Devilbliss Motel

Devilbliss Motel.

Let your imagination wander. Think of all the movies and books where rendezvous in motels and hotels take place. Visualize the rooms with their commercial furnishings and decor. Imagine those roadside shelters from a bygone era before huge multi-national chains dominated the landscape ushering in the end of the “mom and pop” establishments. If you love things from the past and ever stayed in such a place it can be a mixed memory. In their heyday these motor hotels (mo-tel) were wonderful places to stay. As they fell out of favor most took on another face, with falling patronage and little money for upkeep and repairs they began to be priced at a bargain and became home to other types of quests who weren’t quite the travelers of their golden era. In cinema they became the very places illicit activities would occur.  I have always loved Motels, be it during their height or their fall. These days, examples of them in their original state are extremely rare. Many were subjected to great atrocities, like renovations that ripped them of any original character. When you do manage to find one it’s very exciting indeed. I’m not alone. There is a small group of travelers who seek out non-chain lodging. It’s why B&B’s and AirBnB have become such big businesses. Why not the Mid-Century Motel business? There’s a website I’ve worked with in the past that is a hub for this sort of thing too, check out http://travelretro.comtr_logo-top

So, originally with no great example of a motel like this near Devibliss Studios I felt I would end up building a set to create my own. One thing that became evident though was that certain elements were proving very difficult to attain. At least to do this as I feel it MUST be done. I scoured the region once more looking for an actual remaining motel that might serve as the set for this series. Amazingly I found one not too far away. I paid it a visit to see if it would work. I was so excited after seeing it in person. This was it.


We are returning to this amazing relic February 18th with a limited number of spots available. Check-in is 1:00 so this limits how many sessions we can schedule. While we have not placed a premium on this shoot to account for the room rental fees we will be tied to a strict deposit and cancellation policy. Deposits can not be refunded or transferred to another session.


Now enjoy some samples! Click for larger versions.

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