Polaroids from the Edge

Before selfies, instant photographic gratification came by way of Polaroids. There was also something of a ritual in watching the image appear before your very eyes.  Polaroids also permitted people to take images they might not otherwise. There was no lab to see what you photographed. No negative that copies could be printed from. These aspects help melt away inhibitions (and perhaps better judgement) and a culture of creating “dirty polaroids” became something of a phenomenon. Today these old photos conjure up something of a scandalous past that by modern comparison seems nearly innocent. Gone from our daily lives, new technologies have replaced the once popular instant camera. Now we can take and share selfies and photos with our phones and send them around the globe in an instant.  Apps even permit you to retouch your images.

With the surprise success of our Fetisch Klinik images and the number of clients who book private sessions with something of a nostalgic “naughty girl” theme, we decided to create some sets to do a special with this look. To take it further we are going to focus on the sort of photos you’d imagine if you found a shoebox full of naughty polaroids you weren’t supposed to.

We are even going so far as to shoot these sessions with a single light source (OK maybe 2 at the most), a “hot light”, just as the majority of the old Bettie Page bondage images were made that are now classics.

During this specially priced weekend date we will have a female assistant on hand to directly aid you during your session. As always, and especially for this session, significant others or friends are permitted on set for your comfort and peace of mind.  If you decide to book this session around this special but on a weekday (slightly higher pricing) Nicole of Making Faces Professional will be available to assist after styling is completed.

As we approach the date we will share more images of the final set but it will include many elements shown in the sample photos here.

As you can see you don’t need to be naked or show a ton to still be naughty and sexy. Make it whatever you choose!