I am very excited to announce a session that’s been some time in the making.

For years I have been seeking a location where I can hand pick a collection of cars I know for photoshoots with big space and no worry of bad weather spoiling plans. And boy did I secure a fantastic place.

The other day I made a scouting expedition and toured a small airport very near the studio. It’s literally an exit of I-81 at the intersection with 901.

I struck up a conversation with the party who runs the airport and as it turns out (not uncommon in smaller communities) we knew many people in common. He’s also a big fan of photographic art and has since become a fan of my work. Our conversations were so good he all but said “the place is yours”. Of course there is a cost I have to pay to cover some of their expenses. He’s agreeable but can’t have it cost the facility anything.

So the exciting aspect to this is that while I set out to secure a big space to shoot cars it’s also an airport. Let me be clear about one thing,

I am not offering shoots with planes
I am not offering shoots with planes.
I am not offering shoots with planes.

There’s no guarantee certain craft would be on hand at any given time. They are privately owned. They are not fully at my disposal. BUT, there is an excellent chance some of them would be available to be used as set dressing, to have them in the background of some great automobiles.  Or for things like the photos below, but  IT IS NOT GUARANTEED. If they are on hand we WILL NOT sit, step, lean, breathe on them or in any way touch them. This is not a plane shoot. It’s a car shoot in a plane hangar.

Additionally if the weather is co-operative it is possible we might shoot with vehicles out doors in front of an impressive hangar. Lighting permitting. Sometimes full-on daylight is harder to shoot images we’d love than an overcast day, or indoors where we have full control over things.

Here are the hangars. It could be either or.

Here are some of the cars I have available to me for use. Not all cars will be available at all times. You do not get to pick which cars you shoot with. Everything on hand will rock and be wonderful to have photos with BUT having cars available all day and at our whim to move (there’s big liability in these hangars and the more jockeying = the more risk) is not available. I am also going to limit each party to shooting with 2 cars each from a standpoint of providing you better images. When people change wardrobe more than 2 times or try to shoot with everything possible, generally the results aren’t as good as focusing on and working with fewer sets.  All this said I am pretty confident I will have the red convertible available to me full time, which I want as I know it will get participants images they will love that will look fantastic and compelling.

Convertibles provide a lot more options for photos and angles. Often hotrods are tight for the “in the car” shots. Not so with a convertible. I bring a ladder and can get some angles few studios are able to at events or other locations.

This next car is a BEAST. I am 90% certain it will join us for this session. 

This next one is bad ass with it’s nearly vulgar bulging blower atop the engine. It belongs to a buddy of mine I used to sell musical equipment to.

This car is sneaky, it’s between stock in look but then you n notice things that let you know it means business too

I ran into this beauty last year at a car show about an hour and a half from my studio. Chatting with the owner I learned it was not only from the coal region but he’s a neighbor of one of my brothers and knows him

While not a convertible, this 70’s body Corvette has t-tops, and like the convertible it opens up the cabin for some poses you just don’t get in hardtops

This less common sleeper, a 60’s Ford Falcon has been used before by me for these samples. These samples have me want to note that the airport will be private for us during the sessions. It won’t be like a car club or public event with all kinds of people milling about. As such your wardrobe can be whatever you like, to include nothing at all. Do know for the security of the airport the manager will be present and auto owners may be nearby but will not be right on top of the shooting area as we work. Might they see you? Yes. Will they be so close you could feel their breath? Absolutely not.