Sled Fest 2018 & Sled Works After Dark

Sled Fest 2018 & Sled Works After Dark. Saturday April 28th. 
Deluxe photoshoots with Michael Bann of Devilbliss Studios and Claire Marie of Neon Lady Artistry.

Sled Fest 2018 Shoot Details What makes these Deluxe Sessions?

In 2017 Sled Fest sessions were $295 with MUAH included, all photos and 2 hours total time. One hour in styling plus another hour shooting. The Sled Fest 2018 sessions are from $325 with 1.5 hours in styling and 1.5 hours for shooting 3 hours total! 50% more time for just over 10% more cost if booked by February 28th. Price will increase if it does not sell out prior to that date. (odds are excellent it will sell out) There are only 4 or 5 of these sessions available for booking.

Sled Works After Dark. Anything Goes!

By special arrangement we are able to offer sessions after Old Sled Works closes to the public. Why is this exciting? One reason is that during those time slots there will be NO CUSTOMERS lurking about the facility other than owner Jimmy Rosen who will be on hand to assist. This also means anything goes as far as wardrobe is concerned, or lack thereof. Below is an example by my good friends of Boudoir Louisville. That’s GoGo Amy and the crew of the Pretty Things Peepshow. As you can see, that sort of dress code would not be appropriate for normal business hours at a family establishment. Only 4 or 5 time slots are available for these sessions with the last finishing at midnight.

Wardrobe is not provided for our on-location sessions, however, if you are able to visit the studio before the shoot you are welcome to choose an outfit that can be set aside and taken for the day of your session.

Shoot deposit is $200. Location session fees are non-refundable or transferable to or from other sessions offered by Devilbliss Studios Edits are based per person in a photo. If friends book sessions together and request edits with 2 or more people each face counts as one edited image. 

Ready to book your session?  Click this link! Special form for this session launches in a new browser window.