How To Prepare For Your Shoot


First of all, take a deep breath and relax! This is WAY easier than you think! We are going to make the whole experience pleasant, fun and easy.

These are just a few things for you to do before you arrive!

You’ll want to arrive with a clean, moisturized face, and clean, dry hair. If you can manage, day old hair is best! Decide on a manicure! To paint or not to paint…that is the question! We like it all, painted, natural…BUT, please pick one! Chipped nails might show in your final shots.
BANN0001While we have a great and ever growing selection of wardrobe (over 500 pieces, 100+ pairs of shoes), we always ask that you bring one thing that you really love and feel comfortable in, so that we are confident that you have something to work with that makes you feel great! Assorted bras, panties and stockings are also helpful! Forget something? We have a courtesy basket in our second dressing room filled with nail polish and remover, nail files, tampons, deodorant and body spray…you name it!

People always want to know how we accomplish so much in one day! Organization is key! When you arrive, you will be shown back to the very end of the hall to our hair and makeup room. We have 18ft of wardrobe double stacked, so arrive a little early to take a look. You’ll meet with Nicole and discuss your looks and get started having your hair set. While your hair sets, you’ll have your makeup applied. Fear not about having your shade…she can custom blend foundation to meet your needs. False eyelashes are also included in your package! Once your makeup is perfect, it’s back over to the hair station to create an amazing vintage style! When you are done, you can head  to our second dressing room to put on your first look in privacy. There’s a rack for wardrobe you may have brought and a steamer to whisk away any wrinkles.  There is room to store your belongings here too. You can also choose some jewelry while here.BANN0004Then you’ll head down the hall to start your shoot with Michael. For some discount sessions there may be multiple clients in the studio, your privacy is always respected, and your time is one on one! When your shoot is over, you will be given an SD card with every single image that we shoot on it. These are yours to do with as you please. Take these home and view them, share them…get opinions! From these you will choose your edits if you chose an edits package with your session.