Kelly’s Shoot – I will never think of myself as a survivor, I will always be surviving

Just over two weeks ago I had the honor to photograph a family who I count every member as a close friend. The Antalosky’s. Russ and Kelly had talked to me for some time about doing some fun senior photos for their son Ethan. While we were at it we captured a few family photos. Some weeks before though Kelly asked me a favor, she wanted to know if she could get to the studio early and do some photos celebrating her getting through a challenge with breast cancer.  And so we set it up. She and friend of hers got in a few hours before Russ and Ethan arrived. Kelly went all out getting a pink table runner off amazon to use as a sort of ribbon. I asked Kelly to share some thoughts on it all.

So just some random things about what I was thinking before and during the shoot and why I wanted to do it are…. I wanted to do something positive and fun for myself. All my choices treatment and surgery we’re always about survival for my son and my husband and everyone that loves me. I never made any decisions based on appearances or losing femininity. I always had the attitude that I had a job to do and the shoot was kind of my reward. I also will never think of myself as a survivor, I will always be surviving

I’m also the poster child for why mammograms are so important for early detection and hopefully a cure. I know that was a lot of random thoughts LOL

I’m honored to know these people and grateful to capture these images for them.

Kelly told me this look between her and Ethan perfectly illustrates their relationship