Kelvis Testimonial


Shooting with Michael was the smoothest shoot I’ve ever had in my life as I recall. I loved how he was open to use my ideas and didnt “boss” me around as some photographers tend to do. He trusted I “knew my shit” if you will:) HaHa….We took our time and fed off of each others ideas. He was very precise and dead on with lighting. With that said, I have some of my best work to date in my portfolio because of him! Totally different and elegant compared to what I usually do. I left there feeling amazing…. I know that sounds very scripted, but it’s the honest truth. Having Josephine Love there to do my makeup and hair had something to do with it too! He gets the best MUAH stylists on board too! You’ll walk away feeling confident, beautiful and having kick ass photos for the rest of your life! The work I’ve done with Michael stands out from all of my other shoots and I’ve been dying to shoot with him again:)