Wed. Feb 1st, 2023


If you’ve been here before, the submission form is here:

Retro Lovely Taboo Edition is the groundbreaking series featuring all nude pinups. Since it began in 2010 it has become an iconic publication that remains unmatched in the quantity of images presented in each issue as well as the diversity and quality featured. It remains our most supported series by fans.

With issue No.57 we will begin providing each cover team of regular Taboo Editions, over $100 in merchandise. Each team (model and photographer) will be awarded 4 copies of the issue along with 4 copies of the cover poster. A $102 retail value. What are the requirements of the artists?

  • Photos or photos from the same shoot must not have been previously published in print.
  • Each model and photographer must share on instagram the graphic above prior to publication and remain online for 6 months after publication. We need help spreading the word as increasingly social media blocks our reach. Word of mouth is needed in order for us to continue and expand these things.
  • Each team is responsible for all shipping costs and taxes of the awarded copies. This for several reasons: We can’t begin to assume how high shipping costs could climb in the current economy. Prices differ to different parts of the country and are astronomical to countries outside the US. Taxes differ as well with some areas having city and shipping taxes.
  • Models: Signed copies of our Taboo Editions sell extremely well to your fans. Each team will be provided a special link to the awarded issue and posters at wholesale price from our printer’s website. The team will initially be required to purchase the free merchandise, then provide receipts to Retro Lovely for a FULL REFUND. Special link may not be disclosed to any third parties such as your fans, friends of family. In the event it is suspected you have (we have the ability to track to which locations merchandise is shipped to and if we see more than two locations we know you have disclosed the link to a third party) you may face being permanently banned from future publication with Retro Lovely Publishing.
  • We will not order or ship these issues ourselves due to the difficult logistics of navigating tracking information, handling returns for damaged items or misdirected shipments which the printer company we utilize is better able to handle themselves.
  • In the event any party does not want the merchandise a $25 cash payment can be substituted.
  • In the event of multiple models featured on any one cover, the model portion would be equally split between them.


Why does this exclude special themes and best of releases? Because our data analysis revealed these editions do not perform as well as our regular series. If this changes we will be excited to include them.

For clarity:

We are awarding over $200 in merchandise per each issue.
Which is over $100 in merchandise per cover to each cover team (if a model self shoots that’s $100 in merchandise to them).
Which is $50 in merchandise to each cover team member (model + photographer only, multiple models on one cover would split their portion of the whole).

Cover Teams = Model + Photographer. Not stylists, not wardrobe, not tattoo artists… MODEL + PHOTOGRAPHER only.

This program is subject to change as soon as people figure out ways to make changes necessary

What are the submission details?

  • Make a submission of a photoset consisting of 8 or more images.
  • Photos must be FULLY NUDE. This is exposed breasts, NO PASTIES will qualify. We must see your nipples in the majority of the images. One nude photo and seven clothed will not be accepted. No hand bras.
  • FULLY NUDE, We will still accept sets that are topless only however we will give preference of covers to those who are FULLY NUDE / pants off, this doesn’t mean it has to be a clinical exam photo of the genitalia, but there must be pants off images among the submission for the best chances at a cover. See below for samples that would qualify. Some nudes with see-through sheer lingerie would qualify.
  • Submissions are made and if accepted for publication and releases are obtained from the model and the photographer, which become binding and irreversible.
  • Absolutely no advance discussion of cover consideration other than a paid for, cover critique. This option is included on our submission form.
  • 80% of the work submitted should be nudes. Some “striptease” clothed shots are a great way to start a set but if they are all clothed with one nude, your chances of acceptance are dramatically reduced.