DYNAMITE DAMES- CHARLIE GIRL – DEVILBLISS, July 20, 21 & 22! That’s right!

WOW! This is one hell of a special session, in fact the original sole date of July 21st Sold Out in less than 24 hours so we added TWO MORE DAYS!!! Now there is no excuse! My friends from Texas descend upon Devilbliss Studios for an amazing double header that is an incredible value as well. AND, with it  offered well in advance of the date it gives you time to squirrel away money here and there to make it easy to budget for!

This session will include Makeup and Hair styling by the infamous Charlie Girl herself with a Candlelit Boudoir shoot with Sarah of Dynamite Dames. Then you get a session with Michael of Devilbliss Studios as well. You will be in the studio approximately 2.5 – 3 hours in total!


  • MUAH session with Charlie Girl
  • Candlelit Boudoir Shoot with Sarah of Dynamite Dames
  • 2 edits from Sarah’s Session
  • Session with Michael of Devilbliss Studios, your choice of Classic Colored Paper or a Mid-Century appointed living room set.
  • All photos from Michael’s session with 2 custom edits of your choice and to your requests. 6 additional edits available for just $50 more at time of booking. HALF OFF
  • Access to studio wardrobe as always

Session price is $400 – $375 if paid in full at time of booking. Or ladies, point your significant other to this page and if he books your deposit we will get a special gift certificate to give to you on Valentine’s Day!

Due to the nature of Dynamite Dames and Charlie Girl traveling this session requires $100 down to hold your spot with an additional $75 due on March 1st, $75 on April 1st, $75 on May 1st and $75 on June 1st.  Deposits and payments are non-refundable. Deposits on existing sessions with me can’t be transferred to this shoot.

Ready to book? Click this graphic:

Charlie Girl herself by Dynamite Dames


Devilbliss & Cracker Jax Barbershop Shoot

I am beyond excited to announce a photoshoot at a cool location with an extremely talented and dear friend. On Sunday April 8th I will venture to her Sleight of Hand Barbers in Prospect Park PA (Philadelphia International Airport Area). I will be the guest of Cracker Jax who I have known for quite some time now and have worked with in a number of capacities. There will be a limited number of sessions as we are allocating 3 hours per person. Approximately 1.5 will be in makeup and hair styling with Jackie and another 1.5 with me shooting. I am going to post some photos of the barber shop so you can get a feel of the environment and I am also posting some samples I did a few years ago with another friend who coincidentally had a barbering school for a time in the DC area.  As you can see by those samples. A lot is possible with just a chair alone!  Sleight of Hand will present several additional possibilities. I am already salivating over some yellow chairs I noticed. I also have some samples from a session I did in Illinois that had a barber chair as part of the set.

The details:

Devilbliss & Cracker Jax Barbershop Shoot
Sunday April 8th
Sleight of Hand Barbers
1111 Lincoln Ave
Prospect Park PA

Limited number of sessions
3 hour Sessions

Session fee is $300 which includes Makeup and Hair by Cracker Jax approx. 1.5 hours with 1.5 hours of shooting time with Victor Devilbliss. EVERY SINGLE PHOTO to take home the same day on an SD card with full copyrights to those images. 24 edited images delivered within 24 hours of selection (you choose your favorites) OR 8 Custom edits of your choice where you can request changes to be made including body contouring and the ability to ask for further revisions if desired. Don’t want edits? Session alone with MUAH available at $250.

This session is now listed on the deposit form here.

Sleight of Hand is a location where anything goes with wardrobe, or lack thereof if you are so inclined. For space and privacy of other participants we do request for this session that no additional parties accompany you in-house during the shoot. Deposit is $100 due to schedule your appointment with an additional $100 due 30 days before the shoot. As this is a location shoot deposits will not be refundable or transferable. Additionally, wardrobe will not be provided.

The first gallery is the location, Sleight of Hand Barbers As you can see there’s a lot of things we can do with this.

Here are some samples of work I’ve done at other locations with barber chairs. Even the shots with just the chair in a plain undecorated space can be fantastic!


For Valentine’s Day this year I wanted to offer a special that required the cooperation of one of my favorite locations on planet earth. That being The Gilded Cupid Bed and Breakfast in Jim Thorpe PA. After hearing from my friends who own this amazing home I was able to put together a promotion to shoot there on weekdays in January for $100 off the regular $450 price (as detailed here in September 2017). This session is exceptional in its own right as it is an exclusive session that is one on one, not a bunch of clients all in a row. We have the space to ourselves more or less. It also includes full makeup and hair styling plus all the photos to take home with you as soon as we finish the session. It also includes 8 custom edited images of your choice, a value of over $130. So I had posted some of this information in the I’m A Devilbliss Girl Facebook group for the studio and as I did something occurred to me that I threw out there…  you see the Gilded Cupid in Jim Thorpe is just a few miles away from the motel I use for the Devilbliss Motel sessions. I thought about that and decided “why not offer a deluxe package with both locations?”. I mean if someone was traveling in on a weekday for the B&B session, maybe some would like to add on the other while they were there. So I mentioned that. There were several comments on this and a few private messages. And here we are, me detailing out this killer package. It’s truly one of those “what?” kind of offerings. In fact I’d nearly bet money this may be the first time a pinup-boudoir studio offered a day-long session that took place at two unique and equally exciting locations. All at the sort of pricing most studios charge for one session in their studio.  So, here’s a chart of the package, and the options. Probably the most eye popping deal is if two friends decided to make a day of it, then the pricing is downright tantalizing. This is possible because the location fees I will incur end up being divided among two people. Simple math. Past the pricing chart are two sample galleries one for the Gilded Cupid and one for Devilbliss Motel.