide by June 2015. It has been translated into 52 languages, and set a record in the United Kingdom as the fastest-selling paperback of all time. 

The film premiered at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival on February 11, 2015, and had a wide theatrical release on February 13, 2015, by Universal Pictures and Focus Features.  Despite receiving generally unfavorable reviews, it was an immediate box office success, breaking numerous box office records and earning over $571 million worldwide.

Love it or not, this franchise has had significant cultural and commercial impact. It has polarized some but the name and the meaning are immediately known.

And so we’ve decided to offer a session based on this franchise.

Devilbliss Studios is no stranger to alternative themes. Our Fetisch Klinik sessions have been wildly popular with resulting images having been published multiple times and featured as a cover of the highly regarded Femme Rebelle Magazine.

How popular is this session? How about we sold out our initial weekend offering in less than a week of announcing it and have booked an equally impressive number of sessions for the additional date announced one day before we were even able to add this post to our website.

Only a few remain. Don’t wait inquire now. We are also booking weekday private sessions before and after these weekend dates.

While we have promoted this as “Inspired by” you will note in the samples several images that are decidedly like some iconic imagery associated with the both films. You can be Anastasia Steele and you can be “you“.

As always, significant others and BFF’s are welcome to join you during your session. For the weekend offerings we will make every effort to have a female assistant present for your personal comfort.

And now for those sample images. Click them to see them larger.

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Above is one of the graphics from Fifty Shades Darker. Below you can see we have obtained a near replica of the mask.

In one of the scenes from the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, Anastasia is bound by Christian Grey to an ornate gold frame from above:

We’ve been able to mount a similar piece from our studio collection to provide a very similar image just for your session:Early in the first movie Anastasia has her hands bound by Christian with an gray tie that was also one of the first books’ covers. We have several waiting for you…

Of course we have other props for you to explore

Let your imagination run wild, make the session yours!



Once upon a time… the area around where Devilbliss Studios is located was a busy and vibrant community with a population that was a multiple of those who currently live here. Like so many cities of the rust-belt this means there’s a surplus of buildings and homes as compared to the people still here. Sometimes former businesses and residences survive in-tact and barely touched from the various bygone eras.

Today I scouted a location I was pointed to by some friends of mine. This restaurant-bar was once a well known name in a nearby town. I met the owner and did a walk-through. I was in love with how much of the original decor still remained. It brought back memories to when I was very young and my father would take me with him to a bar near our home that had a similar look. I can still recall the sounds and oddly, smells… not in a bad way. More like that aroma of drawn butter that sort of seeps in to a place, that and cigarette smoke, grease from the kitchen… and I have not really studied this but I swear drink coasters have a smell when there’s a lot of them. When my dad would visit the one near our home he’d typically pick up a 6-pack of Black Label beer (terrible cheap stuff really) and I’d get a Hershey’s bar. Sometimes with almonds. Back then it was wrapped in foil with a paper band around it. Not like today’s plastic enshrined kind.  When I left this lounge I immediately stopped for a Hershey’s bar.

So who’s in for a lounge shoot?
This place is closed. We’d have it to ourselves. Other than the owner being on hand of course. Based on our current schedule this would be an early May or near the end of April session.