Valentine Boudoir Sessions – Polaroids and Custom 3-D Viewers with your photos!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’re doing something at the studio that will be a perfect setting for some great Valentine’s photos.

Plans are underway to refresh the front studio we’ve used for our all white, natural light sessions. We’ll be wallpapering the one full wall adjacent to the window with a Damask (or similar) pattern of red and gold or black and gold (samples arrive soon). The bedding will be updated to red satin sheets and accents so that we might integrate the thousands of silk rose petals that are in the studio. flanking the bed will be a one of two pairs of matched lamps I have. One set are made to look like cut crystal with gold metalwork that feels to me like it would be right at home in front of a Damask pattern. The other is a metal set that would also lend well to that sort of wall covering. I’ve also got these gold foil shades that may kick it up a notch or go with the lighter ones to provide more glow from the sides. We’ll see once we begin pulling it together.

This is one set of lamps and shades that might work really well
I don’t have a set of these lamps but this shows the gold foil shades which I do have in a pair. I also have a set of these over the top gold end tables. They might be lower than works but we’ll try all the same.

I have also ordered a burgundy dressing gown. It’s styled much like the Catherine D’Lish robe I once had in the studio but it is an import. I requested sizing to fit all. I can not however guarantee when it will arrive. I will not know that for about a week… it is being made to order. So while this will be in the studio eventually it might not make it for the dates we are offering for this session. This is not guaranteed for the sessions, don’t book it based on this.

NOW, some exciting things… If you are doing this session with an eye on the photos becoming a gift for your significant other… I have some exciting options that go beyond that of a gift book or traditional prints.  As an option to your session you can also choose some Polaroid prints or a 3D viewer with 7 photos from your session rendered in a stereoscopic manner.  I will have examples of both on hand for you to check out in case you aren’t sure which (if any) you would like to have.

So, instant photography. Polaroids, Fuji Instax. Recently I worked with Jenna Von Lish in the Poconos. She and her husband were on there 7th anniversary. We did a full blown shoot but I did bring along my Fuji camera and mentioned shooting some instants. She was agreeable and we mixed it up in the bedroom area. As soon as those photos began to develop (you don’t need to wave them by the way) I could see her husband’s reaction. There’s something about them. They are super personal. They are one of a kind. They obviously don’t get photoshopped (though I have a way that’s possible too if you really want that to happen, just ask me) and they so remind us of another time. It’s so popular I just released an edition of Retro Lovely where this was a theme.

On the left are the instant prints they have that intimate, voyeuristic look thanks to basic lenses, media that is only so capable plus a small on -camera flash. To the right is a shot with my professional gear and editing. Incidentally if you did some polaroids you could pick up a vintage photo album like I used here which would make an amazing way to present them to someone. You can’t have nay of the ones I’ve been collecting though. I’m hoarding them. THOUGH….. We could put together a personalized mini-zine like this for you to gift with the actual original prints.
Another example and look, Kimberley is hugging that one lamp I am considering for the set.


Now about those viewers…

I can’t even express how cool these are. I wish I could show you here what it is like to look into them. Trust me, they are AMAZINGLY fun. They come in a box with a sleeve for the reel. Reels are available by themselves and the claim is they “should” work with vintage ViewMaster viewers but I have not confirmed that myself. I’ve bid on some on E-Bay to test and will update this page when I know the results.


So are you excited for this or what?

We have 2 dates set aside for this on weekends with private weekday sessions possible depending on scheduling. Message me on the VD FB page if you are interested in a weekday session.

The weekend dates: Saturday January 19th, Saturday January 26th

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