Arabian Nights

This is a pretty exciting set for us in the studio.  It’s a bit more ambitious than we’ve taken on in the past, mainly because the old studio had it’s benefits but also it’s limitations. In our new location, our 2nd floor features this one room that’s pretty large. It spans the whole property side to side and is nearly cavernous with it’s 12 foot ceilings. So… some weeks back we were talking about shoots and things and it sort of took on a life of it’s own. The theme? Arabian Nights. This is something that’s really flexible too since the cinematic aspect of the treatment means there isn’t just “one” wardrobe look that could work with this very well.  A few short weeks ago I started dragging in some items to get this rolling. Amazingly a key piece used to frame this out is an actual tent… granted it’s an “easy up” show tent, it still provided a perfect backbone for this set.  Things were added one by one and experimentation began with fabrics, floor coverings, accessories and LAMPS! What’s extremely exciting on top of all the trappings is that the studio space permits room around the set to work from. It’s 100 square feet in area, 10×10 and nearly the entirety of that is decorated and shootable. Even more there are several vantage points to shoot from… front, back, above… it isn’t just one point of view.

Today, Jazzmin Jolly came from Philadelphia to help us show how sweep this all is. Jazmin is a cosplayed and often becomes Jasmine, the princess in Disney’s Alladin, and right there you have it – in addition to this set being offered as “Arabian Nights” it will also provide us a wonderful set for those who may indeed wish to be Jasmine in our wildly popular Devilbliss Princess Series. This is the sort of “look” and detailing all our Princess Series sessions will possess.

First up a cell phone shot of the whole thing. (click the photos for larger versions)IMG_8120Next a shot of Jazzmin showing the whole set from left to right. BANN0210e

Here’s one from above, how about that caravan lantern? The fruits were real. Dates, Figs, Grapes… Jazzmin polished off about a third of them while shooting…BANN0106e

Now lets wander around the back of the tent. It’s a great variation and will ensure your session doesn’t have just “one” look.BANN0145e BANN0157e

I mentioned Disney’s Jasmine so… here we go…BANN0520e BANN0547e BANN0597e

This next shot features an alternate lighting treatment. It’s more mysterious. This could be great for more traditional clothing ala a Hollywood starlet relaxing on set.BANN0433e
So there you have it, some samples. Thing is, we already have booked 7 sessions before we even had these images based soley on preliminary photos of the set. We have limited openings during our discount weekend but since the set will remain in place for several weeks we are able to offer it to anyone weekdays during that period. Pricing for the special weekend sessions is $325 + tax with return clients getting a $25 discount and anyone able to get $25 referral credits. Weekday sessions will be $375 since they will actually be in line with our $400 private sessions though with those clients will have unlimited time in the studio for their session.

Ready to book? Simply go to our deposit page here or visit our FB event page for more information.