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Devilbliss Princess Series: Belle / Beauty and the Beast

We know there’s quite a few people who have been asking us about this session. It’s time. We add to our Devilbliss Princess Series with Belle from Beauty and the Beast. 

We are going to have several weekend dates available for this as well as weekday sessions near those weekends.

With set design and wardrobe we will have a higher than normal shoot overhead so we will have to offer this session slightly differently than previous Princess sessions. Why is this? Costuming. The Belle wardrobe is more elaborate than previous sessions and in order to accommodate all possible sizes we will need to have several available for all interested parties.  So the details:  Session cost is $325 with a $100 deposit to hold your spot. This is non-refundable and non-transferable. Additionally we can not offer those of you with deposits on other sessions to switch to this one.  Finally, in order to make this work we need a total minimum of 10 people to take part to average out the costs enough to make it a viable session.  So if you are interested, make a deposit and by the time we need to gather and prepare wardrobe and set materials we do not have 10 sessions booked we will have to cancel the shoot and provide you a FULL REFUND. We’ve done this with some other sessions as well. Like our Land Of Love shoots in the Poconos where the room fees approached $1800.

Are you one of the people who has been DYING for this one to be offered? Well head on over to our deposit form and get your deposit in. Tentatively our weekend offerings will be August 19-20 and 26-27 with weekday sessions around those dates.


Cherry Dollface’s Fall Tour in Delaware October 8th with Victor Devilbliss

Celebrity makeup and hair stylist and YouTuber Cherry Dollface is coming to One Off Rod & Custom in Middletown Delaware and I’ve been asked to do photoshoots with her at this awesome location on October 8th 2017.  There are only 6 sessions offered on this date and several have already been claimed.

You will spend roughly an hour and 15 minutes with Cherry as she performs her magic on you and then we will shoot for about an hour in the fabulous shop with several to-die-for cars.

Below are some samples of my work, including some at One Off from earlier this year. Styling on these images are by Making Faces Professional.

Price for this session is $300 with your choice of 5 edited images OR all images provided to you on an SD data card as soon as the session finishes. OR you can do the session, get all the images and the edits for just $50 more.  An initial deposit of $100 is required to hold the time with an additional $100 due by August 31st.  Given the extremely limited nature of this session deposits are non-refundable or transfereable.

Deposits for this session can be made here:

Dollface – Devilbliss Deposit Form

And now for some of those samples from this amazing location!

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS – Strip Club Photoshoots

Devilbliss Studios has earned a reputation for an amazingly wide variety of themes for our photo sessions.  And we are very excited to announce a new session that could very well  be a first. Not just first for us, first ever in the history of pinup-boudoir studios.

As the subject of this post spells out we are offering sessions in an authentic strip club. Have you ever fantasized about being a dancer? Taking part in an amateur night? As with most people who may have fancied that you very likely couldn’t do such a thing for a variety of reasons. What if you could, for a moment in time, do just that? What if there was a closed door, private photo session you could take part in with trusted professionals and no public audience?  That’s exactly what we are offering. Sunday July 16th we are headed to Buck Rub’s Gentlemen’s Club just north of Reading PA. We will have the entire establishment to ourselves plus one or two staff (who’ve seen it all so many times they will likely be indifferent to what we have going on for the sessions).

Main Stage at Buck Rubs
Main Stage at Buck Rubs
Pole Table at Buck Rubs

Cost of this session starts at $350 which includes a location fee we have to pay in order to use the space. You get full makeup and hair, all your photos on an SD card to take home and copyrights to those images.  A deluxe package is available for $450 which includes 6 custom edits of your choice PLUS those edits printed on keepsake polaroids! (well actually Fuji Instax prints but people know Polaroids better). Imagine the look on your significant other’s face when you hand them signed instant photos of you on stage at a real strip club!  Of course you need to have a good idea they’d love that as much as you will.

6 real instant prints included with deluxe all inclusive packages


Your wardrobe is entirely up to you and must be brought by you. Wardrobe can be as easy as lingerie, panties and bras, bikinis etc. We do not carry wardrobe to our location sessions.

SO, here’s the club’s website:
Buck Rub’s Gentlemen’s Club

Their address is:
89 Berkley Road
Reading PA 19605

We only have this location for a few hours on this date so spots are limited one is already taken before we even formally announced this SO, do not wait on this one.

It’s on the deposit form here:



Pinup for a day. Our most popular session.

We’ve done hundreds of these over the years. It’s a classic that is a perfect shoot for someone doing their first to someone who needs fresh images. These sessions revolve around a traditional colored paper backdrop with a variety of hand props to provide a fun experience with memorable images. This session is a regular $275 package that we are offering for only $199 on weekdays in June.

For your $199 you get a one hour photo session, all the images handed to you on a data card the moment we finish… you can check them out at home IMMEDIATELY! No waiting. Most studios make you wait days, weeks and sometime months until you see your images and what’s more they don’t share every image taken  with you. With Devilbliss Studios you get them all, right away.  Session also includes full makeup and hair styling by Making Faces Professional. You also have access to our extensive wardrobe collection. You can literally walk in with only the clothes on your back and be transformed into glamorous bombshell.

Think you need to look a certain way? Lose a few pounds? Know what you’re doing in order to do a session? Wrong. We work with many many first-time clients who come to use filled with self doubt and anxiety and leave with an amazing self confidence they never expected. We make it easy, we’ve done this many times and our process is so productive it nearly needs to be patented! We’re serious.  Don’t believe us? Here’s some feedback from some of our clients describing their first sessions with us.

And we highly encourage you to join our Facebook group here. It’s many clients who’ve worked with us and it’s a place where you can get ideas, encouragement and first notice on specials and location sessions we’re planning: I’m a Devilbliss Girl FB Group.

Ready to book? Message us on our Facebook page here:

How about some samples? By the way, half of photos here were from clients’ first sessions. Can you pick them out?



Melancholy School – Closed Door Sessions

Last year Devilbliss Studios offered some unique, on-location sessions in a distressed building that provided an amazing backdrop for some uncommon and highly regarded images. We actually visited the site on several occasions including weekday private sessions. We called these shoots The Melancholy Suite, you can read more about them here.

We are pleased to announce another session in this vein.  This time it is taking place in a town very near the studio and will be called Melancholy School. This building was a high school constructed early in the 20th century. It boasts many places with which to capture images that will stand out in your portfolio. The structure includes a large and detailed auditorium with a wrap around balcony, indoor pool and near limitless array of spaces.  The sample images below only scratch the surface. The auditorium and stage provide an excellent backdrop for performers and dancers.

We are offering a weekend session Saturday June 17th. This will be closed door so it will only be those of us shooting there with Devilbliss Studios. We’ll have run of the house. We can also accommodate weekday sessions with adequate notice to secure access to the facility.  Each session covers a location fee which goes towards saving and revitalizing this amazing building.

Price for the weekend session starts at $300 for full makeup and hair styling, one hour of shooting time plus the location fee. An all inclusive package with 6 custom edits is available at $400. Weekday sessions will carry an additional $25 location fee BUT the actual shooting time will be up to 2 hours. Self style sessions are available weekdays from $250.

While visiting recently to make the sample images another special project was undertaken that is part of photographer Michael Bann’s  Agalmatophila series. These are images that include mannequins as a theme. The images shown here incorporating those mannequins were a significant undertaking and represent many hours of work to achieve. For those interested in similar images those edits are $50 each. Please note the “audience” portion and orientation of any such images would be the same as any others session. A fully custom shoot like this would have to be quoted on a case by case basis.Please note: Mannequin audience edits are $50 each additional.

Please note: Mannequin audience edits are $50 each additional.

Please note: Mannequin audience edits are $50 each additional. 


Last year one of our most popular sessions was for a playing card deck. We called it Pinup Poker. Over 40 ladies joined in to produce a car deck that was a huge hit with the fans, family and friends.

We’re bringing it back with a twist. This year we’re putting together another deck where each participant will be featured on a total of 4 cards! Maybe a special rule applies for games where cards you’re on are wild, or any hand with three or more trumps every other traditional winning hand. Obviously spaces are limited for this session. A total of 13 to be exact.  Once we have 14 ladies and can complete the deck we will hold a lottery to permit participants to choose which cards they want to appear on. Just to keep it fair.

We are offering this session weekdays in June and July with an opportunity to take part on the weekends of June 10 & 11 as well as July 15 & 16 OR until it sells out.

Session fee is $350 for the shoot, all files to take home on an SD card. 4 custom edits of your choice, full makeup and hair by Making Faces Professional plus a deck of your very own. Additional decks can be obtained at $15 each plus shipping. They make a fabulous gift. Last year several models ordered dozens to sell to their fans.  If you are capable of doing your own makeup and hair, you can take part for $275 though those sessions can likely only occur on weekdays.

Want in? It’s a fun session with something you can share physically with people.

Take a look at some of the first deck’s cards:

Valora and Devilbliss Get Your Kicks Tour.

Some things begin in the most casual ways. Late December 2016 my pal Goddess Valora was visiting family and we got together to hang out and shoot. Predictably we had a great time, terrific shoot and a run to Denny’s. Over the course of the day it somehow came up that I’d always wanted to do a tour of historic Route 66. Nearly immediately Valora chimed in that it was also a bucket list item of hers. Some days passed and I was daydreaming further about such a trip. Over the past few years I’ve been thinking it’s time to do more of the things that are on my “someday” list as sadly we never really know how many days we’ve got left. Not a morbid notion, just the reality of  life. In my mind I began to realize I needed to make such a trip happen in 2017. A point came where I thought “ask Valora if she wants to join in”.  As fate would have it timing was good that she was able and eager to take on that adventure. On several of her visits north Valora has taken up a few days residence at my home (I’ve hosted quite a few traveling models) so we know we extended contact isn’t going to hamper our friendship (she’s a super courteous house guest).  This will also have elements of being a working vacation as well. Over the course of the trip we will fold in shooting  with people along the way. She as a model, I as a photographer. The prospect of working with people in new areas is exciting, especially when it’s attached to an adventure such as this. Of course we’ll do some shooting together ourselves along the way. I’m especially eager for the outdoor possibilities in the Southwest, the deserts, those landscapes that appear quite foreign to the general look of the Northeast. And there’s all the iconic history along the way. With luck there may be a very special detour up to Las Vegas off the route itself, but I don’t want to talk about that until details are confirmed.

Are you located along or near Route 66? Want to shoot with me or Valora? Message me here if so.

While I have no photos of my own yet I will share a collection of images Valora and I have made over the years. I’ll date them so you can see the progression of our collaborations.

Below is a photo from our first shoot, October 2010. Ramada, Winchester Virginia. We attempted to shoot at the Koolwink Motel in Romney West Virginia but were not aware a reservation was needed. So we made do.

Eight months later (June 11, 2011)  we successfully made a trip to Koolwink. Below are some of my favorite images from that session.

We missed working together in 2012 but by January 2013 Valora paid a visit to my home studio, Shangri-La. During this visit we managed some memorable images:

May 2014, another visit to Shangri-La produced these shots:

April 2015 was an especially productive visit:

May 2016 was Valor’s first trip to the new studio in Pottsville PA, again we managed quite a variety of images:

Very near Christmas while V was home to the Northern Virginia area we made a return visit to Koolwink and added these photos to our collective history;

The upcoming Route 66 tour should add considerably to our portfolio together.


Petticoat Junction – EXCLUSIVE LOCATION

This has been one of our most popular location sessions. In fact in a recent poll on our FB Group “I’m A Devilbliss Girl” it was overwhelmingly the spot most people voted for.

So what is it exactly?

Well a good friend of ours has this really cool property with several train cars on it. More than just that it’s the decking that is around it and the landscape all around. There’s no steam engine or anything, there aren’t passenger cars to really do anything in… but by the samples below, I am sure you’ll agree, it’s quite a setting for some great imagery.

NOW, the big problem with a location like this one…. look at the photos… we are at the mercy of the weather. In fact last year our scheduled visit was marred by rain and unusually high winds. We had to reschedule.  So how do we handle that? With a rain date.

So we are planning the session for Saturday May 13th with a rain date of Saturday May 27th. With this shoot being a location, and a prized one at that your deposit is only refundable if both dates have to be cancelled due to weather. There are added costs with location shoots and with this one, we are limited to the number of appointments we can take given that we do need daylight and can only shoot from sun up to an hour or so before sunset. SPOTS ARE LIMITED. This will SELL OUT so get over to the deposit form now (click here)! Total deposit is $150 with $75 to hold your spot and the remaining deposit balance of $75 due by April 13th.

And now for those samples. These are from our 2 visits to this amazing location that is exclusive to Devilbliss Studios.

It’s a terrific location for couples too!

We’ve even done engagement photos here.

Sneak your kids in for a few shots while you’re at it!

Go avant-garde if you care too:

The Notorious Bettie Page

In the realm of our specialty here at Devilbliss Studios few names conjure up such images as does that of Bettie Page. We don’t have to say much at all about who she is, or what she means to fans of pinup. But what we can say is that in the past we have done our fair share of photo shoots where Bettie was the inspiration. While she was the subject of hundreds and thousands of photos in a cute and playful manner she was at the same time something of a fetish queen as well. Google her name and the word bondage and the internet will provide you an amazing array of images. 

Devilbliss Studios is pleased to announce we are offering 2 unique Bettie sessions. One decidedly provocative another more sedate, though no less sexy. You can take your pick of your favorite Bettie and make it your own.

The first one to become available is our Bondage Bettie Session which  will be available beginning weekdays in April. This session will take place in one of our rooms in the studio’s third floor. It’s distressed and very much resembles the rundown settings many of Bettie’s most famous bondage photos took place in. Below are some images we recently made for Miss  Pinup model (and some of those were quickly picked up for publication by FetishZine). These were actually shot using 2 hot lamps (bright, bare bulb lights in reflectors) just as they would have been for Bettie’s original sessions.  These sessions begin a t $249 including makeup and hair as well as rope assistance by Nicole of Making Faces Professional (hence the weekday offering, Nicole needs to be on hand for a time in your shoot to do the rope work)  Even though we are a full time studio our weekday schedule is increasingly booked with dates that are not available well in advance. This is why we are announcing this much earlier than we normally would for a weekday session. If you are interested DO NOT WAIT. Now, even more urgent… If you are interested in a weekend session email us immediately. We are planning one but will only be able to offer a handful, far laess than normal. A weekend session for this will sell out. If you want to do this and only can then, email, or message us on the Devilbliss Facebook page.

Now for those samples:

Photos will also be provided in full color

Fifty Shades Of You

Fifty Shades of Grey from Wikipedia:

The books Fifty Shades of Grey has topped best-seller lists around the world, selling over 125 million copies worldwide by June 2015. It has been translated into 52 languages, and set a record in the United Kingdom as the fastest-selling paperback of all time. 

The film premiered at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival on February 11, 2015, and had a wide theatrical release on February 13, 2015, by Universal Pictures and Focus Features.  Despite receiving generally unfavorable reviews, it was an immediate box office success, breaking numerous box office records and earning over $571 million worldwide.

Love it or not, this franchise has had significant cultural and commercial impact. It has polarized some but the name and the meaning are immediately known.

And so we’ve decided to offer a session based on this franchise.

Devilbliss Studios is no stranger to alternative themes. Our Fetisch Klinik sessions have been wildly popular with resulting images having been published multiple times and featured as a cover of the highly regarded Femme Rebelle Magazine.

How popular is this session? How about we sold out our initial weekend offering in less than a week of announcing it and have booked an equally impressive number of sessions for the additional date announced one day before we were even able to add this post to our website.

Only a few remain. Don’t wait inquire now. We are also booking weekday private sessions before and after these weekend dates.

While we have promoted this as “Inspired by” you will note in the samples several images that are decidedly like some iconic imagery associated with the both films. You can be Anastasia Steele and you can be “you“.

As always, significant others and BFF’s are welcome to join you during your session. For the weekend offerings we will make every effort to have a female assistant present for your personal comfort.

And now for those sample images. Click them to see them larger.

Want one of the few remaining weekend spots? DO NOT WAIT! Message us on FB or get a $100 deposit in now via our online form here.

Above is one of the graphics from Fifty Shades Darker. Below you can see we have obtained a near replica of the mask.

In one of the scenes from the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, Anastasia is bound by Christian Grey to an ornate gold frame from above:

We’ve been able to mount a similar piece from our studio collection to provide a very similar image just for your session:Early in the first movie Anastasia has her hands bound by Christian with an gray tie that was also one of the first books’ covers. We have several waiting for you…

Of course we have other props for you to explore

Let your imagination run wild, make the session yours!