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Are you a Makeup Artist? Hair Stylist? Maybe you are a Wardrobe Designer or Stylist. Perhaps you’re an artist and love Set Design. Or maybe you’re a member of a Social Group. Maybe you just love planning and coordinating events.  If you are any of these and want to team with me I’d love to investigate opportunities with you. How could this work for people?  Well let’s say you are a Makeup and Hair Artist in an area that already has an established studio who has a cadre of stylists they already work with on a regular basis. In this case it might be hard for you to get a chance to do what you love most close to home. By working with me, we could offer your area a fresh eye and something different with services they don’t always get.  Like when that new food truck rolls into an area where everyone has been to all the existing restaurants many many times, it could be no better than all the places you’ve been to, but it’s a welcome change.  It could also be you are simply in an area that is underserved. We could work together to offer sessions a few times a year that could provide you an additional revenue stream you currently do not have. Maybe you’re thing is organizing events for ladies who need a self confidence boost. Perhaps you want to network with other talent and put together sessions where you take on the role of pose coach, cheerleader, planner. You can still work with me, do something you love AND MAKE MONEY. I have worked with several people in this capacity already and can provide you their info for reference as to how I perform in these situations. I am actively seeking partners EVERYWHERE in the continental US, I have a passport too, if it was financially viable I’d love to visit your country. I am also open to regional artists who may want to offer a session with me in my Pottsville Pennsylvania studio, a stone’s throw from the Yeungling Brewery. Have an idea on a project we can team on? Just ask! What I offer that sets me apart from any other photographer you could team with:

  • Internationally published, newsstand featured photographer with over 30 years professional experience
  • Over 1000 pinup-boudoir specific shoots in the past 3 years with many repeat clients
  • I provide every single photo to the client upon session completion on an SD data card they take home and can view immediately
  • I offer my services a la carte so clients have options to fit every budget
  • Clients are given FULL shared copyrights to every image
  • I have edit options to suit different clients. Edits average no more than 48 hours to complete once they are provided to me and are selected within one week of their session (often I deliver edits within 24 hours, the exception being those who wait several months to make their choices, I do prioritize recent sessions)
  • With Custom Edits clients can request very specific editing as they wish. I will “make them thinner” if this is what they choose. Once Custom Edits are delivered clients can then review them and make further requests on those images. I want them to be happy with their images however they want them to be.
  • Models won’t be surprised by needing to buy additional “products” in order to get their images
  • In spite of how much I offer that others do not, I actually work pretty cheap, this means I can work with others and we can offer packages that are still very affordable values for clients
  • I have a great reputation and track record with securing commercial locations
  • I’ll travel great distances and not need much more money to do so. I truly love this.
International, Newsstand Covers (Not print on demand) shot by Devilbliss.
Here's a testimonial from Kelvis Pinup
Working with Michael the past… almost 10 years has been nothing but amazing! He definitely sky rocketed my modeling “career” and I can’t thank him enough! A true professional and artist. Michael fully loves what he does and will make you feel so beautiful and comfortable….. Shooting with him is top notch! From the unique sets he designs to the guidance and motivation along the way, he even helps with posing as needed…. You will get one hell of an experience whether this is your first time or you’re a professional! Michael and I have been collaborating themed photo shoots in my area (Western Pa, currently) for a year now and it has been wonderful! Our clients are so happy with their photos! Its not every day you pay for a photo shoot and get to take home ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS that SAME DAY… Best part? The photos are YOURS, all rights to them! He is the only photographer I’ve heard of doing this and it is awesome! I assure you working with Michael you will leave feeling 100%, confident, sexy and motivated! His talent only gets better as the years go by… Always doing something new and staying ahead of everyone else’s game;)

About Devilbliss / Michael Bann
I am a multi-media artist based in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. There is barely a model or photographer today who isn’t “internationally published” thanks to MagCloud and other print on demand printers but I am one of the few photographers who can claim NEWSSTAND publication credits. What’s the difference?  Print on demand are generally magazines produced one at a time as soon as someone buys a copy. Distribution is virtually non-existent and even the biggest titles  using such services barely sell more than a few hundred copies.  NEWSSTAND publications are those you’ll find on a rack at Walmart or Barnes and Noble or the 7-11 etc. Publications that print tens of thousands of copies (often in excess of 100,000 copies).  Of this type, my work has been published in Playboy, Alternative Press, Spin, Outburn, Cycle Source as well as two covers with Street Chopper and The Horse. Magazines with bar codes on them. Additionally I have been included in several hard cover books that are also through major publishers (print on demand exists here too). I also created and published Retro Lovely Magazine which had been regarded as the highest quality pinup magazine ever mass produced. It was so influential it is the reason I began shooting as Victor Devilbliss, you see the number of people coming at me as a photographer with the ulterior motive of wanting me to publish other work of theirs became unbearable. I had to work on my art under an alias. Now I want to travel and see more of the country as well as work with models and stylists in other areas. I’m hoping to combine the two. Below is a questionnaire/submission you can fill out if you are interested.

More about why I do what I do... Differently
What do I do differently? Why should you consider working with me?  Well for some time now I have implemented policies that are in stark contrast to industry standards. First off, with every session I do, the moment I finish shooting I provide my clients an SD Data Card with all their photos, EVERY SINGLE ONE, that they can take home and see immediately. NO WAITING. Over the years I’ve heard time and time again how long it can take for models to get the photos they paid for. If you’ve ever worked with a photographer who has done that… taken forever, you know it can reflect poorly on you if you teamed up with them and promoted the shoots. The next thing is I turn around edits FAST. Just as I’ve heard horror stories about how long it takes clients to get their photos, it’s been even crazier how long it takes for some to get their edits back to their clients.  I generally get edits back within 48 hours on average (often within 24, barring travel time). It’s so important to me I even offer sessions with the edits a la cart which can keep prices much lower than most photographers who include edits or over priced prints so people can take part in the session and then when they are ready, order edits… and pay for them as they get them, not pay in advance and wait, and wait, and have to ask about them and wait some more.  If you work with me and models you may know or have worked with previously they will be refreshingly pleased with these points. Models also get full copyrights to the images. There are no “reveals” or “products” that must be purchased additionally, often at highly marked up prices. Models can get prints or products or seek publication as they choose from who they choose.

Several print on demand covers by Devilbliss

While this is my art, I don’t put it ahead of the clients. I work for them. I am high energy and pretty universally regarded as fun to work with. As a man I also take extra care to be respectful and courteous. I have done over 1000 sessions in the last 2.5 years and have an army of female references who can attest to my professionalism. I never touch a client to pose them and have been known to call them “dude” while shooting. I’ve been asked about this and I reply “dude” is way less creepy than saying “sweetie” or other such terms.   Here is a link to sample images of mine created on location. I am showing location samples as they are out of the confines and advantages of in-studio. These are samples that show what I can do in environments un-familiar to me with time constraints.

Click graphic for samples gallery – Many more images than shown here.
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