Devilbliss Girls Magazine

Magazines. I have so much to say here. Too much honestly. In fact I am going to start a YouTube Channel with the sole purpose of chronicaling everything I learned, everything that happened to me through the years I created and launched Retro Lovely. So let’s not get into all that here. Let’s go Reader’s Digest with it.

Devilbliss Girls Magazine(s) will be a keepsake publication for those who have worked with Devilbliss Studios. These will be printed on-demand using the MagCloud service which most people are used to by now.  They will be available there publicly for those who wish to buy a copy or for their family, fans and friends to do so. Some of you may recognize these graphics, they’ve been on the wall at the studio for 2 years now. This has been something I’ve been kicking around for even longer than that.

There will be some variations too. One dedicated to those ladies with tattoos and another for those who shoot naughty sessions (nudes). They won’t be monthly as much as they will come together when we have enough participants.

Based on my years of experience with this, there’s a question I can hear now… “How do I get on the cover?”.   This is my sole discretion. There will be no formula to work towards. I will NOT offer sessions with a carrot dangled along side it of being a cover model.  One thing I can say however, there is a way you can be sure to NOT get a cover, and that is by asking or hinting at it. Let me put it this way, the reason I began shooting under the name Victor Devilbliss is that during the heyday of Retro Lovely such questions and people being manipulative forced me to go into hiding as a photographer. I had to use an alias for my own sanity.  Of course there’s no shortage of examples where people have leveraged such a thing for personal gain. That’s not me though.

SO! If you have shot with Devilbliss Studios and would love to be included in one of these magazines…. here’s a form to get that ball rolling. Monitor the I’m A Devilbliss Girls Page Facebook Group for updates!