Once upon a time… the area around where Devilbliss Studios is located was a busy and vibrant community with a population that was a multiple of those who currently live here. Like so many cities of the rust-belt this means there’s a surplus of buildings and homes as compared to the people still here. Sometimes former businesses and residences survive in-tact and barely touched from the various bygone eras.

Today I scouted a location I was pointed to by some friends of mine. This restaurant-bar was once a well known name in a nearby town. I met the owner and did a walk-through. I was in love with how much of the original decor still remained. It brought back memories to when I was very young and my father would take me with him to a bar near our home that had a similar look. I can still recall the sounds and oddly, smells… not in a bad way. More like that aroma of drawn butter that sort of seeps in to a place, that and cigarette smoke, grease from the kitchen… and I have not really studied this but I swear drink coasters have a smell when there’s a lot of them. When my dad would visit the one near our home he’d typically pick up a 6-pack of Black Label beer (terrible cheap stuff really) and I’d get a Hershey’s bar. Sometimes with almonds. Back then it was wrapped in foil with a paper band around it. Not like today’s plastic enshrined kind.  When I left this lounge I immediately stopped for a Hershey’s bar.

So who’s in for a lounge shoot?
This place is closed. We’d have it to ourselves. Other than the owner being on hand of course. Based on our current schedule this would be an early May or near the end of April session.