GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS – Strip Club Photoshoots

Devilbliss Studios has earned a reputation for an amazingly wide variety of themes for our photo sessions.  And we are very excited to announce a new session that could very well  be a first. Not just first for us, first ever in the history of pinup-boudoir studios.

As the subject of this post spells out we are offering sessions in an authentic strip club. Have you ever fantasized about being a dancer? Taking part in an amateur night? As with most people who may have fancied that you very likely couldn’t do such a thing for a variety of reasons. What if you could, for a moment in time, do just that? What if there was a closed door, private photo session you could take part in with trusted professionals and no public audience?  That’s exactly what we are offering. Sunday July 16th we are headed to Buck Rub’s Gentlemen’s Club just north of Reading PA. We will have the entire establishment to ourselves plus one or two staff (who’ve seen it all so many times they will likely be indifferent to what we have going on for the sessions).

Main Stage at Buck Rubs
Main Stage at Buck Rubs
Pole Table at Buck Rubs

Cost of this session starts at $350 which includes a location fee we have to pay in order to use the space. You get full makeup and hair, all your photos on an SD card to take home and copyrights to those images.  A deluxe package is available for $450 which includes 6 custom edits of your choice PLUS those edits printed on keepsake polaroids! (well actually Fuji Instax prints but people know Polaroids better). Imagine the look on your significant other’s face when you hand them signed instant photos of you on stage at a real strip club!  Of course you need to have a good idea they’d love that as much as you will.

6 real instant prints included with deluxe all inclusive packages


Your wardrobe is entirely up to you and must be brought by you. Wardrobe can be as easy as lingerie, panties and bras, bikinis etc. We do not carry wardrobe to our location sessions.

SO, here’s the club’s website:
Buck Rub’s Gentlemen’s Club

Their address is:
89 Berkley Road
Reading PA 19605

We only have this location for a few hours on this date so spots are limited one is already taken before we even formally announced this SO, do not wait on this one.

It’s on the deposit form here:


Pinup for a day. Our most popular session.

We’ve done hundreds of these over the years. It’s a classic that is a perfect shoot for someone doing their first to someone who needs fresh images. These sessions revolve around a traditional colored paper backdrop with a variety of hand props to provide a fun experience with memorable images. This session is a regular $275 package that we are offering for only $199 on weekdays in June.

For your $199 you get a one hour photo session, all the images handed to you on a data card the moment we finish… you can check them out at home IMMEDIATELY! No waiting. Most studios make you wait days, weeks and sometime months until you see your images and what’s more they don’t share every image taken  with you. With Devilbliss Studios you get them all, right away.  Session also includes full makeup and hair styling by Making Faces Professional. You also have access to our extensive wardrobe collection. You can literally walk in with only the clothes on your back and be transformed into glamorous bombshell.

Think you need to look a certain way? Lose a few pounds? Know what you’re doing in order to do a session? Wrong. We work with many many first-time clients who come to use filled with self doubt and anxiety and leave with an amazing self confidence they never expected. We make it easy, we’ve done this many times and our process is so productive it nearly needs to be patented! We’re serious.  Don’t believe us? Here’s some feedback from some of our clients describing their first sessions with us.

And we highly encourage you to join our Facebook group here. It’s many clients who’ve worked with us and it’s a place where you can get ideas, encouragement and first notice on specials and location sessions we’re planning: I’m a Devilbliss Girl FB Group.

Ready to book? Message us on our Facebook page here:

How about some samples? By the way, half of photos here were from clients’ first sessions. Can you pick them out?



Melancholy School – Closed Door Sessions

Last year Devilbliss Studios offered some unique, on-location sessions in a distressed building that provided an amazing backdrop for some uncommon and highly regarded images. We actually visited the site on several occasions including weekday private sessions. We called these shoots The Melancholy Suite, you can read more about them here.

We are pleased to announce another session in this vein.  This time it is taking place in a town very near the studio and will be called Melancholy School. This building was a high school constructed early in the 20th century. It boasts many places with which to capture images that will stand out in your portfolio. The structure includes a large and detailed auditorium with a wrap around balcony, indoor pool and near limitless array of spaces.  The sample images below only scratch the surface. The auditorium and stage provide an excellent backdrop for performers and dancers.

We are offering a weekend session Saturday June 17th. This will be closed door so it will only be those of us shooting there with Devilbliss Studios. We’ll have run of the house. We can also accommodate weekday sessions with adequate notice to secure access to the facility.  Each session covers a location fee which goes towards saving and revitalizing this amazing building.

Price for the weekend session starts at $300 for full makeup and hair styling, one hour of shooting time plus the location fee. An all inclusive package with 6 custom edits is available at $400. Weekday sessions will carry an additional $25 location fee BUT the actual shooting time will be up to 2 hours. Self style sessions are available weekdays from $250.

While visiting recently to make the sample images another special project was undertaken that is part of photographer Michael Bann’s  Agalmatophila series. These are images that include mannequins as a theme. The images shown here incorporating those mannequins were a significant undertaking and represent many hours of work to achieve. For those interested in similar images those edits are $50 each. Please note the “audience” portion and orientation of any such images would be the same as any others session. A fully custom shoot like this would have to be quoted on a case by case basis.Please note: Mannequin audience edits are $50 each additional.

Please note: Mannequin audience edits are $50 each additional.

Please note: Mannequin audience edits are $50 each additional. 


Last year one of our most popular sessions was for a playing card deck. We called it Pinup Poker. Over 40 ladies joined in to produce a car deck that was a huge hit with the fans, family and friends.

We’re bringing it back with a twist. This year we’re putting together another deck where each participant will be featured on a total of 4 cards! Maybe a special rule applies for games where cards you’re on are wild, or any hand with three or more trumps every other traditional winning hand. Obviously spaces are limited for this session. A total of 13 to be exact.  Once we have 14 ladies and can complete the deck we will hold a lottery to permit participants to choose which cards they want to appear on. Just to keep it fair.

We are offering this session weekdays in June and July with an opportunity to take part on the weekends of June 10 & 11 as well as July 15 & 16 OR until it sells out.

Session fee is $350 for the shoot, all files to take home on an SD card. 4 custom edits of your choice, full makeup and hair by Making Faces Professional plus a deck of your very own. Additional decks can be obtained at $15 each plus shipping. They make a fabulous gift. Last year several models ordered dozens to sell to their fans.  If you are capable of doing your own makeup and hair, you can take part for $275 though those sessions can likely only occur on weekdays.

Want in? It’s a fun session with something you can share physically with people.

Take a look at some of the first deck’s cards:



September 2nd at our good friends shop Christman’s in Fleetwood PA. Session is $325 but if you put your $100 deposit down before July 31st the shoot is only $300. Package includes all photos with full Makeup and Hair styling. Every single photo to take home. Wardrobe is not provided with our location sessions. Edits packages are available at $425 with 6 custom edits, $400 if you book by 7/31. We do have permission for ladies who ride to bring their own bikes HOWEVER, be advised this could pose a logistical situation where your shooting time is limited. You have a 2 hour session. Makeup and Hair generally takes an hour. Moving a bike around for your session will take time which you lose for actual shooting.

Original post:


Devilbliss Studios has done tons of different kinds of sessions over the years. One theme that’s been thrown around here and there is finally having its day.


Now though we haven’t had a public offering for this it’s not to say we haven’t worked with bikes before. Quite the contrary. In fact 2 different sessions have produced covers and features for 2 international / newsstand motorcycle magazines. Other images have been printed in several more newsstand magazines. I list newsstand as these are publications with bar codes, the sort they print 100,000+ of and stick on the racks at your local Wall-Mart or convenience store.

While the shots below aren’t of the bikes or locations we’ll be working with, they do show actual work shot by Devilbliss. When we have some location photos we will post them on Facebook and add them here.

Don’t want to miss out? Message us on Facebook to get on the list for this session.

My first international newsstand cover with a motorcycle.

This international newsstand cover was released near the end of 2016.


HOT ROD SESSIONS at Christman’s in Fleetwood PA.

This will mark our 3rd time shooting at Christman AutoBody and Repair in Fleetwood PA.  It’s a perfect place for shooting hot rods. Several bays, big space and the owner also wrangles a number of great rides for each visit. There’s a few cars that live at the garage and then others come in while we shoot.  Below are samples from our other visits.

The details:

Session fee is $295. This includes full Makeup and Hair styling with Making Faces Professional. 45 minutes shoot time with 2 different vehicles. Every single photo shot to take home the same day on an SD data card. Print and publishing rights to all images. Non-refundable deposit of $150 required to hold your session. Deluxe package available with 6 edited images at $395.

Shoot takes place in Fleetwood PA:
15 Pricetown Rd
Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, PA 19522

These sessions typically sell out fast. Don’t wait. With full days, schedule adherence is important. From your scheduled start time you have 2 hours total for your session. Makeup and hair generally lasts an hour. The remaining hour will be spent with everything else, In that time you can change wardrobe but understand that takes away from your shooting time. Think ahead, plan efficiently.

As the cars will change through the day we can not guarantee which vehicles will be available at certain times. There has never been a lack of something great to shoot with.

Those who book will be given an invite to an event page with more and ongoing details.

Want in? $150, non-refundable is required for this session. 2 spots are already booked. Hit our deposit form here. 

And now samples!