Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024


One model. One issue. Model gets issues at cost or wholesale and earns profits from sales to their fans. There are two ways to get a SHOWCASE special edition of your very own.


Have you been published by us 12 times or more?

Have you purchased copies to add to your collection?

If you have, you are eligible for a SHOWCASE solo edition of your own!

How do you get started? Take a selfie showing us the spines of those issues like this:

We will also need a screenshot of each order in your MagCloud account like this:

Beginning in 2024 we will also require you to forward the actual email receipts you would have gotten from magcloud.

Why all the hoops? Too many people will be dishonest to try and take advantage of this. We’ve seen it plenty over the years.

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Since 2018 we’ve offered production services producing annual calendars. They’ve been incredibly successful. As of Dec 1 2023 we have produced 65 calendars for models. Some have done them several years in a row. To date these models have collectively sold over 1,500 calendars representing well over $30,000 in retail sales with a profit to those models of approximately $18,000.

Nearly as long as we’ve been offering those calendars we’ve wanted to have something that could be made available all year long. SHOWCASE will now make that possible. Just as with those calendars this second way will have a set up fee for the production of the issues. What will the cost be? At the start it will be $250. This will include the production of the issue, a corresponding cover poster PLUS we will promote the release on our social accounts pointing back to you a minimum of 4 times.

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