Land of Love Sessions

We recently held an invite-only session at a resort in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. We rented a room that featured a round bed, in room heart shaped pool and a two story champagne glass shaped Jacuzzi. A classic couples getaway destination.

The ladies that joined us had an amazing time and the photos so far have been a big hit with all who’ve seen them.

Click for a larger version

So we are going back. February 4th 2017!
This is a unique situation from a planning standpoint as it relies heavily on participation. Why? The rooms are not inexpensive. Frankly we have these priced such that in reality we ourselves are only making as much as we would if someone came to Devilbliss Studios and did our entry level $250 classic pinup shoot. The price difference is wholly in the room cost (when everything settled the pre person portion of the room fee as over $110).  In order for this to work we require a $100 deposit which is non-refundable or transferable and we need a minimum number of participants. If we don’t hit the headcount and cancel the session, all deposits would be refunded.

How about those samples then?

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