We’re going back!

A year ago (as of this post) we ventured to an amazing home in Rockford Illinois. A gent I bumped into on Instagram had been following the Devilbliss account there and we struck up a conversation about his retro home theater. Photos were exchanged and that was the beginning. A date was set and we traveled to Illinois to hold some sessions. There is not other place like this anywhere. I’ll let the photos do the talking below. Since we were there we’ve known we wanted to go back. It’s time. April 8th 2017 we return to Rockford. We are announcing this early to give people from nearby areas enough time to plan.

With our new pricing structure it’s also easier than ever to book a session with us. You are actually able to do this shoot for as little as $249 which includes full makeup and hair, all photos shot handed to you on an SD card the moment we finish and full copyrights to them. Edits are available anytime afterwards ala carte. You choose the quantity you need.

It’s not uncommon in this industry for models to book sessions do a shoot and wait, and wait to even see there photos and then wait months and months until they get their edits (we’ve heard the stories plenty). Our new pricing structure means you can pay for your edits, when they are ready! We also do offer an optional package where a number of edits are included and discounted and you have a guarantee they will be delivered within 48 hours from when you make your selections. Choices.rockfordii

Given that this session is on location and not able to be re-scheduled a total deposit of $150 will be required and is non-refundable. This can however be made with as little as $75 down with the remaining $75 due by March 8th.

Want to save $25 off either package? Prepay in full and the session can be as low as $225.  Ready to book your session? Hit our deposit form here>

Now for those photos:

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