The Retro Ball

Not too long ago, one of the members of the I’m A Devilbliss Girl group on Facebook (if you’re a lady and not a member already you really should join) Lizz Maldonado who is now also part of The Team here posed the question to the group about planning an event to get together. Over the years there have been various outings where we’ve connected socially outside the studio and they have been terrific. It’s been a time where significant others get to take part and socialize. Lizz had also approached me privately about an event and recently group member Karen Snyder did the same, echoing Lizz’s comments to me nearly identically.

So the three of us started a discussion and we are pleased to announce we are moving forward with The Retro Ball.

The Retro Ball is a party held for lovers of the retro lifestyle. Do you love old cars? Music kids would call “classic”? Mid-Century culture? You are not alone! Join us at the Ramada in Pottsville on August 18th for a gathering of people just like you. Brush off your ball gowns and leisure suits and get ready for one of the best adult themed gatherings of this type.

This event will feature an OPEN BAR.
There is a limited number of tickets available, secure your spot here:

Play it safe, stay the night, we have a block of rooms reserved for us with the Ramada. Simply state you’re attending The Retro Ball when you phone them.

This page will be updated as more information is added.   There is now a Facebook Event Page here. And you can watch the Devilbliss FB page, join the newsletter and if you are a lady, DO join the I’m a Devilbliss Girl Facebook Group for all the current news on this and other events.