Melancholy School – Closed Door Sessions

Last year Devilbliss Studios offered some unique, on-location sessions in a distressed building that provided an amazing backdrop for some uncommon and highly regarded images. We actually visited the site on several occasions including weekday private sessions. We called these shoots The Melancholy Suite, you can read more about them here.

We are pleased to announce another session in this vein.  This time it is taking place in a town very near the studio and will be called Melancholy School. This building was a high school constructed early in the 20th century. It boasts many places with which to capture images that will stand out in your portfolio. The structure includes a large and detailed auditorium with a wrap around balcony, indoor pool and near limitless array of spaces.  The sample images below only scratch the surface. The auditorium and stage provide an excellent backdrop for performers and dancers.

We are offering a weekend session Saturday June 17th. This will be closed door so it will only be those of us shooting there with Devilbliss Studios. We’ll have run of the house. We can also accommodate weekday sessions with adequate notice to secure access to the facility.  Each session covers a location fee which goes towards saving and revitalizing this amazing building.

Price for the weekend session starts at $300 for full makeup and hair styling, one hour of shooting time plus the location fee. An all inclusive package with 6 custom edits is available at $400. Weekday sessions will carry an additional $25 location fee BUT the actual shooting time will be up to 2 hours. Self style sessions are available weekdays from $250.

While visiting recently to make the sample images another special project was undertaken that is part of photographer Michael Bann’s  Agalmatophila series. These are images that include mannequins as a theme. The images shown here incorporating those mannequins were a significant undertaking and represent many hours of work to achieve. For those interested in similar images those edits are $50 each. Please note the “audience” portion and orientation of any such images would be the same as any others session. A fully custom shoot like this would have to be quoted on a case by case basis.Please note: Mannequin audience edits are $50 each additional.

Please note: Mannequin audience edits are $50 each additional.

Please note: Mannequin audience edits are $50 each additional.