FEATHER NEST INN – Sunday June 10th

I’ve done several sessions in the Poconos at the Ceasar’s Cove Have resort. I’ve shot in boutique hotels all over. I have scouted and done sessions in retro motels and B&B’s. Recently I did a fetish session in Michigan that has garnered a lot of feedback that now it’s time to target another themed suite motel in New Jersey just across the river from Philadelphia.

The Feather Nest Inn.
Hit their website and check out the suites here.

For this session I am teaming once again with Bombshell Mandy on makeup and hair whose work is well known. Our initial mash-ups have been extremely well received and this location and our joint efforts will surely produce some amazing images.

A poll on the I’m a Devilbliss Girl Facebook page (ladies you NEED to join, it’s an amazing group) has several suites as you contenders for which is most popular to reserve for this. BUT final decision will be made from a survey of the first 5 parties who book a session. Any one of these suites would be amazing so there’s not much of a risk of not being delighted no matter how you slice it. The leading suites in popularity are Treasure Island, Tree House and Blue Lagoon (in no specific order) Here’s some samples of those:

The details:

Session fee $375
This includes full MUAH styling by Bombshell Mandy, approximately 1 hour.
Shoot with Michael Bann aka Victor Devilbliss.
All photos on an SD data card to take home as soon as the shoot finishes.
2 custom edits of your choice minimum (see below).

Don’t need styling? You can shoot this for just $275

Want to make a weekend of it with your significant other and choose a specific suite of your very own? Choose your room, make your own arrangements and we’ll come to you for your session. Afterwards we might all venture nearby for dinner.

This session is based on 5 participants with a portion of their fee going toward room rental and expenses. When you do the math it’s actually a significantly discounted session on the parts of myself and Bombshell Mandy. HOWEVER, I will sweeten the deal with additional edits. If we book 8 sessions the package will then include 8 edits. Those additional 6 would represent a $100 value based on my regular edits pricing.  The good news is, based on conversations with some existing repeat clients I believe 3 sessions are already spoken for. One one hand I believe we will hit the 8 and each will then 8 edits included but it also means THERE’S ONLY SO MANY SPOTS LEFT. Don’t wait!

As this is a location session deposits are $150.  Ready to book? Click this snazzy flashy thing.

Here’s some samples from sessions I’ve done in other themed motels / locations.
These are not from the Feather Nest.