Directions to the Studio

The studio address is:

104 North Centre Street, 2nd Floor
Pottsville PA 17901

We spelled Centre properly for the street address here, if you are using GPS do the same. Spelling it Center can cause problems for you. We really meant Pottsville too, it is NOT Pottstown.

Our location is about
2 hours from Philadelphia
2.5 hours from New York City
2.5 hours from Baltimore MD
3.15 hours from Washington DC
4.15 hours from Pittsburgh PA and Rochester NY

There is also Greyhound bus service from NYC, Philadelphia and Washington DC to a terminal 5 minutes walking distance to the studio with a Ramada Inn right between us (ask about a special discount we’ve secured for our clients).

Here’s a video showing where we are coming into downtown Pottsville via West Norwegian Street:


Plugged into any map software or GPS you will likely be brought to Pottsville via PA Route 61 or possibly PA Route 209.

Below are some photos showing your turns and surroundings from either of these roads. For the purposes of parking it is best if anyone using route 61 entered Pottsville via West Norwegian Street.

All photos and graphics can be enlarged by clicking on them.

From PA Route 61 the intersection with West Norwegian Street looks like this:

Traveling South on Route 61 – you’ll see a cluster of signs on the right corner. The best visual is the North 209 sign and arrow. Make the right onto West Norwegian Street.



Traveling North on Route 61 this is your view. To the left you’ll see a sign for One Norwegian Plaza – The sign for Norwegian Street is mounted with the traffic lights as well. Make a left onto West Norwegian.


Once on West Norwegian you’ll see another traffic signal ahead of you, this is the intersection with Centre Street. You will be making a right at the light.norw


As you make the right turn onto Centre Street you’ll see this more or less. Just ahead is another light which is the intersection of Centre and Market St. Just past the light is North Centre and we are just past the light by 3 buildings. At the end of the black is where the parking lot is.

down centre


Below is the intersection more closely.



We are right between The American Cafe and Lisa’s Floral Creations.



The parking lot is just at the end of our block. The entrance is just before Arch Street.



Our studio entrance is to the left edge of the building.enter


Now if you were coming in on Route 209 North … It becomes Market Street and you’d follow it into downtown Pottsville where it intersects with Centre Street. At that light you can actually see the studio to your left. Simply make that left and find parking!