Meet Nicole of Making Faces Professional

Nicole left her career as a nurse to pursue her true love of beauty in 2006. Making Faces was founded on grit and determination…lots of questions and the belief that the worst anyone could say was no. Nicole has done everything from alternative to fashion and something in between. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including Gothic Beauty, Retro Lovely and Delicious Dolls. Her clients have been books including The Inked Muse and Chocolate Cheesecake II. She has done commercial work for Too Fast Clothing Co., Sourpuss, and the Toiletta Corporation. Images she has worked on were featured on the Vogue Italia website. She was the lead makeup artist for the Philadelphia fashion show reflections, and worked NY Fashion week with NuEvolution Cosmetics for Nina Athanasiou and Berenique with acclaimed diverse models Melanie Gados , Shaun Ross, and Rain Dove. In film, she was key mua on The Lost Within (as well as appearing as an extra) and has had the pleasure of working on Stacey London of TLC’s What Not to Wear and Love, Lust or Run, which she also appeared on. 4 years ago, she started working with Michael Bann, and they have never looked back, traveling to many different states to shoot with women from all walks of life. 2 years ago, they began a full time partnership, opening the new Devilbliss studio together in January of 2016.




NuEvolution Cosmetics team, backstage at NY Fashion Week for the Nina Athanasiou show. With acclaimed alternative model Melanie Gados. Yahoo news article about the show, featuring a model I personally worked on. NuEvolution Cosmetics. Androgenous model Rain Dove. Melanie Gados. Another model.12752274_10205956813028538_1105577465_o 12755148_10205956812748531_544991743_o 12736078_10205956812908535_2078296788_n 12746203_10205956813308545_1833400360_n 12767362_10205956813468549_232838214_n 12735620_10205956813628553_1201749516_n 12736734_10205956813188542_1396004309_o


Catalog work for Sourpuss Brand Clothing
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IMDB Listing and behind the scenes images from The Lost Within12767937_10205956868789932_1280519960_o 12751880_10205956868709930_384979539_o 12528586_10205956858989687_341585300_o
Nicole with RJ Haddy internationally known makeup artist from the Sci Fi channel show Face Off who also appeared in The Lost Within.12765708_10205956868549926_921383111_o 12768007_10205956868629928_639622832_o

Toiletta campaign12166076_10205957260719730_1003286087_n 12735947_10205957253919560_599219647_n

Too Fast Catalog cover and advertising12746491_10205957261439748_637968075_n 12767314_10205957262199767_700584652_n 12735734_10205957262759781_1009685849_n12737131_10205957299560701_1743920187_o