The Devilbliss Difference

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We aren’t the only studio you can get your photos done with. But we are the only studio who offers so many unique benefits. We encourage our clients to work with different artists. Variety is good.  Our services and policies have been built on years of listening to models and working towards the best all around experience you can get at any price.

  • Leave with all your photos, several hundred on average at no additional cost. Many studios charge as much as $300 just to get the photos you paid them to take.
  • You choose which images you want edited or if you prefer we will select them for you.
  • Make requests for your edits as you wish. We will gladly edit to your specifications.
  • You have ull copyrights of your images. Studios also charge hundreds of dollars for this. Again we include this with each and every session we do. We do co-own them but never use your image for profit without consent in any way and always request permission to share or use your likeness promotionally
  • Clear, published pricing, nothing additional to purchase. When is the price not the price? When it’s a certain amount but then you are required to make additional purchase. Our pricing is clear, simple, affordable.
  • Edits returned within 48 hours on average. Not only will you see all your images within a few hours, our turnaround on your edits is averaging within 48 hours.
  • Edits while you wait available at no additional charge*.
  • Chaperones/Escorts/BFFS/Children are welcome to join you during your session so long as they do not impede the session or your comfort during it.
  • Your edits galleries stay online indefinitely.

If you were to compare our services to other studios and ask if they offer any of those bullet points, you’ll get a lot of “no” replies. You get all of these when you shoot with Devilbliss.

*With that scheduled in advance.

Leave with all your photos

Michael uses a professional camera that features 2 data card slots. He shoots high resolution images for the studio archive and editing purposes and provides EVERY client an SD card with a duplicate set. These files are slightly smaller in size to provide an easy review experience for clients. These images are still sufficiently large enough to produce prints up to 11×17. Clients may request their files are at the same sizes as the archive set for just an additional $10. This fee simply accounts for the larger data card required. Most studios do not provide all images from a session nor make them available immediately. Isn’t it nice to actually leave with something tangible? Be able to see your photos as soon as possible?

You choose which images you want edited

From your data card you decide what images from your session are edited. You choose the photos you are most excited about. Not what we decide for you. Coupled with getting all your images there’s no wondering what else was captured that you may have liked better. As our sessions produce hundreds and in some cases thousands of photos it may be overwhelming to have to choose, or perhaps you want another’s opinion, in this case we will be more than happy to make your selections for you. You have choices with Devilbliss Studios.

Full copyrights of your images

You are provided a release at the end of your session giving you full copyrights to all the images. This means you could wrap up shooting, walk out the door with your files and release and walk into a lab and get prints made with no fuss. It also means you get to use a lab of your choice at the best pricing you can obtain. Not the studio requiring you to use their services for prints at typically marked up pricing. If a photo print costs $5 why should you pay more than that $5?

Clear, published pricing, nothing additional to purchase

This site lists our sessions and specials with clear pricing. We list item by item what is included at the price shown. There isn’t something else you have to buy on top of the shoot as listed. You won’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for prints you could otherwise buy at a fraction of that cost to get a session at it’s advertised price. We keep this clear, straightforward with a bottom line being excellent value.

Edits returned within 48 hours on average

The reason we provide all the photos on an SD card with each session is because we know you can’t wait to see your photos! This also applies to the edited images and that excitement doesn’t change for them. We’ve heard horror stories about the amount of time it can take to not only see photos from a session but get edits back. Depending on load most can expect their edits back within 48 hours on average. This is so important to people that we actually will edit other studios work because clients want their i mages finished soon than the weeks and months others can take. We will also work with each client to address and retouch their images in the manner they like best. These are your photos, we’ll do everything possible to ensure you are delighted with them.

Edits while you wait available at no additional charge

It’s true… the timeliness of getting edits is so important we also offer the option to get your edits done immediately after your session. There’s no additional fee either. The one point being this would only be available when scheduled in advance. Our studio is busy and some days we have several clients scheduled in such a way that there would not be sufficient time between them to get editing in. On average 20 minutes is spent on each image. This means more time is spent on the editing of the photos than spent on taking them.