Voltage Babe Testimonial

I LOVE shooting with Michael Bann!! He’s awesome and professional in all aspects of photography. He’s good about planning and staying in touch before the shoot. He’s also willing to go the extra mile for little things and he’s very well mannered and considerate.

His attention to detail is incredible and I’ve never met another photographer who catches little things like he does. He puts a lot of thought and effort into every shoot and that’s why his work is phenomenal. It’s easy to put a pretty girl in front of a blank backdrop and snap some pinup shots, but Michael goes the extra mile to make sure his images are accurate to the time period they’re reflecting with specific details in lighting and locations.
I’m really lucky that I’ve gotten to work with him so much. He’s helped my career more than anyone else and he’s always fun to shoot with. I owe a lot to him and wish him the best of luck.

SM1_48 vivian2bright