September 2nd at our good friends shop Christman’s in Fleetwood PA. Session is $325 but if you put your $100 deposit down before July 31st the shoot is only $300. Package includes all photos with full Makeup and Hair styling. Every single photo to take home. Wardrobe is not provided with our location sessions. Edits packages are available at $425 with 6 custom edits, $400 if you book by 7/31. We do have permission for ladies who ride to bring their own bikes HOWEVER, be advised this could pose a logistical situation where your shooting time is limited. You have a 2 hour session. Makeup and Hair generally takes an hour. Moving a bike around for your session will take time which you lose for actual shooting.

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Devilbliss Studios has done tons of different kinds of sessions over the years. One theme that’s been thrown around here and there is finally having its day.


Now though we haven’t had a public offering for this it’s not to say we haven’t worked with bikes before. Quite the contrary. In fact 2 different sessions have produced covers and features for 2 international / newsstand motorcycle magazines. Other images have been printed in several more newsstand magazines. I list newsstand as these are publications with bar codes, the sort they print 100,000+ of and stick on the racks at your local Wall-Mart or convenience store.

While the shots below aren’t of the bikes or locations we’ll be working with, they do show actual work shot by Devilbliss. When we have some location photos we will post them on Facebook and add them here.

Don’t want to miss out? Message us on Facebook to get on the list for this session.

My first international newsstand cover with a motorcycle.

This international newsstand cover was released near the end of 2016.