Petticoat Junction – EXCLUSIVE LOCATION

This has been one of our most popular location sessions. In fact in a recent poll on our FB Group “I’m A Devilbliss Girl” it was overwhelmingly the spot most people voted for.

So what is it exactly?

Well a good friend of ours has this really cool property with several train cars on it. More than just that it’s the decking that is around it and the landscape all around. There’s no steam engine or anything, there aren’t passenger cars to really do anything in… but by the samples below, I am sure you’ll agree, it’s quite a setting for some great imagery.

NOW, the big problem with a location like this one…. look at the photos… we are at the mercy of the weather. In fact last year our scheduled visit was marred by rain and unusually high winds. We had to reschedule.  So how do we handle that? With a rain date.

So we are planning the session for Saturday May 13th with a rain date of Saturday May 27th. With this shoot being a location, and a prized one at that your deposit is only refundable if both dates have to be cancelled due to weather. There are added costs with location shoots and with this one, we are limited to the number of appointments we can take given that we do need daylight and can only shoot from sun up to an hour or so before sunset. SPOTS ARE LIMITED. This will SELL OUT so get over to the deposit form now (click here)! Total deposit is $150 with $75 to hold your spot and the remaining deposit balance of $75 due by April 13th.

And now for those samples. These are from our 2 visits to this amazing location that is exclusive to Devilbliss Studios.

It’s a terrific location for couples too!

We’ve even done engagement photos here.

Sneak your kids in for a few shots while you’re at it!

Go avant-garde if you care too: