Last year one of our most popular sessions was for a playing card deck. We called it Pinup Poker. Over 40 ladies joined in to produce a car deck that was a huge hit with the fans, family and friends.

We’re bringing it back with a twist. This year we’re putting together another deck where each participant will be featured on a total of 4 cards! Maybe a special rule applies for games where cards you’re on are wild, or any hand with three or more trumps every other traditional winning hand. Obviously spaces are limited for this session. A total of 13 to be exact.  Once we have 14 ladies and can complete the deck we will hold a lottery to permit participants to choose which cards they want to appear on. Just to keep it fair.

We are offering this session weekdays in June and July with an opportunity to take part on the weekends of June 10 & 11 as well as July 15 & 16 OR until it sells out.

Session fee is $350 for the shoot, all files to take home on an SD card. 4 custom edits of your choice, full makeup and hair by Making Faces Professional plus a deck of your very own. Additional decks can be obtained at $15 each plus shipping. They make a fabulous gift. Last year several models ordered dozens to sell to their fans.  If you are capable of doing your own makeup and hair, you can take part for $275 though those sessions can likely only occur on weekdays.

Want in? It’s a fun session with something you can share physically with people.

Take a look at some of the first deck’s cards: