Upcoming Shoots through April

I want to make this as concise as possible so I will rely on the shoot pricing graphics and galleries showing what the sessions are. Be mindful there are some options and add-ons relevant to what you’d like to do. Some sessions future sessions I am listing early but more detailed info will follow. Presently that’s the Viva Las Vegas Sessions.

Take your pick: Detective Agency – Old Hollywood – Roaring 20’s
On any of these dates: February 22,23 March 1, 21, 22

Shoot ANY TWO sets within your scheduled shoot time. Want to do all three? Ask about booking a private session or taking the last spot of the day on any of these dates for just $50 more

Add ons for Detective Agency would include the Pulp Graphics or French Postcard Edits. These would cost $25 in addition to the edit itself.

Detective Agency Samples:

Old Hollywood Samples

Roaring 20’s Samples

The Roxbury – Amadeus’ Bride or Dracula’s Fangs

Monday March 23rd Very limited spots.

Viva Las Vegas April 8-12

April 9th at The El Cortez. Selfs Style Sessions only. April 10th at Luxe with the one and only RED DODGE providing her Makeup and Hair artistry. April 11th with RED DODGE at the Ralph Brinkley House. April 12th with RED DODGE at The El Cortez. Pricing is forthcoming.