Ages ago my first forays into creative photography was decidedly “odd” to many people. This was in an age before home computers were a given and “photoshopping” a word in the dictionary  (or is it photoshopped?). Many of my efforts back then had an other-worldy look to them. Some were bizarre, some unsettling, some were controversial. It was these qualities that led many works being utilized as CD cover art by an assortment of labels most notably Cleopatra of California. Back then they were “the” goth label with a good dose of industrial and electronica-trance mixed in.

The new studio features several rooms that have reminded me of those aesthetics. I am going to refer to those themes as “Curiosities”. Here’s two sample photos of some spaces that will feed this series.BANN0011 curiosities

Arabian Nights

This is a pretty exciting set for us in the studio.  It’s a bit more ambitious than we’ve taken on in the past, mainly because the old studio had it’s benefits but also it’s limitations. In our new location, our 2nd floor features this one room that’s pretty large. It spans the whole property side to side and is nearly cavernous with it’s 12 foot ceilings. So… some weeks back we were talking about shoots and things and it sort of took on a life of it’s own. The theme? Arabian Nights. This is something that’s really flexible too since the cinematic aspect of the treatment means there isn’t just “one” wardrobe look that could work with this very well.  A few short weeks ago I started dragging in some items to get this rolling. Amazingly a key piece used to frame this out is an actual tent… granted it’s an “easy up” show tent, it still provided a perfect backbone for this set.  Things were added one by one and experimentation began with fabrics, floor coverings, accessories and LAMPS! What’s extremely exciting on top of all the trappings is that the studio space permits room around the set to work from. It’s 100 square feet in area, 10×10 and nearly the entirety of that is decorated and shootable. Even more there are several vantage points to shoot from… front, back, above… it isn’t just one point of view.

Today, Jazzmin Jolly came from Philadelphia to help us show how sweep this all is. Jazmin is a cosplayed and often becomes Jasmine, the princess in Disney’s Alladin, and right there you have it – in addition to this set being offered as “Arabian Nights” it will also provide us a wonderful set for those who may indeed wish to be Jasmine in our wildly popular Devilbliss Princess Series. This is the sort of “look” and detailing all our Princess Series sessions will possess.

First up a cell phone shot of the whole thing. (click the photos for larger versions)IMG_8120Next a shot of Jazzmin showing the whole set from left to right. BANN0210e

Here’s one from above, how about that caravan lantern? The fruits were real. Dates, Figs, Grapes… Jazzmin polished off about a third of them while shooting…BANN0106e

Now lets wander around the back of the tent. It’s a great variation and will ensure your session doesn’t have just “one” look.BANN0145e BANN0157e

I mentioned Disney’s Jasmine so… here we go…BANN0520e BANN0547e BANN0597e

This next shot features an alternate lighting treatment. It’s more mysterious. This could be great for more traditional clothing ala a Hollywood starlet relaxing on set.BANN0433e
So there you have it, some samples. Thing is, we already have booked 7 sessions before we even had these images based soley on preliminary photos of the set. We have limited openings during our discount weekend but since the set will remain in place for several weeks we are able to offer it to anyone weekdays during that period. Pricing for the special weekend sessions is $325 + tax with return clients getting a $25 discount and anyone able to get $25 referral credits. Weekday sessions will be $375 since they will actually be in line with our $400 private sessions though with those clients will have unlimited time in the studio for their session.

Ready to book? Simply go to our deposit page here or visit our FB event page for more information.

The Devilbliss Difference

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 10.56.09 AM

We aren’t the only studio you can get your photos done with. But we are the only studio who offers so many unique benefits. We encourage our clients to work with different artists. Variety is good.  Our services and policies have been built on years of listening to models and working towards the best all around experience you can get at any price.

  • Leave with all your photos
  • You choose which images you want edited
  • Full copyrights of your images
  • Clear, published pricing, nothing additional to purchase
  • Edits returned within 48 hours on average
  • Edits while you wait available at no additional charge*
  • Repeat client discounts
  • Referral credits

If you were to compare our services to other studios and ask if they offer any of those bullet points, you’ll get a lot of “no” replies. You get all of these when you shoot with Devilbliss.

*With that scheduled in advance.


Leave with all your photos

Michael uses a professional camera that features 2 data card slots. He shoots high resolution images for the studio archive and editing purposes and provides EVERY client an SD card with a duplicate set. These files are slightly smaller in size to provide an easy review experience for clients. These images are still sufficiently large enough to produce prints up to 11×17. Clients may request their files are at the same sizes as the archive set for just an additional $10. This fee simply accounts for the larger data card required. Most studios do not provide all images from a session nor make them available immediately. Isn’t it nice to actually leave with something tangible? Be able to see your photos as soon as possible?

You choose which images you want edited

From your data card you decide what images from your session are edited. You choose the photos you are most excited about. Not what we decide for you. Coupled with getting all your images there’s no wondering what else was captured that you may have liked better.

Full copyrights of your images

You are provided a release at the end of your session giving you full copyrights to all the images. This means you could wrap up shooting, walk out the door with your files and release and walk into a lab and get prints made with no fuss. It also means you get to use a lab of your choice at the best pricing you can obtain. Not the studio requiring you to use their services for prints at typically marked up pricing. If a photo print costs $5 why should you pay more than that $5?

Clear, published pricing, nothing additional to purchase

This site lists our sessions and specials with clear pricing. We list item by item what is included at the price shown. There isn’t something else you have to buy on top of the shoot as listed. You won’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for prints you could otherwise buy at a fraction of that cost to get a session at it’s advertised price. We keep this clear, straightforward with a bottom line being excellent value.

Edits returned within 48 hours on average

The reason we provide all the photos on an SD card with each session is because we know you can’t wait to see your photos! This also applies to the edited images and that excitement doesn’t change for them. We’ve heard horror stories about the amount of time it can take to not only see photos from a session but get edits back. Depending on load most can expect their edits back within 48 hours on average. This is so important to people that we actually will edit other studios work because clients want their i mages finished soon than the weeks and months others can take. We will also work with each client to address and retouch their images in the manner they like best. These are your photos, we’ll do everything possible to ensure you are delighted with them.

Edits while you wait available at no additional charge

It’s true… the timeliness of getting edits is so important we also offer the option to get your edits done immediately after your session. There’s no additional fee either. The one point being this would only be available when scheduled in advance. Our studio is busy and some days we have several clients scheduled in such a way that there would not be sufficient time between them to get editing in. On average 20 minutes is spent on each image. This means more time is spent on the editing of the photos than spent on taking them.

Repeat client discounts

We love repeat customers! We have a benefit for repeat clients in that for sessions over $250 they automatically receive a $25 repeat client discount.

Referral credits

Endorsements are a powerful thing. When someone who has worked with us recommends us to others it is much more valuable than any advertising we have available to us. To say thanks for that vote of confidence we also provide a $25 per referral credit on shoots over $250. We don’t limit this either. Refer 10 friends and you’d have earned $250. In 2015 we had some clients enjoy free or nearly free sessions thanks to their suggesting and endorsing us to others.

Several Hundred Yards and a Million Years

I was searching for an image and stumbled upon one I hadn’t seen in ages. It was one of those moments that sidetracks you instantly. Kinda like when I was a kid and I would go to the encyclopedia to look something up, I’d spend hours reading about things I had no intention of reading about. It was the wikipedia of my generation. It aided me well in school except my knowledge was held back to about 1965 since the set we had was from then and the yearly updates weren’t updated in our house. Anyway, this photo. Very special to me and in some ways ironic given my current line of work.

The shot is two of my best friends in high school. Tom Myro and Mike Zarret. It exists because we all took photography classes at North Schuylkill under Joseph Nolter and this was something we did one day while wandering the alleys of Pottsville PA. This was 1982 or ’83.

tom_mikeZ tom_mikeZ2

It was in back and white, we developed them in the darkroom at school. I think this is tinted from when I scanned it a few years back.

So keeping with the photography theme here’s what I find interesting about the photo. Later Mike would start to work for a camera shop in Pottsville, Towne Camera. That business was literally at the left end of the alley you see and around the corner on Norwegian.  Later Mike would buy the business and move it to a nearby building a few blocks away, right along where the Washington Street bridge was (who remembers that?) Tom would go on to work with him there and it was from this location I purchased my first autofocus camera. This was a big deal. I grew up in a time where you used film and had to focus the lenses! Looking for greener pastures Mike moved the shop to Bloomsburg where it still exists to this very day. I stop in from time to time and we commiserate getting older.

The thing about the photo, and this spot  that brings this full circle is this: that alley they are in is the very alley that runs behind the new studio I’m working out of… behind and down the way a bit. I can venture out onto the fire escape and glance down to the very spot this photo was taken. It’s just several hundred yards away. It looks a bit different these days, not to say better mind you, just different. Sort of like me and the childhood friends in the photo. While those boys are gone and now adult men that alley echoes a bit with their voices, their laughter, their mirth… that feel a million years away.

This is why photos are small miracles. Our memories fade, images like this will likely outlive us.