We Need Your Help

When we first launched back in 2010 we had the great fortune and great timing that we were able to sell enough copies of our issues to end users and generate enough capital to provide every person in an issue with free copies. The models, photographers even makeup artists for a few issues. All postage paid. With Retro Lovely No.1 we sent out over 300 copies to the content creators representing close to $4500 in value. And this was off of a $10 cover price. This means we had to sell another 450 copies+ at full price to cover the costs of what we sent to the creators.

Back then we wondered if people would spend $10 on an 80 page magazine, regardless of the exceptional content and premium materials. Back then there were some voices in the crowd lamenting “what aren’t content creators getting paid for their art?”. Fast forward to 2018 and the price of a print pinup magazine online can be quite an eye opener. Even more when you consider value and materials.