A few years ago I put together a set in the studio that was a surprise success and had become one of the most requested shooting areas in the studio by a certain type of model. I dubbed it Das Fetisch Klinik. The centerpieces being the amazing paneled doors and cabinets walls on the 3rd floor with a stark and clinical (get it?) exam table in the center.

I am pleased to announce a brand new session which will have some astonishing set pieces. This will be called The Fetish Cage.

For some time I have been dying to get something of a giant bird cage for some sessions. I’ve seen burlesque performers with them. Some photographers have repurposed luggage carts into them. I wanted something a bit more sinister, I am left handed after all…  (the word sinister can mean toward the left-hand side)

Some reading this may recall the Steam Punk sessions in the studio that featured the amazing metal art of Matthew Day of Dark Days Welding.

A point finally came where I shared with him some photos I’d collected and asked the question “what would it take to build something like this?” Given his twisted mind it didn’t take long before a commission was born.  We spoke and met several times during the planning stages. I had a number of elements I wanted the cage to have for the photoshoots. I also left him take over past that to wield (which has the word weld in it) his imagination freely.

In a strange twist of fate another set piece crossed my path that I found simply too arresting to pass up. Rather I should put it this way, I decided to rent them for a time. By way of buying them fully knowing I will have to sell them given their value. What are they? Well they happen to be 2 church candelabras. But there are a few things about them that make them very unique and special apart from their obvious beauty. First the shape. They form hearts with crosses at the top. Each holds 60 votive candles. They are large and free standing made of wrought iron that has a wonderful natural patina from their age. The other thing about them is their place of origin. I’m not talking about where they were made, but where they came from. you see they were saved from among pieces taken from the church on the hill in Centralia PA. One of the few standing buildings that remain there.

Technically I will offer them for sale as “The church candelabras from the real Silent Hill”. If you haven’t seen the movie Silent hill this won’t make much sense, if you have, it will. The setting for the film was inspired by Centralia and there are some coincidental elements about the church depicted in the movie and the one in Centralia. I have some photos here for reference. In total between the cage and candelabras there will be easily $3000 worth of set pieces for these sessions.  I will not have this set indefinitely. Once we have photos of the cage it will be offered for sale. The candelabras I will try in earnest to sell in a few months time. So what does that mean?  Don’t wait if you’d like a session with all these pieces.

Centralia Church on the left. note the steps with it and those in the movie set

These sessions will begin at $250 for the shoot with 4 edits of your choice, to your specifications. MUAH is additional if needed. It’s on the deposit form now. Message me on the Devilbliss FB page to find an available date for your session.


This only happens once or twice a year.

Our classic pinup session at the best price of the year!

This is a fantastic first session for someone who has been dreaming about doing a pinup photoshoot!

What do you get?
  • Full makeup and hair styling by Claire Marie of Neon Lady Artistry approximately 1.5 hours
  • 1 look shoot on seamless colored paper with a variety of hand props approximately 45 minutes
  • 2 fully edited images – a $50 value
  • Guaranteed 2-page spread in the legendary Retro Lovely Magazine, with over 2 million fans it makes it the 2nd largest and one of the most iconic names in pinup
  • Access to our vast wardrobe collection

March 23rd is also my birthday and you’ll be able to share a piece of the AMAZING carrot cake I’ll be getting from Momma Millie’s Bakery. Many of our clients have been given one of her amazing Red Velvet cakes for their birthday sessions and for this shoot you can sample her special order only carrot cake. It’s something special.

Don’t wait, spots are limited, book now!

Valentine Boudoir Sessions – Polaroids and Custom 3-D Viewers with your photos!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’re doing something at the studio that will be a perfect setting for some great Valentine’s photos.

Plans are underway to refresh the front studio we’ve used for our all white, natural light sessions. We’ll be wallpapering the one full wall adjacent to the window with a Damask (or similar) pattern of red and gold or black and gold (samples arrive soon). The bedding will be updated to red satin sheets and accents so that we might integrate the thousands of silk rose petals that are in the studio. flanking the bed will be a one of two pairs of matched lamps I have. One set are made to look like cut crystal with gold metalwork that feels to me like it would be right at home in front of a Damask pattern. The other is a metal set that would also lend well to that sort of wall covering. I’ve also got these gold foil shades that may kick it up a notch or go with the lighter ones to provide more glow from the sides. We’ll see once we begin pulling it together.

This is one set of lamps and shades that might work really well
I don’t have a set of these lamps but this shows the gold foil shades which I do have in a pair. I also have a set of these over the top gold end tables. They might be lower than works but we’ll try all the same.

I have also ordered a burgundy dressing gown. It’s styled much like the Catherine D’Lish robe I once had in the studio but it is an import. I requested sizing to fit all. I can not however guarantee when it will arrive. I will not know that for about a week… it is being made to order. So while this will be in the studio eventually it might not make it for the dates we are offering for this session. This is not guaranteed for the sessions, don’t book it based on this.

NOW, some exciting things… If you are doing this session with an eye on the photos becoming a gift for your significant other… I have some exciting options that go beyond that of a gift book or traditional prints.  As an option to your session you can also choose some Polaroid prints or a 3D viewer with 7 photos from your session rendered in a stereoscopic manner.  I will have examples of both on hand for you to check out in case you aren’t sure which (if any) you would like to have.

So, instant photography. Polaroids, Fuji Instax. Recently I worked with Jenna Von Lish in the Poconos. She and her husband were on there 7th anniversary. We did a full blown shoot but I did bring along my Fuji camera and mentioned shooting some instants. She was agreeable and we mixed it up in the bedroom area. As soon as those photos began to develop (you don’t need to wave them by the way) I could see her husband’s reaction. There’s something about them. They are super personal. They are one of a kind. They obviously don’t get photoshopped (though I have a way that’s possible too if you really want that to happen, just ask me) and they so remind us of another time. It’s so popular I just released an edition of Retro Lovely where this was a theme.

On the left are the instant prints they have that intimate, voyeuristic look thanks to basic lenses, media that is only so capable plus a small on -camera flash. To the right is a shot with my professional gear and editing. Incidentally if you did some polaroids you could pick up a vintage photo album like I used here which would make an amazing way to present them to someone. You can’t have nay of the ones I’ve been collecting though. I’m hoarding them. THOUGH….. We could put together a personalized mini-zine like this for you to gift with the actual original prints.
Another example and look, Kimberley is hugging that one lamp I am considering for the set.


Now about those viewers…

I can’t even express how cool these are. I wish I could show you here what it is like to look into them. Trust me, they are AMAZINGLY fun. They come in a box with a sleeve for the reel. Reels are available by themselves and the claim is they “should” work with vintage ViewMaster viewers but I have not confirmed that myself. I’ve bid on some on E-Bay to test and will update this page when I know the results.


So are you excited for this or what?

We have 2 dates set aside for this on weekends with private weekday sessions possible depending on scheduling. Message me on the VD FB page if you are interested in a weekday session.

The weekend dates: Saturday January 19th, Saturday January 26th

Click to enlarge

Sled Fest 2019 Photos Sessions. Saturday April 27th. 

Sled Fest 2019. Saturday April 27th. 
Deluxe photoshoots with Michael Bann of Devilbliss Studios and Claire Marie of Neon Lady Artistry.

My 5th year shooting at SLED FEST!

Beyond that it’s actually my 8th time shooting there.

I am actually responsible for convincing Old Sled Works owner Jimmy Rosen to permit pinup photography there and am one of the components that helped Sled Fest come into being.


Very limited sessions available. ONE is already spoke for. This will sell out well in advance of the date so if it’s been on your bucket list do not wait.

Session is $395 plus tax and includes full MUAH by Claire Marie of Neon Lady Artistry plus n hour shooting with me at the Soda Fountain at Old Sled Works. You go home with ALL YOUR PHOTOS. I capitalize that but it’s important as recently and ongoing I have had clients of mine who have shot with other studios get a bit of sticker shock when they realized their session was just for the “sitting” and that it cost several hundred dollars more just to actually GET some of the photos. YOU WILL OWN EVERY IMAGE and GO HOME with them on an SD data card. What’s more is the session includes 6 CUSTOM edited images. I say custom as there are a lot of studios who will include a few dozen edits they call fully edited but in the same breath won’t let you have the originals, nor request things YOU want edited…  without seeing the before photos how do you know what work they did?  My custom edits mean you can ask me for specific things you want addressed in the photos, like fixing some rouge wardrobe. Or some hairs that simply could not be tamed or maybe the angle of your favorite pose made your arm look much bigger than it actually is. If I can edit that and provide a natural looking image for you I will. YOU TELL ME. I work for you. AND my editing turnaround time is approximately 48 hours. This is also big. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard models mention to me and openly that weeks and months pass until they get their edited images. This is a “thing” for me. You WILL NOT WAIT for your edits.

Wardrobe is not provided for our on-location sessions, however, if you are able to visit the studio before the shoot you are welcome to choose an outfit that can be set aside and taken for the day of your session.

Shoot deposit is $200. Location session fees are non-refundable or transferable to or from other sessions offered by Devilbliss Studios Edits are based per person in a photo. If friends book sessions together and request edits with 2 or more people each face counts as one edited image. 

Ready to book your session?  Click this link! Form for this session launches in a new browser window.

Oh the memories.  The very first Sled Fest in 2011 One year after shooting Kelvis Pinup there through a p promotion with Retro Lovely magazine

I also had the honor of shooting the first two Old Sled Works Pinup Billboards

X-MAS 2018!!! 3 Sessions!!!

Believe it or not, we are now in the final planning stages for 2018.

With Halloween Sessions largely sold out or completed it is time to talk about that other big holiday…. X-Mas.

This year I am offering 3 different sessions.

The BIG THING about the first two is that they will be offered on the same day. Meaning the date will likely SELL OUT very quickly.

SO… December 2nd. 2 sessions to chose from. A Christmas Story and Classic Christmas Cheesecake.

This is the pricing for A Christmas Story:

Pricing for A Christmas Story is per person. I can shoot couples and families but it would add $50 to the package for couples. For families it would require a different sort of look. It would have to be well lit as if there were a lot of lights on in the room and the effect of the leg lamp would not translate as it does in the samples I have here.  The first time I did these sessions there was a promotion where the Leg Lamp and Red Ryder BB gun and Bunny Suit were raffled off to some participants. I will be repurchasing a Leg Lamp and BB Gun but will not be getting another Bunny Suit as I did the first time. I actually have 2 Pair of A Christmas Story Pajamas we can use but they do not have the bunny slippers as the more elaborate (and expensive) one I had the first time. Visually it’s within 90% of that more expensive one.

It’s a classic look, clean simple paper backdrop with that iconic aluminum Christmas Tree. Add some presents, cookies and milk and it’s super flexible for anyone to excel with.
This is the pricing for Classic Christmas Cheesecake:

Ready to book?

Hit the button! Keep in mind there are only 5 or 6 available spots for this date. Between these 2 sessions this will very likely sell out fast.

I did mention 3 sessions I would be offering. The third is not for everyone. As you can see in the samples below there has been those ladies in the past who have opted for a more adult X-Mas session. As I have been asked about such images from some studios for Retro Lovely I have decided to put together a holiday issue of Retro Lovely Taboo Edition. The XXX-Mas Edition. So anyone who is thinking of this anyway, we can arrange that for your shoot. For those who may be interested in this SPECIFICALLY I will be offering Self-Style sessions at only $150 with 6 edits included, provided they can be published in Retro Lovely. As it turns out, fans are supporting the Taboo series better than the regular editions. For this session and this price I am only offering it to models who have done multiple sessions like this already. This is not for someone doing it for the first time. Taboo Edition features nudes. Not implied. No pasties. I will want to see previous samples to see your comfort level with this. For any sessions I offer and especially these, friends and escorts are most welcome to be present during the sessions.


Halloween Sessions 2018! Every Shoot Featured in the Retro Lovely Halloween Edition!

Halloween. My favorite holiday and it should be yours too!

This year there’s several sessions available AND every single participant will be featured in the legendary Retro Lovely Magazine. With over 2 million fans it’s the 2nd largest and one of the best known publications of its kind. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. One lucky lady from among all the 2018 sessions will be selected to grace one of the Halloween Edition’s COVER. (Each of the current Retro Lovely Partner Studios will have a version with one of their models as a cover).  Maybe you can represent Devilbliss Studios! For cover selection I will chose images from each session I feel most fitting to be a cover and then present the entire group of them to the other studios among Retro Lovely Partner Studios to arrive at consensus of the image to be used.

So what sessions are available?

As Steampunk is heavily “costume” based this is a perfect crossover session for those who love the genre and wish to take part in the Halloween promotions. Check below for pricing and click the graphic above for more information on this session. While the studio has plenty of corsets and will have some accessories and set pieces we do not have full blown Steampunk costumes. This session is for those who are into this genre already and have wardrobe of their own. We have also been granted the use of several pieces of amazing high end metal art that will far exceed the sort of props one could obtain from Amazon or any other reseller for that matter.

Classic Shadows

Devilbliss Studios has offered this for the last 4 seasons and it’s no wonder. It is a classic. So iconic and rich with the season these sessions are fantastic for a first time model. They can be sweet or sassy as you choose. Pricing and availability below.

Tales From The Crypt

This session was brought into the lineup last year and it produced many great images as well as one being used for the Halloween Edition of Retrolicious Magazine. (more you can see below) Pricing and availability below.

Recreations Halloween / Costume Portraits

There are several classic cheesecake Halloween photos which are super fun to recreate. This sort of session is perfect for the beginner as you literally have a road map on how to pose! For these sessions we would need to discuss in advance what you’d like to do and we can search for some examples that could be ideal for you. Another fun session is very simply down to basics, you in a costume of your own on classic paper or one of the several backdrops we have in the studio. Hit us up to tailor it to you! Pricing and availability below.

Flying Witch

It’s iconic, it’s fun, it’s adorable, it can be spicy relevant to your wardrobe choices.   Pricing and availability below.

Blasphemous Rumors

The Blasphemous Rumors set has been very popular. It would also be well suited to doing some themes perfect for Halloween. From naughty nun to possessed demon. Think The Exorcist. Or perhaps we dump a bucket of blood on you and you can live your dream of being Carrie just like Sissy Spacek. Pricing and availability below.


This is actually a simple set with tons of mood provided by unusual and creative lighting. Additionally we have several classic printed backdrops that could add a great deal of variety depending on your costume. Pricing and availability below.

Cemetery Sessions

I will indeed travel with you to a cemetery for some one of a kind photos. I have a few within a short distance of the studio we could use as a backdrop but do understand I won’t do anything disrespectful to any grave sites. These are custom sessions and would need to be discussed and planned.

Custom Private Sessions

Want to tackle something wholly unique and exclusive to you? Just ask. We’ll do our best to meet your imagination!

Pricing and availability, click to enlarge.

Unlike most sessions I offer, the Style and Shoot for these includes 2 edits chosen by me for inclusion in the Retro Lovely Halloween Special Edition. The only session that costs more with additional edits is the Flying Witch, which requires more editing time to create those images. Sessions are per person. Edits are per face.

Ready to book? Use the SPECIAL FORM just for the Halloween Sessions:

Additional samples will be uploaded soon.



Our most popular sessions at the best price we offer them at. 2 days only September 8th and 9th. All inclusive. These are our last discount sessions like this for 2018.

  • FULL Professional Makeup and Hair Included by Claire Marie of Neon Lady Artistry which lasts approximately 1.5 hours.
  • Then you shoot with Michael Bann of Devilbliss Studios for approximately 30 minutes.
  • You go home with EVERY SINGLE PHOTO taken.
  • One custom edited image of your choice. YES we will edit the photo how YOU ask us to including body contouring.
  • Access to our impressive wardrobe and shoes.
  • Pose coaching, we excel with beginners.
  • Bring a friend along for support if you like (we love it because often they will have so much fun they come back themselves).

Add the second look for just $50 more. (it is one makeup and hair styling session)

Additional edits are available at $20 per image or 6 for $100.

DO NOT WAIT, spots are limited.

Jerry’s Classic Cars & Collectibles Museum Shoot

Just a few blocks from the studio is a really cool little museum. After Yuengling it is the area’s 2nd most visited tourist destination. Devilbliss studios would probably be 3rd if we wanted to talk about how far people travel to work with us.

Check the site out:

I have recently gotten permission to do some shooting here.

There are important details though. It is a working museum. They aren’t closing it down just for us. These sessions would be where MUAH styling was performed at the studio and then clients would walk or drive down to the museum for photos. As it is also open to the public we would have to work around them. No lingerie or provocative clothing would be allowed. We are subject to all the same rules as visitors to the museum, this means we don’t move things, don’t touch things, don’t get in or on the cars.  Still this can be a very cool session. These rules are not unlike the sessions we’ve done at Bill’s Old Bike Barn. There too we don’t disturb their normal operations. As the museum is only open for 5 hours on weekends, it means we only have the opportunity to do 4 sessions. ONLY 4 SPOTS! There is also no air conditioning and generally poor ventilation on the 2nd floor so this needs to be a fall session. This would also have to be a one look session as the logistics of running back to the studio to do a wardrobe change would talk a lot of time to do.

Here’s the details:





Shoot fee includes YOUR admission cost for the museum. If anyone comes along with you they will have to pay the admission price.

ONLY 4 SPOTS!!!! We can only be in there form Noon until 5:00.

Ready to book?  Hit the deposit form here:

Here’s some more photos:


Motor Court

Samples for this one of a kind location session.

Please contact me if you are interested in this shoot. Date is Friday July 27th.