Glitter Butts – June 3rd – $125

Here’s a shoot most people can get “behind”. And it’s super “cheeky” too!

Recently Devilbliss Girl Amber Rose sent me a link to a new trend that’s been getting a lot of attention. GLITTER BUTTS. She commented “you should do this”. If nothing else I told her she should share it in our ladies only Facebook Group, I’m a Devilbliss Girl. I mentioned it to one of my stylist/model pals Mille Mie of MASH UP and she got very excited about it. I sort of thought she would as recently we did a session that involved a couple, a gallon of ranch dressing and 4 pizzas. Millie herself has done series as a model featuring wax lips and fake knitted beards. 2 different series that is. So I knew she could get “behind” this.

So we are going to offer a session with this theme.

No “butts” about it this will be a session you don’t want to “sit” out if you are a fan of the backside.

Pricing starts at only $125 too, that’s less than $65 per cheek!

This session will only include glitter art administered to your butt (about an hour in time) followed by a photoshoot focusing on your tush and that art. If you have a specific concept in mind, possibly something elaborate or involved we would have to discuss that in the event there was added material costs.

We will be using biodegradable materials too.  This session can of course be done with swimwear or underwear. You choose. Sorry guys this is available to women only. $125 for Millie to be touching your butt for an hour is a bargain in itself.

Do note: This session covers glitter art on your tush and photography of that. As the examples show. It DOES NOT include hair and facial makeup like all other sessions. This is also why the pricing is less than half normal sessions.

Want to schedule your session?  Spots are limited. BOOK NOW!