Devilbliss Salon – Deluxe Set

I am extremely excited to announce my newest set. The Devilbliss Salon.

The beauty salon has been a fixture in modern culture since the 1800’s with a huge push forward during the roaring 20’s. There is no shortage of iconic images and memories involving the beauty salon, or parlor or shop. In cinema and television it’s one of those places characters converge and the plot evolves.

My set was built from scratch and fills the entirety of the main room at Devilbliss Studios. I’ve long had the dryer chair but finally decided (With the prodding of a great client and friend Jenny Jayne) to build a full set to do it justice. Using its color scheme of greens and browns I fashioned faux walls with a shade of green and accented the set with gold mid-century wall art. Some of my Sryoco plaques, gold star wall clock and a perfectly matched green glass globe floor lamp accent the scene perfectly. I then capped off one end with my gold room divider which I was told came out of a hair salon!  I also dug into my famed lamp collection for the brown glass swag lamp. For entertainment while your hair is doing I added a gold wire magazine rack and a classic white RCA television. The floor is a black and white checkered tile which is quite common in this sort of setting. There’s a coat rack for your wrap and a number of other accessories to make this one set that will surely get noticed.

What is crucial to this being a session in the studio and not just a room painted this way is that by positioning this in the main shooting space I am able to take advantage of the many mounting points I’ve placed in the ceiling for my lighting. I am able to have light sources emanating from directions and distances you could not achieve in an actual room.  This is important as the sample images will show I am able to apply my signature lighting treatment, “That Devilbliss Lighting” which would be next to impossible otherwise. 

Before I get into the numerous samples let’s get details out of the way.

This set does take the sort of time to put together that it will NOT BE AVAILABLE at any time. OK, I would set it up for someone but the time it takes, I don’t think a single person will want to pay me what I’d need to charge to do so. So, if you don’t take advantage of it on these dates it may be some time until it is available again. Additionally the prop walls I built will be repurposed for other sessions in the future. I invested easily $300 to get this together as you see it.

Weekday sessions are available as Style and Shoot (you styling yourself and shoot for an hour) for just $150 if booked by May 11th. For real. This is $50 off my normal style and shoot pricing. Edits are additional. They are always available at $20 each or 6 for $100. Add them to your package and it’s just $75 for 6 at the time of booking.

Want Makeup and Hair added for a weekday shoot? Add $100 for full styling by Claire Marie of Neon Lady Artistry who is a licensed cosmetologist.  You’ll be in MUAH for approximately an hour and a half with Claire and then shoot for an hour with me on set. That’s two full time professionals for just $250 plus tax if booked by May 11th. This is also the price for the weekend sessions. Self Style sessions are not available on weekends. This shoot with 6 custom (you tell me what you want retouched) edits is only $325, $25 off the normal edits pricing. After May 11th all packages increase in price by $45.

Edits are limited to one face/person per image.

Ready to book your session? Sign up here:

Now how about some samples?

I have a few galleries to share, the first will show some images utilizing the sort of lighting a salon would have in real life. Everything is well lit, the room is bright. Just like it would be for an actual appointment…


The next samples showcase my signature lighting. This provides a provocative look that “pops” more as the subject (you) is highlighted. There are shadows and the images have a cinematic feel, almost like you’re in a David Lynch movie. Most studios shoot you one way. I will vary your session between these two treatments for added variety for your money.

I also plan on getting one of these costumes. You could put it one near the end of your session without worrying about messing up your hair or if you did a weekday private session or style and shoot it could be utilized before your hair is finished.

Costume like worn in the movie Grease during the Beauty School Dropout number.

Since this session is in a private studio you can also get as sassy with it as you want to. Just like Scarlett Storm did here. I censored some images just so I wouldn’t have to password protect this page.


So if you didn’t before the samples I know many of you will want to book your session now that you’ve seen them. Here’s that link again:


MOMMY and ME – MAY 6, 12 & 13

One of the most popular sessions I offer. Mommy and Me.

MAY 6, 12 & 13

Packages that include makeup and hair styling will have styling provided by Claire Marie of Neon Lady Artistry, a licensed, full time cosmetologist.

$25 mini sessions are only available on weekdays.

I will let the samples speak for themselves, but it clearly shows how adorable these keepsake photos can be. They also show there’s a lot of possible diversity here. Mothers and children don’t necessarily mean toddlers and grade schoolers. There are several packages to choose from. Minis sessions are sitting fee only. Digital downloads and products are at an additional price via the online gallery. For any additional $25 an SD card with full printing rights can be added to the Minis session.

Click to view larger

Arabian Nights May 6, 12, 13

It’s back. One of my most elaborate, large and popular sets ever. ARABIAN NIGHTS. This set is being rebuilt for sessions on May 6th, 12th and 13th. Makeup and Hair styling is offered by Claire Marie of Neon Lady Artistry. Sessions will be 3 hours total in length and package options range from self style through deluxe.

I will let the sample photos below speak for themselves but this is one of the more unique sessions I have ever offered. The set covers 100 square feet of space and as you can see below the posing options are very varied.

Packages available from self-style through deluxe. Ranging from $225 to $450.

PLEASE NOTE: virtually all the ladies who did this session brought wardrobe and jewelry of their own for these sessions so other than some accessories I got for the studio these elaborate outfits are not part of the studio collection. Still from the pieces we have including a number of belly dance hip scarfs, most people should be able to shoot this set and arrive at a costume that will work.

These dates will be shared with other themes. So not only will it fill up for this alone but those other shoots will be taking available appointments. Do not wait!

Click the link below to get your deposit in!


We have a date for a Friday session at the JW Cooper School.

Join me and Ruby Von Vanity Friday May 18th for private sessions at school. We will have the entire space all to ourselves. This is an important aspect as the school hosts many photography groups where so many people are present it can be difficult to be able to work in a specific area on your terms. We are renting this space for us to use exclusively. As there is a rent fee, it affects pricing.  Ideally we need at least 4 participants to reach a price that’s on par with most location shoots I offer. It will be limited as well as it needs to be during daylight hours and sessions will be 3 hours. 1.5 for makeup and hair styling with Ruby and 1.5 shooting with me. Possibly 5 spots in total.

So the details.

$295 includes full Makeup and Hair styling by Ruby Von Vanity, 3 hour session, all photos to take home plus location rental fees. Want to add 6 custom edits? Normally 6 edits are $100, add them at your time of booking for only $55 more! Save $45. Want to shoot and self style? You can take the very first session of the day and shoot at this magnificent location for just $195 or $250 with 6 custom edits.

Here’s some sample work of Ruby’s

And here is sample work shot at the JW Cooper School.

Deposit is $100 for this session. Ready to book? Hit the link below!