Readings with Rev. Brooke at Devilbliss Studios

I am very excited to announce a very special guest is coming to Devilbliss Studios.

Sunday March 25th join us as Rev. Brooke will offer Certified Holistic Tarot readings. Conversational style, with an emphasis on framing the information from spirit in a way that the client can actually use.

Brooke is offering discounted sessions for this event at $30 and will take 30 minutes. If you can’t make it DO visit her in Jim Thorpe at The High Priestess Metaphysical Boutique.

I feel it’s important to note that a few months ago I visited Brooke at her shop in Jim Thorpe PA, one of my favorite places on earth and somewhere I have always felt a certain energy. I left with a nearly indescribable feeling that absolutely permits me to recommend this and her to everyone.

Beyond her work in the spiritual realm I can also add I’ve known her since about 2009 when I learned of the first PA Burlesque festival she was putting together. We endeavored on some things with that, a photoshoot I did at the Gilded Cupid and eventually my magazine Retro Lovely being one of that first festivals sponsors. She is as genuine as they come and I am proud to know her and grateful to call her friend.

This date is also that of the Makeup and Hair Workshop we are holding at the studio with Lizz Maldonado and Millie Mie. I thought this would be opportune as there will be some people coming for it who may well like to take advantage of a reading while they are in the studio. As the workshop will run through about 3:00 Brooke will offer sessions for attendees after that time and will conduct them before then for those who aren’t attending the workshop.

I know for a fact the energy in the studio that day will be significant and uplifting.

Want a session with Brooke? Click the graphic!

DYNAMITE DAMES- CHARLIE GIRL – DEVILBLISS, July 20, 21 & 22! That’s right!

WOW! This is one hell of a special session, in fact the original sole date of July 21st Sold Out in less than 24 hours so we added TWO MORE DAYS!!! Now there is no excuse! My friends from Texas descend upon Devilbliss Studios for an amazing double header that is an incredible value as well. AND, with it  offered well in advance of the date it gives you time to squirrel away money here and there to make it easy to budget for!

This session will include Makeup and Hair styling by the infamous Charlie Girl herself with a Candlelit Boudoir shoot with Sarah of Dynamite Dames. Then you get a session with Michael of Devilbliss Studios as well. You will be in the studio approximately 3 hours in total!


  • MUAH session with Charlie Girl
  • Candlelit Boudoir Shoot with Sarah of Dynamite Dames
  • 2 edits from Sarah’s Session
  • Session with Michael of Devilbliss Studios, theme to be determined. Likely with some options
  • All photos from Michael’s session with 2 custom edits of your choice and to your requests. 6 additional edits available for just $50 more at time of booking. HALF OFF
  • Access to studio wardrobe as always

Session price is $400 – $375 if the initial deposit is made by February 14th, hmmm a gift idea to request from a special someone?)   Or ladies, point your significant other to this page and if he books your deposit we will get a special gift certificate to give to you on Valentine’s Day!

Due to the nature of Dynamite Dames and Charlie Girl traveling this session requires $100 down to hold your spot with an additional $75 due on March 1st, $75 on April 1st, $75 on May 1st and $75 on June 1st.  Deposits and payments are non-refundable. Deposits on existing sessions with me can’t be transferred to this shoot.

Ready to book? Click this graphic:

Charlie Girl herself by Dynamite Dames



It’s that crazy deal time of the year! Today is Black Friday. That’s all there once was. Now we have Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and likely some others I am not aware of. So how does a service that is largely self-indulgent stand a chance through this season? Obviously we take a back seat. We aren’t complaining.  But it doesn’t mean we can’t provide some deals for those of you who are able to take advantage of them. Or the bigger reason of someone asking you what they can do for you.

So here we go. All of these specials are good through next Friday December 1.

What have we got?

Gift certificates on discount!

Now through December 1st, buy a  gift certificate to use on any service in 2018 at 25% Off

Edits packages. All year long my custom edits with the FASTEST turnaround in the business are priced at $20 per photo. The best value is 6 for $100 ($20 off) For this holiday gift giving season you can save up to HALF OFF!!!   A 12 pack of edits is on sale now for $150. A 24 pack is only $200 – HALF OFF.

These edits can be used at any time. Maybe you have 4 photos from an older shoot you want retouched. Maybe you want to use some with a shoot coming up and save the rest for later. Maybe you want me to edit some photos from another studio who is taking for ever to deliver theirs. You can use these however you choose and this is for CUSTOM work. Not just a computer processing images as many studios do.

With any special purchase you also get an additional $25 New Client Gift Certificate for you to bestow on a friend FREE OF CHARGE. The fine print here is this, we’ll give you a $25 gift certificate to give away but they are only valid for new clients to Devilbliss Studios. The idea with this is for that friend of yours who has commented on your photos, who themselves should experience what a shoot can do for them but just hasn’t taken the plunge yet. This is a way for you to help nudge them along. No matter which way you go, there are savings to be had!

Click this graphic to get your special now!


Yes it’s time to think about holiday sessions!  And Devilbliss Studios has several to choose from! Several new sets too!

November 4th, Winter Wonderland! New Set!

Sample photos will follow once this backdrop arrives. This set will permit several wintery possibilities. From cute images in your favorite vintage coat (or one of ours) To reclining on a sleigh, this session will provide you outdoorsy images without the risk of bad weather or cold conditions.  Session prices detailed on the graphic above. Ready to book your session? $75 holds your spot, hit our convenient deposit form here.

November 11th, Classic Christmas

Without a doubt one of the most popular and classic pinup Christmas Sessions. It’s our pinup for a day session with a holiday twist. Imagine yourself with our vintage aluminum tree, cookies, candy canes and presents. Easy to customize it for yourself and it can be as Naughty, Nice or Extra Naughty as you choose… just check out some of those samples below.  Session prices detailed on the graphic above. Ready to book your session? $75 holds your spot, hit our convenient deposit form here.

November 12th, Gift Wrapped

Let’s face it, for your significant other what could possibly be a better gift than you? You can show them this by doing a shoot with out giant gift box. For as simple and clean as this is it is also quite flexible, check out the sample photos and see. It can be as Naughty, Nice or Extra Naughty as you choose… just check out some of those samples below.  Session prices detailed on the graphic above. Ready to book your session? $75 holds your spot, hit our convenient deposit form here.

November 19th, Ice Skating / Hockey – New Set!

Sample photos will follow once this backdrop arrives. This is our second new winter set for 2017. The look of this backdrop is perfect for skating / hockey themes. While we do have wardrobe and some hockey gear we will not have ice-skates in everyone’s sizes. Please note if you wish to do that you will need your own skates. Session prices detailed on the graphic above. Ready to book your session? $75 holds your spot, hit our convenient deposit form here.

November 25th & 26th, Boudoir Gift Book Special.

Details coming soon!

Imagine their eyes when they open your gift of a book filled with amazing boudoir images of you!

Naughty X-Mas Photoshoots in Stoneboro with Victor Devilbliss & Kelvis

He’s making a list alright. Where will your name go? Naughty? Nice? Or maybe VERY NAUGHTY! You decide!

Victor Devilbliss aka Michael Bann is returning to Stoneboro PA and teaming up with Kelvis for one heck of a spirit raising photoshoot themed for the holidays. These classic sessions will produce fabulous images in time for the gift giving season.

The details:

December 3rd Devilbliss returns to Stoneboro PA where he teams up with stylist and pose coach Kelvis Pinup and makeup and hair artist Brittney Grossman  for a Classic Christmas Pinup Photoshoot.

Sessions start at $300 and include full makeup and hair styling by Brittney. Photoshoot that includes EVERY SINGLE IMAGE to take home immediately on an SD data card NO WAITING. You’ll also have access to some wardrobe and props as well as styling assistance and pose coaching by Kelvis Pinup.  After your session choose your two favorite images to be custom edited to your requests. These images will be available to you in an online gallery, typically within 48 hours, where you can purchase photo gifts through MPIX at their base prices, not marked up as most photo studios do.

Additionally there will be snacks during your session PLUS all those participating will get a 15% discount code for Cats Like Us.

Spaces are very limited, first come first served. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required with $75 due upon booking and an additional $75 due by November 4th.  The base session with 2 edits is $300 plus tax or with 6 edits total for just $50 more.  Edits are available a la carte at any time at $20 per face per image. (If 2 people are in a photo and each person is retouched that counts as 2 edits).

Ready to book your session? Click here for the deposit form.


Add the Devilbliss Motel for just $100 more!


I am very pleased to announce a new and exclusive shoot.

Gilded Cupid Luxe Destination Sessions.

What is it?  It’s a shoot at the Remarkable Gilded Cupid Bed and Breakfast in the fabulous destination town of Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania.  This amazing property is nestled in this Victorian Village just a stone’s through from the March Chunk Opera House, home of the famed Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival. The Gilded Cupid is owned and operated by two dear friends of mine Sheila and Bob who I first met nearly 10 years ago when I became a sponsor of the very first Burlesque Festival. Their home has been lovingly restored and is a showcase of exceptional antiques. So much so that it has been many many years in the making that I have finally persuaded them to permit photography sessions there.

Private sessions can occur weekdays on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for $450 plus tax. This includes full Makeup and Hair styling, location fee, shoot which is an extended 1.5 hours in duration, all your photos to take home plus 8 custom edited images of your choice or 32 batch processed images as most boudoir studios provide. You would be required to bring your own wardrobe.

Can’t make a weekday? We can also arrange for a session to occur on a weekend you and that special someone decide to book a stay at the Gilded Cupid where you remain overnight as a guest… Sheila’s breakfasts are worth it alone, not to mention all there is to do in Jim Thorpe. Make your reservation with Sheila directly and schedule your photoshoot for just $375. Of course we’d need to discuss possible dates.

Below are photos from a recent session with Miss V Pinup model.  You should click on them to see them larger.  Some of the samples  have been censored but if you want to see them completely you can become a supporter of Miss V’s Patreon page here.

Here are some other images I made in another suite quite some years ago.


It’s back! One of our most popular sessions from 2016!  The D’Lish robe returns to Devilbliss Studios. For a very limited time our good friend the amazing burlesque artist Miss Frankie Eleanor is lend us her D’Lish robe that we had for sessions last year.

This is your chance for some images with a truly extraordinary pice of wardrobe. Last year Frankie herself quipped “this robe is everything”  after her session.

We have select weekday dates available in August as well as September 10th set aside for sessions with this amazing piece.

Price for the session is $275 and includes full Makeup and Hair, session plus all the images to take home as soon as your shoot finishes. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Sessions will take place in our Mid Century room in the studio. Book a weekday session and for just $100 more we can shoot in several locations AND you will get 6 edits of your choice as well.

There’s a ton of samples here. Many of these are not edited at all.

Lugnut Customs Photoshoots with Victor Devilbliss Sunday September 24th

It’s true! Victor Devilbliss is headed to Lugnut Customs in Stoneboro PA Sunday September 24th for a day of shooting with bikes.  Victor, aka Michael Bann has been friends with pinup model Kelvis for many years now and they have worked together many times in several capacities. Kelvis and her guy Lugnut Louie are opening their shop up for photoshoots and it promises to be an amazing day!  Michael visited late last year and did a test shoot with Kelvis and a friend. Those actual samples are below. Additionally Michael has worked with bikes on numerous occasions and can actually boast his work as having been featured on two large scale internationally distributed news stand publications… meaning they were on racks available for sale EVERYWHERE. Not online or print on demand “zines”

Session fee is $325 and includes full Makeup and Hair styling by Making Faces Professional. 45 minutes to an hour shooting time, EVERY SINGLE PHOTO TO TAKE HOME WITH YOU the moment we finish shooting. Michael uses professional equipment that permits him to shoot to two data cards. You get one of those right away. See them when you get home. No waiting. And you get every single image, not just those a photographer decides are good enough to share with you. You also have full copyrights to the images so you can print them, post them, submit them to magazines however you choose. These are YOUR IMAGES.

Make a $100 deposit before August 15th and save $25!

Everyone who books also gets a 15% off coupon with Cats Like Us.

This session will sell out. Do not wait

Ready to book? Hit our Deposit form here:

Here’s samples shot at Lugnut Customs
Click on the images for larger high quality versions

Additional bike photography by Michael Bann / Victor Devilbliss