Lamp Fetish – September 15

Over the years a recurring theme has surfaced in my photography. Many of my most widely regarded images have featured lighting fixtures =  lamps, prominently. Sometimes it’s a single lamp as above sometimes it’s many as the samples below will show.  Visitors to my home or to the studio will often remark “you sure do have a lot of lamps”. Yes, yes I do. On one hand it’s a practical thing. It permits me to create a variety of sets in a limited number of spaces. It’s also because I just so happen to love them. When used as a focal point with the model they can nearly take on a persona of their own.  Another aspect to this body of work is in the fact that I most love lamps to look like they are lit. In this way you can get a much more dramatic effect from the shades. I can tell you though, it’s a much more difficult task to shoot this way and have the model look good. Have you ever taken a photo in a room with a bunch of table lights? Either your people look decent and the lamps look extremely bright or the lights look good and the faces are far too dark. To achieve what I do in these sample images takes time, planning and a huge amount of trial and error work behind me.

I recently posted some images like this that has gotten a lot of feedback and inquiries. So it is time to formally offer Lamp Fetish sessions.

As far as what is a certainty, the images in the graphic above and below of Ludella Hahn will be a given. This red headed beauty (the lamp, though Ludella is swell too) on that very stereo cabinet will be available for those who are up for some sore knees and limbs. My beloved Rain Lamp will also be available, as it is a hanging fixture this would permit for terrific standing posing as seen below. While you won’t be sore afterwards you can also opt to get messy and (gently) touch the lines to let some of the mineral oil flow onto your skin. This can make for amazing images.

Additionally I will prepare another room with as many lamps together as humanly possible for an over the top set that will no doubt produce “illuminating imagery” any lamp fan will go “ooooh” for.

The details:


Can you do this session on August 4th? We have some openings and are offering an early bird special of $25 of any package price shown above!

Here’s some more of Ludella and the Red Beauty

Here’s a few with the rain lamp:

5 Years ago when this was taken this represented nearly every cool lamp I owned. I now easily have twice as many.

Here’s some additional images where the lamps are rather prominent to the compositions: