New Pricing Options – New Editing Options

For some time now I’ve reviewed the websites of countless photography studios trying to ensure the shoots we offer, at the prices we offer them, are among the best value you will find anywhere. Through the process I’ve learned a lot too. I have been able to see why so many of our clients comment about how very easy we are to work with. Accommodating. Reasonable. I’m amazed at the policies I see from quite a majority of studios too. So many offer their services yet though you hired them to create imagery for you… they own the photos. ???  I know that’s been a practice for a long time but to me it’s always felt it would like be hiring someone to build a deck on my house but after everything was said and done…. they own it. How does that work? I understand the logic though, if they legally own your photos, and you agree to that… then they can charge you marked up prices on prints or products. Heck they can even charge you again for the very photos you paid them to take. Think that’s crazy? It’s true, some will list a price for a session but then another fee that’s required just to get the photos. Has to be confusing since many repeat that requirement over and over on their websites. And when you read language about copying photos from a proofing gallery as being “stealing” and they will refer you to their lawyers you can quickly see why they want to own those images.

The other item that’s been a tough thing to navigate, and I know it probably is for most customers as well, is that when considering your value on a session it’s never an apples to apples comparison. One studio may include this, charge extra for that, include so many edits as well as things you don’t normally put a value on automatically. It is confusing to say the least.

So. Moving forward you’re going to see options with the shoots we offer. With these you’ll be able to more clearly compare our sessions’ value, see what you get for your money and be able to put together what works best for your budget. Options. More options than you’ll find anywhere.  Not every session will have the same options or have the same pricing, there’s different factors and costs. But many people will find they may be able to take part in more sessions than they were able to before.

With this will also come some discussion. A big one being edits, the retouching of photos. When it comes to most modern studios it has become a pretty accepted practice that photos are processed or retouched after the session. The thing is, there are different types of edits. Just as you can go to a salon and get your hair done for a nominal price, you can also go to a salon and drop a lot of money on a style. So a blanket statement of “editing” is nowhere near a universal commodity. This will be a topic for another post which I will link here when it is ready.

In a nutshell, what you will begin to see with sessions offered are pricing points that let you decide what services you want. Here’s an example (click to see larger):


This is a set that is currently available in the studio. If you were happy with what you could do on your own with Makeup and Hair, you could set a Shoot Only appointment, arrive ready to shoot and an hour later be on your way with a data card filled with hundreds of images for only $175 + Tax.

Want the expert touch of Making Faces Pro for your Makeup and Hair? Choose Style & Shoot which adds an hour, her skills, and everything the Shoot Only package got you for a total of $250 + Tax. This means you can do the session and later decide if you wanted edits and how many. Edit packages will be available with quantity discounts as well.

Want to dive right in and get some discounted custom edits all at once? Then choose the All Inclusive option and save! When I have the full editing options available people will be able to choose between custom edits and automated edits. Prices for certain sessions will vary slightly  based on the number of custom edits provided.

Shoot Only sessions will mainly be weekday sessions in the studio. It would not be possible to offer them when on location, or doing a themed weekend session. Other offerings may have additional options as well. For instance the Detective Agency where a Pulp Fiction edit might be something you want.det

Some sessions will really only carry one option, those that are very focused and set up to allow us to offer exceptional pricing.


With these options and the editing options Devilbliss Studios will have more accessibility to more people. It also goes a good way towards people being able to clearly understand packages and what they get for their hard earned dollar as well as make it easy to compare our sessions’ value.

Every single session still gets all your photos on an SD card the moment we finish shooting with FULL copyrights to those images. These are YOUR photos. Love Them, Share Them, Own Them.

Our referral credit of $25 per new person you refer that shoots with us and books a session of $250 or more and our repeat client discount on sessions of $250 or more still applies.