This is a D’Lish-ious promotion we’ve come up with for those who want a more personalized, private shoot.

We’ve taken our Private Shoot Petite and for a limited time will offer a very special and iconic wardrobe item… BANN0013iga
Start your session in our deluxe vanity set where this extravagant Boudoir by D’Lish robe acts as a prop on its custom dress form. Then don this luxurious beauty and take your pick of studio locations for the most glamorous shoot of your life. This alone is certain to make many of our clients and fans excited but this next part will certainly cause some squeals… We are going to limit these sessions to 20 total with the robe we are obtaining … BUT, those 20 participants will be entered into a random drawing where they will win their VERY OWN, CUSTOM  Boudoir by D’Lish Cassandra robe. Winner could also opt to use that value towards any other Boudoir by D’Lish robe of their choice. It’s over $400 in value! Note: the robe shown is the type we are getting for this, color has not yet been determined, it will be neutral so it will work with any other color combination. Don’t want a robe of your own? If not and you win the promotion you can choose from a $325 Shoot Credit or get you session fee refunded!BANN0115e

The price for this session is $325 + tax when booked on a weekday. Repeat clients still get their $25 discount. Session includes full makeup and hair by Making Faces Professional, a 1 hour minimum shoot with Michael Bann aka Victor Devilbliss. EVERY SINGLE PHOTO on an SD card the moment we finish, you leave with your photos in your hand! stamp2The shoot also includes 4 edited images of your choice YOU decide. If you wish you can also remain in the studio post session and review the images with Michael, make your selections and watch him edit them right before your very eyes! Discuss what you like, what you want and get them tailored to your heart’s content. Go home with ALL YOUR PHOTOS AND EDITS ON THE SD CARD! We know of only one other studio that offers this. (Our friends at Atomic Cheescake Studios in Baltimore to be precise). IMG_9448Afterwards if there’s time and you wish, we can pay a visit to one of the several eating establishments within short walking distance of our new 4000 sq ft. studio for a late lunch or dinner.

Is money an issue? Why not take advantage of an installment plan with us. Put $75 down to secure a spot and choose a monthly amount that we can set you up for automatic payments. $25 – $50 monthly is manageable for most and before you know it you’re ready for your private session!

Want an additional look while you’re in the studio? That’s just $50 more. Weekend sessions for this promotion are possible but they would carry an additional fee. We also have the obstacle of having many many great weekend specials coming up where the time this promotion takes would not be feasible to achieve. While it is possible to do this session in as little as 2 hours time, it’s also likely you’d want to allow around 3. If you opt for edits while you wait factor in another hour and a half. Michael does each edit one at a time and each takes 15-20 minutes at a minimum. If you are new to the studio we also encourage you to pay us a visit for a consultation. We’ll show you around, you can inspect the rest of our wardrobe and props and see ringed samples of our warm on our wall… and after your session take your place there as well!

Ready to make your deposit? Use our handy deposit form here:
Devilbliss Deposit Form – This session is called D’Lish-ious Weekdays and it’s near the bottom of the list. In the comment area let us know possible dates that work for you and we will get right back to you to schedule.

Are you new here? Never worked with us before? Read what other’s say about their experiences with us on our testimonial page, or click Ray’s review below:Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 12.42.47 PM