This deluxe session is an eye opener in that it basically takes an all-inclusive private session and adds in a video component for a price that is still at or below what most boudoir studios charge for just a stills session alone.

Who is this good for?

Anyone who is looking to up the ante with their fans and stand out in a crowded room. In recent years virtually every social media service has ushered in Video capabilities to their platforms. There’s a reason for this. People watch videos. And with a video you can interact with your fans in ways you can’t with images and the typed word alone.

Performers. Are you an entertainer? Perhaps you’re a blossoming burlesque star. You likely already know that video from your live shows are already a powerful promotional tool. Schedule a session and we can capture images suitable for print sales that would be supported online by video from that very session.

Online personalities. Have a Patreon page? Video would be a significant reward for big spending supporters. There are several pay sites that have sprung up that models utilize to monetize their art. I know several such ladies working full time producing such content. I have insights and can help you.

Video sessions are also a fantastic idea for Bridal Boudoir Sessions. We often hear the stories of how blown away significant others are when they are presented gift books of a boudoir session, imagine the reaction to your Bridal Boudoir Video of your session. Plus we can do a post session segment where you can capture a special message that will have cinema quality to it.

While I chose my camera for it’s stills quality it also happens to capture high definition video that has been used in broadcast television as well as feature films. As I was in the music industry in a past life I also happen to own high end recording microphones and equipment, I have the gear, and combined experience to offer what few studios can.

As I will provide all the raw footage this session could aso be tailored to those of you who may do content creation and sell custom clips.

Here is a sample video I did for something else. Keep in mind the ocean of photos I used from the session were not edited. This was more a “making of” effort for this particular session.

As this is a new service and I do not have tons of examples to show, I am offering a limited time $250 discount on any private video session booked by February 14th.  Make a $200 deposit and it can be scheduled for any time in 2018.

The details:

This is everything included in the $400 One Look Package PLUS:

  • Video captured at various points through your session with multiple cameras at 1080p minimum resolution.
  • All raw video provided to you on a professional grade high speed, high capacity SD card with your stills images the moment the session finishes. These SD cards are 5 times more expensive than those I use for a stills shoot. Video capture is demanding on media speed and capacity.
  • 2 additional hours in the studio.
  • Within 14 days from your session you will receive a custom branded promotional video featuring your footage interspersed with stills images, supporting graphics, and high quality slow motion passages. Final video edit will range between one to two minutes in length.
  • Royalty-free music backing track by Victor Devilbliss. This means it’s a song that will not be rejected by YouTube or other social media applications that scan for copyright violations.