The Notorious Bettie Page

In the realm of our specialty here at Devilbliss Studios few names conjure up such images as does that of Bettie Page. We don’t have to say much at all about who she is, or what she means to fans of pinup. But what we can say is that in the past we have done our fair share of photo shoots where Bettie was the inspiration. While she was the subject of hundreds and thousands of photos in a cute and playful manner she was at the same time something of a fetish queen as well. Google her name and the word bondage and the internet will provide you an amazing array of images. 

Devilbliss Studios is pleased to announce we are offering 2 unique Bettie sessions. One decidedly provocative another more sedate, though no less sexy. You can take your pick of your favorite Bettie and make it your own.

The first one to become available is our Bondage Bettie Session which  will be available beginning weekdays in April. This session will take place in one of our rooms in the studio’s third floor. It’s distressed and very much resembles the rundown settings many of Bettie’s most famous bondage photos took place in. Below are some images we recently made for Miss  Pinup model (and some of those were quickly picked up for publication by FetishZine). These were actually shot using 2 hot lamps (bright, bare bulb lights in reflectors) just as they would have been for Bettie’s original sessions.  These sessions begin a t $249 including makeup and hair as well as rope assistance by Nicole of Making Faces Professional (hence the weekday offering, Nicole needs to be on hand for a time in your shoot to do the rope work)  Even though we are a full time studio our weekday schedule is increasingly booked with dates that are not available well in advance. This is why we are announcing this much earlier than we normally would for a weekday session. If you are interested DO NOT WAIT. Now, even more urgent… If you are interested in a weekend session email us immediately. We are planning one but will only be able to offer a handful, far laess than normal. A weekend session for this will sell out. If you want to do this and only can then, email, or message us on the Devilbliss Facebook page.

Now for those samples:

Photos will also be provided in full color