If you’ve been here before, the submission form is here:

Retro Lovely Taboo Edition is the groundbreaking series featuring all nude pinups. Since it began in 2010 it has become an iconic publication that remains unmatched in the quantity of images presented in each issue as well as the diversity and quality featured. It remains our most supported series.

What are the details?

  • Make a submission of a photoset consisting of 8 or more images.
  • Photos must be FULLY NUDE. This is exposed breasts, NO PASTIES will qualify. We must see your nipples in the majority of the images.
  • FULLY NUDE is also pants off for some images, this doesn’t mean it has to be a clinical exam photo of the genitalia, but there must be pants off images among the submission. See below for samples that would qualify. Some nudes with see-through sheer lingerie would qualify.
  • Submissions are made and if accepted for publication and releases are obtained from the model and the photographer, which become binding and irreversible.
  • Absolutely no advance discussion of cover consideration will be permitted. Submissions are made, accepted for publication and only when all content for a given issue is laid out and a cover selected by a group of our partners will the selected party be notified. No single person at Retro Lovely will make this decision, therefor no advance consideration is possible.
  • 80% of the work submitted should be nudes. Some “striptease” clothed shots are a great way to start a set but if they are all clothed with one nude, your chances of acceptance are dramatically reduced.