Mon. Nov 28th, 2022


Retro Lovely has become a multi-titled publishing house.

Below you can learn about all of our titles. Ready to SUBMIT? Just click any of the graphics and you’ll be connected to the appropriate submission form.

We began work on Retro Lovely in 2009 and our March 2010 launch was groundbreaking. We’ve grown by leaps and bounds over the last four years and are now home to eight primary publications along with several specialty titles. Scroll to learn a bit more about each of our brands. 

When you’re ready simply click the graphic and you’ll be taken to our highly regarded and exclusive submission portal. 

Retro Lovely… Our first publication. It has become nearly synonymous with pinup itself. World known and highly regarded, this title showcases the very best of contemporary pinup photography.

An elite publication where only the most stunning images are featured
Our first spinoff from our SMASH HIT Godiva
Submissions are now open

Few things we’ve done in the last few years are as exciting for us as this series. Retro Lovely Presents – Model Editions. Since before our first release back in 2010, we’ve always sought ways to work with and do more for the content creators than was the norm. With this series the models we feature keep all the proceeds from sales. Every Red Cent. We’re adding a page with links to these models, please support them and pick up a copy or two. Meanwhile, click this graphic and listen to a podcast we did with Miss Jenna Purrs, the first model to kick off this very special series.

If Retro Lovely had a kid sister, it would be Kat Club. For this title we accept work that’s possibly a bit less polished in execution as what we feature in Retro Lovely but it’s every bit as fun. Sometimes we see terrific work but there’s just a bit more fly away hairs or wrinkled wardrobe, or perhaps blown highlights and lost shadows that would be noticed by imaging professionals yet the models look amazing and would have other models squeal “OMG I LOVE THIS”. As you can see from the cover samples, it’s brilliant on its own.

Godiva is one of our newest, and incredibly well received publications devoted to Beauty, Glamour, Boudoir and all things feminine. You may see some sheer and implied nudity in this magazine but it is all extremely tasteful.

VENUS CULT – this is our publication where we feature Alternative, Fantasy, Fashion and Fine Art model imagery.

Masquerade. Another of our newest works, this is our series devoted to nothing but COSPLAY imagery. It’s already proving to be extremely popular.

They say the meek shall inherit the Earth. For the rest of us there’s Hellfire Club. This is our publication for Fetish, Kink and all the work that is considered edgy and fringe. This title may CONTAIN NUDITY and adult themes but NOT PORNOGRAPHY.

Taboo Edition. The original all nude pinup magazine. This title dates back to 2010 and has become so well known that as new magazines come and go and dip their toes into this theme we often see them call it “Taboo Edition”. Some might say that’s flattering. We should have copyrighted that back in 2010 it seems.

We don’t want to bore you here but our Special Editions have become a monster. So much so that we are rebranding some of them so they can have their own identities. How big are they? Well in 2020 our Halloween Special Edition spanned 30 volumes and over 1800 pages of content. Let that sink in… most publications release 12-24 publications a year. When we said we’re one of the most submitted to publications in the world, we can back that up in a big way. Want to see what special editions we have in store right now? Hit our NEWS PAGE on INSTAGRAM