Welcome to Retro Lovely Magazine. There’s no shortage of publications in this genre claiming to be different, vowing to pick up the slack where others fall short. Judge for yourself,  take a look around this site and everything we are working towards. You decide for yourself if we’re “just another pinup magazine”.

Retro Lovely is the only full sized, full color, offset press produced pinup magazine currently in production featuring high quality materials and printing with FREE COPIES of the print issue provided to the models we feature. Our 2.1 Million fans on Social Media place us as one of the most popular pinup magazines in the world.

Since our inception we have put in place opportunities for our featured models to actually benefit from being published on our pages.

Begun in 2010 our last issue released was in 2013. In those 3 years we published 22 issues and distributed nearly 100,000 physical print copies to fans via our online store and in brick and mortar stores all over the world. (We shipped quite a lot to Australia). While we have been in hiatus we are now about to relaunch. Have you never seen an issue? Well we do have some back stock of existing issues so pick one up and see why our quality is legendary, order a copy here.

2011 Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair for Retro Lovely Magazine from Retro Lovely on Vimeo.