Calling all Car Guys (and gals)

I am looking for vehicles to shoot with my clients in the Schuylkill County area.

I am planning dates on weekends in the late June – early  to mid July timeframes.

My clients, the models you see in the samples, hire me to produce imagery for them with professional makeup and hair and final images suitable for publication. The styles they most seek are vintage. Classic Cars, Hot Rods and Rat Rods are the most requested. Largely Pre-’72 vehicles.

I have a number of such cars already at my disposal but want to broaden my roster further and am seeking interested parties who might enjoy having their car shot with models for high end imagery.

What is in it for you?

Copies of images with your car of professionally styled and photographed models suitable for framing.

What are my criteria to participate?

  • You are able to get your car to the location within certain pre-determined times
  • You will be available to move the vehicle into and out of position for the sessions
  • Understand the location is exclusive and a clean commercial space. Care and caution are necessary with moving vehicles. A liability release will be needed. Basically that you are there of your own free will. The facility also has expensive features and equipment, so if your car is questionable in all ways cars need to be controllable, it’s not the place for it. Loosing your brakes and coasting into an $800,000 door will result in your being liable for that.  If your vehicle leaks fluids it might not be able to be used as the facility floor is pristine and must remain so. Even for vehicles that don’t normally leak, measures will be needed to ensure no oil/fluid touches the concrete.
  • You may be present, at a distance, during shooting. You. Not you and 6 buddies you brought along. My clients know and trust me for safe shooting environments where they aren’t part of a covert peepshow.
  • You will communicate with me what is and isn’t permissible with your car as far as models posing with them. I know full well paint jobs can cost tens of thousands of dollars. I’ve shot in places where other photographers have damaged irreplaceable items. I have had people rent my studio and scratch the hood of a classic car belonging to my family that needed to be buffed out (I wasn’t present and trusted them, no more) . I will treat your property better than my own.
  • Models will be randomly paired with your vehicle. You will have no option on who may or may not be photographed with it.
  • These will be rain or shine sessions. While the shooting area is covered, staging areas may not be. It is possible while some cars are being photographed others would be outside the building subject to whatever weather was dealt us. Not unlike a car show or cruise.
  • Times can run from early morning through later evening.


Email me at or text/call me at 570-415-2708

Below are some samples of work of mine