Studio Rental

rental2Indeed it’s true! You can rent the studio for your special projects or events.  We recently took over the entire second floor at 104 North Centre Street in Pottsville PA. It’s just at or over 2000 sq. feet of space. Below are some images from the facility.  It can be rented by the hour, half day or day. You can get it with full access to all of the lighting equipment, props and wardrobe or not!  It’s conveniently located to several major cities with bus service to most, the station is a mere 5 minutes walk from the studio.  Want to know more? Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


We’re on the second floor of the Gellert Building in the heart of downtown Pottsville PA.


The studio features high original tin ceilings and hardwood floors in studios A, B and C. There is also a spacious Makeup and Hair / wardrobe area as well as Studio D also serving as a private dressing room.

Studio A with a wall of natural light windows available:

BANN0030 BANN0028

Studio B outfitted as a classic mid-century parlor:BANN0017

Studio C is two continuous rooms providing an excellent work area for themes requiring space for props and backdrops. There is also a wall mounted rack holding 5 rolls of seamless paper of various colors:

BANN0006 (1) BANN0009 (1)

If needed, rental is also available for the lighting units in-house. Our collection includes 5 Paul Buff Einstein 640s with full programmable radio control. There are also 4 various soft boxes, 2 beauty dishes, several reflectors of various projections as well as multiple grids, gels and holders. There are several lighting stands as well as permanent ceiling mounts for overhead uses.

Prop room with a very large and ancient safe located in the right corner:BANN0021

Studio D / Dressing Room:

Makeup and Hair / Wardrobe:
BANN0006 BANN0002If you require a stylist, Nicole Zedonek of Making Faces Professional is nearby, available and as resident studio stylist, very familiar with all aspects of studio operations. If you would like to discuss her services she can be contacted here:

Pricing as of January 1 2017:

Weekends would add a 50% premium to any service if the time requested was available.

Weekdays are at $35 per hour
4 hour blocks at $125
Full day (8 minimum 12 maximum) at $200

If you want access to wardrobe that adds $40

If you require immaculate and pristine background paper for your session this would have an additional charge of $25 per color used and would need to be determined prior to your rental date.

Access to the full lighting system adds another $40 for up to 4 hours $70 for 8 full day. If you elect to utilize our in-house lighting system please click on each product to review the owners manuals. 99% of the time someone with the studio will be on hand to answer basic questions and ensure you are able to get the most out of the system.

Lighting available:

6 Paul Buff Einstein Strobes
2 Paul Buff DigiBee DB800 Strobes
2 Cyber Commander controllers
1 Alien Bees AB400
Multiple reflectors with assorted grids (all degrees, multiple examples)
1 Large Softbox
1 Medium Softbox
2 Narrow Strip Boxes
2 Beauty Dishes
1 giant white umbrella
Color balancing gels
Color gelse640_backright_0910db8001cc_face_1010

Also available for rent is the following camera equipment:

Canon 5DIII 24 MP body
24-105mm L, Zoom Lens
135mm L 2.0
50mm 1.4
17-40L Zoom Wide Angle Lens
15mm fisheye

2 600RT radio speed lights and transmitter/controller also available.

Weekends would add a 50% premium to any service if the time requested was available.

Most of the time someone would be on hand to assist with any questions.

For studio location and directions visit this page.


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